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  1. Nige said of Bents, "He knows the rules" and I guess he may have broken one of them, e.g. putting on weight over Christmas or arriving late/pissed for training or something like that. Max has done well enough to keep his place and Bents may not get his chance until he loses those Chriatmas pounds and/or if Max's form dips. We shall see. Of course there is also speculation that Southampton are going to pay us a load of dosh for him during the January window.
  2. And ESPN I believe, so finding a stream should not be too difficult. I've not needed a stream for ages as I've managed to get games on robinstv, a nowtv pass or the fa player. What is the best site for good stream links these days?
  3. That's worth knowing. A good alternative to ESPN.
  4. 3 adults here not prepared to pay £20 each for a game neither team will be that bothered about. £10 each and we would be going and probably spending another £10 each on food and drink, so BCFC lose £60 here. I doubt there will be more than 8k going tomorrow. The only channel broadcasting is ESPN as far as I can tell, so I guess we will be able to find a stream somewhere - I do hate their commentary though. their commentators seem to know bugger all about football.
  5. One of our best signings. I liked him from his first game. He can be like having an extra man on the pitch at times and a well deserved hat-trick today. He always gives 100% wherever he is played. Well done Andi. Never sure exactly what his best position is though.
  6. Definately no where near ready for the Championship yet. Needs to spend more time on loan to gain experience. If we were not light in that position, he would still be on loan. There is a good player in there, but not for a couple of years.
  7. 10 men v 12. Never stood a chance. Lost 1-2 but really deserved to win that one
  8. Was disappointed when we didn't get a pen for the foyl on Scott, but Prings challenge was no worse. Played well for 15 mins, but lost our way a bit after that. Hooefull for the 2nd half.
  9. No need to freshen the team as the Luton game was cancelled. They must all be fresh and stuffed with turkey. Maybe some were dropped for returning to training too heavy.
  10. Chair will be in the goalmouth for their keeper. I'm not expecting him to be very busy tonight. Max on the other hand ..........
  11. So who can fill in the blanks? Sell Mem at £A Repay debt at £B Buy Fruit Market at £C Build Stdium at £D Balance to be funded £A-£B-£C-£D=£E £E sounds like a lot of money to me and then who wants to tent it when the Sags drop out of the league again and can't afford to pay it (assuming £E is sufficient to pay the rent for a few years as they will still be losing money every week with the crowds they are getting
  12. Some things don't seem to add up here either, for example, how come they can sell the Mem, which is mortgaged to the hilt and still have enough to buy another pice of land and build a stadium on it? Surely there cannot be that much difference in the value of the two plots of land. Is someone else paying as usual?
  13. Sorry, I had no idea it was that serious, which is why I asked the question. I don't think there was any need to respond in this way which seems far more ignorant in my eyes.
  14. Did nobody ever tell you that the best way to deal with bullies was to ignore them?
  15. Whilst I would in no way condone racial abuse, players going off crying because someone called them names and abandoning matches is a bit lame. The more you draw attention to it, the worse it seems to get. Surely it's just better not to make a fuss over it and carry on. Seriously, if someone calls me a white honky or something, I really couldn't care less. Throwing objects is another matter. That's simply dangerous and should probably be self policed by the fans.
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