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  1. But you can’t so that’s what you have,the forest ground will have it all on cctv unless it’s suddenly buried
  2. Let’s make it the first 30 rows because 10 isn’t much to stop a whole ground oh and stop selling beer in the ground would be a start
  3. So let’s stick to facts like the other night ,is it acceptable to ever stamp on a man who is on the floor
  4. Yes I would,I definitely wouldn’t start stamping on anyone which we can clearly see
  5. There is defending yourself and defending yourself with excessive force
  6. Bigots the lot of em,having said that I couldn’t care less about rangers or the scots,come on Frankfurt
  7. Not much of a quiz if we are not told if we are correct so we can whittle down what’s left
  8. They defo lost at Wembley in the Bristol city cup
  9. Port vale because they mentioned it in the playoffs and mark ashtons mob
  10. That’s football,fans give stick so expect it back,what is unacceptable is a clear headbutt and then a player stamping on a fan twice
  11. What is your opinion on mcburnie,stamping on someone is a scumbag move on the street but with studs on is a whole different ball game,it’s basically a knuckle duster on your feet
  12. That deserves locking up for a good sentence,I doubt he had slippers on
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