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  1. I think most of the fans have been pretty good judging by the crowds we’ve had for home games. Get a few wins and the mood will changed.
  2. Been following City for a long time and one partnership that spring to mind is Kalas and Webster. They played well together and were rated by those who played against them.
  3. Marriage can be a bit like that. I put my hand in and and got my favourite. Me
  4. He wanted a project and he’s only just started. Give him the time he needs, he’s inherited a mess.
  5. It’s going to take time, I’m confident we’ll get there under Pearson.
  6. Nice one Cyril nice one son
  7. Not too depressed, we’ll get there eventually.
  8. On a plus note I think Tanner has had a decent game considering.
  9. WhatsApp’d this picture to my wife today, her response back was. “Not in this house”.
  10. Man City away in the 1st Div. We lost 2:0 and it was a nightmare before and after the game. Derby County as well. It kicked right off outside the baseball ground and we all got nicked. I can remember being sat in the cells thinking “I wish I hadn’t bothered coming today”
  11. Can remember one of my daughters going up to Old Trafford with her friend to watch Man Utd. When she got back I asked her what she thought of the game. Her reply was” I don’t know but Ranaldo was alright”
  12. I was in hospital with a broken leg that night listening to the game on headphones. A nurse came in to take my temperature just as City scored.
  13. Been to loads of away games over the years but the one game that springs to mind is the 0:1 victory at Arsenal on the opening day of the season after promotion to the fist devision. I’m glad I was there!
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