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  1. I've now realised that this guy is having the absolute time of his life at the moment, not only fueling speculation amongst us but also being directly sourced and quoted by various national news outlets who often state 'according to Bristol Live'. We go from within days of announcing Hughton, which even prompted other fans' congratulations of such an appointment, and lots of national media that quoted him, to now taking Dean Holden seriously. I mean come on.... Either someone at the club is seriously taking the p*** out of him or he is an absolute sh** show of jou
  2. Couldn't make the game today, but listening to the radio it sounded like Nagy gave it away every time he had the ball.
  3. Losing to the league leaders was generally anticipated, but it's the manner in defeat which riles fans. The football is disjointed and uninspiring.
  4. I think even Lee himself knows that no matter what he does, he's always only a few defeats away from being a midget.
  5. It's a joke, always seems to be a problem with it.
  6. Anyone elses red button playing up?
  7. My only gripe with COD is his decision making as to when to release the ball. A number of times towards the end of game he dribbled too long and ran into trouble, when he could of passed and retain possession. But certainly is more effective than the op suggests.
  8. No need to apologise. Mane certainly intended on recieving the kick, you have to admire his quick thinking but ultimately it is cheating. Just not in the most obvious form.
  9. I did think the Liverpool penalty today was a bit dubious. Aurier inadvertently kicking Mane's leg trying to clear the ball with clearly no Intention whatsoever, just seems an unjust way for a game to be decided.
  10. Is anybody having problems with the red button not working?
  11. Who is that interviewer? He sounds like a right wet flannel!
  12. I hope they sort this out! Can't put up with that
  13. Indeed they are, I'm surprised at the amount of pessimism though, in regards to the game. Not many confident of a result.
  14. He hasn't done one interview without saying this at least once. He really does, shall we say, overuse this phrase if you like.
  15. https://www.oneboro.co.uk/forum/topic/8733-boro-v-bristol-city-a/ Some interesting views on the game, and our club in general. It's nice to see that the 'little old Bristol City' perception is fading away, and we really are viewed now as a big fish.
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