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  1. When I started watching City from the open end it cost 25p for an adult. Under 16s and OAPs were half price. I think I recall being an under 16 until I was 18.
  2. I think he comes from the North West, so may want to be closer to friends, family and sheep.
  3. I just won't pay a penny to watch frendlies, whether live or on TV. Nobody takes them seriously and they are usually dead boring anyway. Nothing more than training sessions.
  4. It would certainly be nice to have one for the first team. As things stand, I can't see us scoring many goals this season.
  5. RobinsTV is infected by COVID19. Well that's the stock excuse everyone else is giving for taking your money and not providing the service that was purchased. Has anyone actually got the stream they paid for?
  6. Given up. Missed 15 mins already. I bet they won't be offering any refunds.
  7. Looks like it's completely crashed now. Can't login on Chrome, ie, firefox or Edge.
  8. Website all over the place. Bad gateways, insufficient privileges, error establishing a database connection, looping. Won't let me log out and log back in again. Typucal BCFC shambles.
  9. No go here too. Been logged in since 7.15 and it says but my account has insufficient privileges. I'm outside the UK and my £140 package is supposed to run until December
  10. Yeah, I was hoping that would be the case.
  11. Haha. In all of my years of following Bristol football, I don't ever recall Celtic playing Ragbag Rovers Why would they?
  12. Another 60,000 crowd of superspreaders is expected along with thousands of others who will be going to the pub and to fanparks to spread even more. A large contingent of UEFA spreaders and heaven knows how many will manage to travel from the Italian hotspots. In a couple of weeks, we are going to see a massive Resurgence of new cases, all because of a game of football. That said, I will be cheering England on in front of the TV with a couple of close family members and we will all take a lateral flow test beforehand.
  13. How about those who have a non-UK account, I wonder
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