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  1. It’s what you get when you have had poor to average managers(incoming don’t you know we beat man United in the cup) and has left us with a good manager but average players
  2. Me too,can bet you when my alarm goes off I will be like nah sod that
  3. Don’t think this will go the full 12
  4. Why didn’t Fitzgerald and Fowler ever have a rematch,such a good first fight
  5. Be more of a ***** if you sang e i ei ei o up the football…
  6. Wolves had all of block A and that was a lot later
  7. Will never be able to eat a steak bake again now
  8. Can’t see how we were second best if I’m honest but everyone is due a opinion
  9. Are you describing Fammy or Martin there
  10. Ran and ran while he was on with little end product as per normal,there is a player in there but not sure we can keep waiting after this season is done and dusted
  11. When is he fully fit would be the question,he’s not a patch over the season when it comes to fammy let’s be honest,we are desperate for a powerful big man up top now
  12. Got a holiday home down brixham(ooh look at me )bought a dab not a sniff but on the tv I can hear us lose in Crystal clear radio Bristol fashion
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