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  1. Not long hopefully, seems he's the builder not the Winner. Just hope City keep the momentum of sacking Pearson at the right time going and appointing the right man....... oh, just seen the flaw in the proven plan
  2. Sorry the point I was trying to make is time being the prerequisite position, none have really been instant success. In fact they did their transfer business early pre-season but many "experts" were of the opinion they were not of Championship standard but allowing them to develop has seen them reap the rewards. The reason for pointing out the players was to emphasise the point on how they have turned it around. I am not an expert on City, so my Huddersfield knowledge is even more wanting
  3. * when he was recruited from Leeds
  4. I think the key to this is time, few have been instant success. Even Thomas's performances were being questioned October onwards, as Flash in pan. Sarr was dreadful last season up against Semenyo at their place. This season overall has been about the benefit of sticking with the philosophy, trusting the Head Coach and making a fast start this season. A lot were pointing out he wasn't brought in by Bielsa when results weren't going their way, now he will be a disciple again.
  5. I liked your suggestion on the podcast of move upstairs and use his experience to guide a young up and coming. I think we are back to where we were just before LJ started. Don't want it to be Fleming, Lowe is the obvious one but whoever it is, I don't want to hear about work/life balance, its all in or nothing. Sorry but don't hear other Championship Managers saying this. If you want that, your perogative but don't take this role on.
  6. Great episode and enjoy all the podcasts like OSIB, 3 peaps and Forever Bristol City. With this one felt Exiled Robin summed it up best, about the lack of obvious signs of improvement and why some are reacting like they are. Thanks to all 3 pods as they are all balanced and not hysterical in their observations, being audio it gives a better understanding of tone and discussion content. Often find the written reply can be lost in translation, quickly going off at a tangent and thread subject is soon forgotten....... now wait for Exiled Robin saying I didn't mean that
  7. I believe, naively probably, City will utilise the loan market, b4 end of month, so he (Pearson) can continue with his plan, playing the formation he wants eventually achieving an identity for his team. I don't think its that far from what he wants but some just aren't the right fit.
  8. Yes but in the same position CO'D would laid it off to the full back, don't shoot you don't score. FWIW, reckon where Janneh scored 1st goal, CO'D would have tried to dink it to the far post. For me SJ, must start on left of 3 on Saturday. Power and Pace will create opportunities and he should be rewarded for tonight's effort.
  9. Its been pretty quiet for City podcasts but Forever Bristol City have done a couple recently. 3 Peaps have just done a Terry Cooper tribute, whilst OSIB are still to get back from their Caribbean break, tax purposes i heard . Gregor's is now called Robins at the Gate, with Michelle Owen. Sorry forgotten one called BS3 Talk, bit high pitch for me There is a joint one which has a chuckle or 2 in there called Brizzle Kicks but not regularly I enjoy listening to these because all give a perspective that you may not have considered
  10. I've signed, the emotion his death has generated in me has taken me by surprise. The great work him and CM put in, from where we were, can not be forgotten whilst its not been a linear upward trajectory since, he is a part of our history where he dragged us back from near oblivion, both playing and financial. I was 11 years old and ******* plastics gloating about a report showing City 6th in 1st Division and less than 4 years later 92nd. The embarrassment and anger I felt towards them and City for me to listen to these p**cks, to be below R*vers was unbearable but I was resigned to it, it had been downhill for so long. He gave us our pride back and the hope that 1 day we will return.
  11. NP is going to want voices in the dressing room, that can say to the rest "look trust him, he did this before" and leaders will bring the rest along. This is a good option as he has just completed a season in Championship. Wages shouldn't be an issue, especially if the comparative option is Coventry, Location probably gives them the edge.
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