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  1. Wasn't that Curtis Woodhouse????
  2. It is a surprise that for me tbf - I was a huge fan of Vieira the player but if I was Palace I would have taken Cooper over Vieira every day of the week....
  3. I said it months ago and I'll keep saying it, I'm convinced KP is going to have a real breakthrough season this year and prove a lot of people wrong! Pearson has shown he was a big fan of KP starting him in pretty much every game he was fit for since he came in. The two things KP needed imo was a proper preseason like this one to get fully fit and a manager to play him consistently in a system that suits him. Looks like he's hopefully done the first now for NP to hopefully provide the second..... The Dave Rennie signing and being overlooked for the Gold Cup with Jamaica could be the making of Kasey!
  4. Oh no Massengo out injured? When was that reported? Really shame that one as was just thinking he was looking sharp in the most recent robins uncut preseason video(s) - any idea what the injury is/how long he'll be out for?
  5. Brilliant news! Really excited about this one. Just out of interest does anyone know who the other two are in this pic on the official site? Is that Sean Gilhespy on the right?
  6. Has big 'Frank De Boer' vibes about it for me.... Always like Vieira though so hope it works out for him.
  7. We've also got to remember our place in the food chain haven't we? If Nagy was an elite 'Kante' like DM with no mistakes/ weaknesses in him he would be playing for a similarly elite team. By last season's league tables we were what the 38th best team in the country? Even if we're a play off chasing side we'd be around 26th. This tournament for me has proven that in Nagy there is a player who could potentially excel at our level if played in the right system. Is he flawless? Absolutely not, but if he was he'd already be playing week in week out in the prem for a champions league chasing side.
  8. This is such a common misconception imo. In Palmer under Pearson I saw one of the hardest workers in the team, putting himself about, getting tackles in etc but so much so that it impacted on his ability with the ball. Where I agree with you is around his fitness. This could be a huge summer for Kasey, with a full Pearson/Rennie pre-season under his belt he could be a top player for us this season imv so it would be a real shame if his Jamaica exploits impacted on his ability to get in top shape for the start of the season.
  9. Would be fascinating to know wouldn't it!
  10. Thanks Rudolph, so disappointing to read but hugely believable unfortunately. This may also explain why Liam Walsh was so happy to leave, turning down our contract offer (if that was the case)
  11. Interesting poll this Nacho thanks. Great to see the overwhelming support NP has from the fanbase (so far from limited responses), that we are all pretty much agreed on what our transfer priorities should be and that by the sounds of it they chime with what NP is trying to do too. Could be a really interesting summer this.
  12. Tbf a lot of that could also be said about someone like Raheem Sterling but he does alright for himself..... Of course not directly comparing the too but just a general observation watching the England game the other night thinking how poor Sterling's mid to long range shooting technique seems to be for such an elite player
  13. Yeah really good points. We can't really take Webster away from him either, was phenomenal for us under LJ in 2018-2019.
  14. We've got to remember all of his injury problems would have been managed by Dave Rennie (our highly regarded new head of medical performance, ex-Leicester) so no one will know more about his recovery than him. If Dave gives him the green light fitness wise then that's good enough for me............
  15. He really does sound like the perfect fit for us and what we need right now. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bristol-city-leicester-matty-james-5456062
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