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  1. He came onto the terrace where it had been kicking off - absolute legend !
  2. Home to Bury 1967 , score 3-3 stood in the East End . My dad said he would take me up too see the Rovers - but turned out they were away so we went to Ashton Gate instead - can't imagine what life would have been like if that had'nt happened ! Second game City v Rovers 1968 FA cup 3rd round - dad cheering the gas - me City !
  3. Really nice guy - my wife used to live next door to Trevor Tainton in Nailsea, next to him was Geoff Merrick . Would see him out most day’s walking his Dalmatians - he was always willing to chat and a very down to earth bloke . I don’t think we really appreciated what a great player we had at the time . How we could do with the likes of him and Gerry Gow now !
  4. Arrived yesterday and very pleased . My son is mounting it on his office wall shortly . Thankyou !
  5. I brought 3 kids and the wife to follow city - they don’t always remember all the players and managers but they never forgot Buster - says it all about the man . RIP Buster
  6. I count myself as so privileged to watch you in a City shirt Norman - you were one hell of a player . Thank you and RIP
  7. I 've got a nasty feeling that the good folks of Almondsbury had better watch out - Gas bought that land - could they have something up their sleeve ?
  8. Great news to me - how on earth could we keep going on the way we were ! Changes start now - at every level.
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