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  1. The easy answer is sack the manager but ultimately this group of players isn’t good enough so any new manager will ultimately end up with the same results and same OTIB threads. Painful as it is we need to stick with NP and somehow convince a club to take Palmer off our hands and even move Wells on in January. It may give us some wriggle room to be a little more creative in January.
  2. Totally depends on your agenda re “is this his squad” Tanner and Atkinson were good “new to club” signings and both of them were well within our price/wages. James/King/Simpson defo his signings but only James signed to play 40+ games, whilst King/Simpson signed to be his eyes and ears round the club. Baker a sensible resigning given our shortage of CB’s and also his championship experience on a reduced wage. Other options would have been someone like Tom Lees from Weds now at Huddersfield. I think he would have taken Pato/Wash over Palmer but contracts and our crazy wage bill (£30m) caused by Ashton (and some what LJ) have left us in a precarious position. Who knows but we could be Reading next season negotiating a points deduction…. I think NP quoted he didn’t want to bring players in that weren’t better than what we have already. That’s part of the problem we had under LJ in that we brought in volume rather quality. I know there was plenty of speculation around Michael Smith from Rotherham, but TBH £2m for a 30 year old league 1 player who has scored 18 career goals in the championship would have not been a good purchase IMO. So yes this is some of his squad but not all his squad. We’ve been a team in decline for 3 years. Even under LJ results papered over our performances. There is no quick fix here and will take time. Patience required.
  3. I should qualify my words. His recovery is good (Fulham/Cardiff are good examples).
  4. Tinkering with formations not the way forward IMO. Ignoring the personnel, play the back 4 higher up the pitch. Plenty of pace at the back with Kalas (& Baker). Would make a difference to our exposed midfield and may even play more of the game in the opponent’s half.
  5. @headhunteryou have a decent product and what’s good it’s a different approach to OSIB. Well done on getting Ian to name his team vs Bournemouth. No where to hide now Ian! My only other build is to keep a clear structure to the show. When it goes well the structure appears to be review game team for next game another subject (eg transfer window) When it doesn’t go well we find the panel going down rabbit holes talking about the team next week before the review of the game has completed. It loses its flow when this happens. Just my thoughts but normally an enjoyable listen.
  6. Millwall’s record suggests they are hard to beat and proved tonight. Their goal defo changed momentum and our enforced changes with the loss of Williams didn’t help. With the loss of Wells in the warm up left us light on the bench IMO. Not sure what type of game @headhunterwas expecting other than a tight attritional game settled by one goal or a draw. May be we should be playing Ian Gays crazy formations, what was it 3 2 3 2 ?
  7. @Davefevsthe phrase ‘sustainable club’ has been used many a time by SL. Ashton certainly dashed any hopes of that. So if the rumours are true and we’ve reduced the wage bill by 20%>30%, what further reductions are required? A further 30%? Player wages of £15m pa? Shows the other side of what Pearson has to achieve as well as results on the pitch.
  8. Massive leap of faith. Undoubted talent but can you imagine when he pings a quad/hamstring/knee injury after 18 mins on his debut. Fan outburst would be crazy re waste of wages etc.
  9. Unfortunately there is no silver bullet on where we are. MA fed the Lansdowns a lot of BS in the last couple of seasons regarding the supposed quality of the team (eg top six material). It clearly wasn’t as we can see from the players that have left and where they have ended up. I personally think we only have 3 above average championship players (DB, TK, MJ) alongside some very promising youngsters. Shows the scale/challenge/transformation required at the club. Patience required over the coming weeks as a new squad beds in. I personally think NP wants to be here. He sees the challenge and also the opportunity. I hope he succeeds and ignores the noise.
  10. @Davefevsagree quality of football has dropped from earlier in the season. I do think injuries have “forced” a change in system and that hasn’t helped with team performances and the fluidity of play. Alan Nixon quoted the other Saturday something along the lines “Preston 3 nil winners on Saturday, 3 nil down tonight, Boro 3 nil losers on Saturday, 3 nil up tonight. That is the championship” It’s a crazy league and aside from Norwich no one has blown teams away, albeit Brentford looking ominous, but they even looked vulnerable against QPR. There will be very few 90 minute performances across the league this season IMO. Being a great analyst Dave, speaking from first hand experience , do you have a view on what makes or will make a successful championship team this season? XG provides a view although it shows cardiff 4th and city 17th.... In terms of injuries IMO get Mawson/Paterson back will provide a lot more consistency.
  11. Beni71

    I miss Cotts.

    Don’t disagree with any of your points. Failure to achieve a play off spot this season should lead to a change in coach. I don’t think the club will press the button on this though.
  12. Beni71

    I miss Cotts.

    Agreed on that point Dave but I think his single minded/stubborn reputation will result in no one giving him an opportunity in the championship
  13. Agree on the must win games. The difference between now and earlier in the season when we played 532 is the availability of De Silva.
  14. Beni71

    I miss Cotts.

    Cotterill was an excellent league 1 manager. Played some entertaining football but couldn’t adapt to championship life and didn’t buy into the clubs strategy. Come the end Cotterills football was turgid and left us languishing near the bottom of the championship. Not much of a comparison..... IMO LJs career highlight was keeping us up that season. Agree football this season has not been as entertaining but if some how we end up in the top 6 this season, then in a results driven business it will have been success.
  15. Think COD can play central and is more adaptable - played well against Swansea at home last season (just the one game). Not a popular opinion but would rest NE, he’s clearly off form and also presents the opportunity for us to go to 352 which would strengthen the middle of the park. Yesterday made you realise how much we miss Brownhill and although in buying a proven goal scorer in Wells, we’ve created another hole that will need filling. Plenty of potential candidates in the club that could fill that role (Walsh, Morrell, Morton, Massengo).
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