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  1. Agreed. The fact he has taken pretty much his whole team with him indicates that he believes they all did a great job under his watch. Which is simply a deluded view to have. I find him taking Andy Rolls with him the strangest decision. Ashton got a huge amount of flack for our injury record, which it could be argued wasn’t really his fault, but then he takes the man who is ultimately responsible. He’s either a glutton for punishment or is so deluded he can’t see the errors in his previous recruitment process, so happily makes the same mistakes again and smiles smugly thinking he’s the messiah. I have no bad blood with Ipswich fans but I really hope he quickly gets found out for the bull shitter he clearly is.
  2. Klopp doesn’t have those other players at his disposal. He may well drop AA too if he did
  3. His injury record fills me with dread
  4. Got a tenner on Bournemouth, Lincoln and Newport coming out on top. I’m not much of a gambler but I love the play offs and having a little bit of money on it makes it that much more interesting. Also, the narcissist in me is looking forward to watching the Sunderland meltdown if they don’t go up. Poor old Brent
  5. Why else would he be here?
  6. David James takes some beating (or not if you’re trying to score past him)
  7. I feel Patongets a lot of unfair criticism. IMO him and Wiemann were the keys behind our good start to the season. He’s probably one of the best of our, admittedly poor, bunch of players. Allowing him to leave is fine as long as you replace with better. Much easier said than done. Especially with no CEO or Manager in place.
  8. I can’t necessarily explain it, the signing of Danny Simpson certainly didn’t help. But even before that, I simply didn’t think he came across as a particularly likeable bloke. Much in the same way I felt about Pulis when he first arrived. I wouldn’t say I consider it important to want to go for a drink with the manager no, as it’s never going to happen. But it would be nice to feel a slight warmth towards whoever is in the throne. And to answer your last question, all of them, except unsurprisingly Pearson and Pulis.
  9. Aside from the results/performances, I can’t say I’ve taken to Nige. In fact, he’s the first manager I’ve felt an inherent dislike to since Pulis. Maybe he’s the character we need but I wouldn’t fancy a pint with the bloke
  10. I think the vast majority of fans will wish Deano nothing but the best. He is a good bloke who unfortunately was thrown to the sharks with us. I hope he does well
  11. His LinkedIn profile says he’s the MD. No major surprise he can’t get that right either then. I personally think he has very little contribution to anything at the club. He has a senior role to justify a high salary, for tax purposes. SL knows how to play that game that’s for sure
  12. Jon Lansdown is the Managing Director of the club and the only thing you can think of that he’s ‘managed’ is the irrelevant logo.
  13. He left us in a much better position than he found us. He’s become the scapegoat for everything bad that happens at the club when in reality, beside all the hysteria on here, he did a decent job. Who’s next in the firing line!? My bet, and perhaps more deserved, is Jon Lansdown, who has literally gone AWOL.
  14. I’m not suggesting anything. I’m stating the fact it happened. Then a few days later the club signs a convicted domestic abuser and the only word out the club on the topic is from Pearson who says that he ‘believes very strongly in giving people a 2nd chance’, and feels very strongly ‘In not making politically correct decisions.’ - well great, thanks for clearing that up Nige. All is forgotten then.
  15. Well you can’t pretend it didn’t happen
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