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  1. The same Brentford that appointed their assistant coach and almost got promoted playing fantastic football?
  2. Irony of this post is that the banners are a reaction to rumours on social media about Holden and not anything that's been confirmed.
  3. Support your local illegal streamers.
  4. Found it pretty funny to be honest. Obviously he doesn't have a clue what he's saying and is just trying to help a good cause.
  5. It doesn't work in the UAE either. No idea why when all other football forums do.
  6. Damn I left Mykonos a few days ago! Didn't really like it compared to the other Greek islands.
  7. Even the richest and best clubs on the planet have CMs who play every week that don't get goals or assists. You couldn't have a midfield of Grealish, Maddison and Mount for example. If he was playing as a CAM or number 10 that would be different. At 18/19 we're still waiting to see what type of midfielder he's going to turn into
  8. If clubs judged CMs on their goals/assists stats: Man City won't play Fernandinho next season. Chelsea won't play Kovacic. United won't play Matic. Leicester won't play Ndidi. Southampton won't play Hojbjerg. And none of these were 18 this season.
  9. It's fine because Weimann is a wing-back now anyway
  10. Keith Welch


    Thought he was useless at wing-back, but that is entirely not his fault...
  11. Keith Welch


    They both should have come off at half time. Surprised when they didn't and even more surprised when they didn't for the first subs. Bizarre from Johnson imo
  12. Wouldn't call it a sitter. Header with his back to goal got too much on it
  13. When there's one pig in blanket left on the table at Christmas dinner.
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