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  1. Mash is another no no,unless it’s with fried onions
  2. Sure it was but sour cream is a no for me straight of the bat
  3. Of course nobody goes out for a meal and orders a jacket spud anyway
  4. I’m not watching it but can imagine it,made me chuckle that
  5. He’s a nutter I think,he hasn’t posted about Alex Scott saying how positive he looks it’s just all negative,he would demand a protest if his jacket potato was burnt at a restaurant
  6. Alright mate,don’t know how old you are but your like a upset child,we got better things to do with our time then listen to your I’m always right attention seeking
  7. You can’t live in the past mate,last season is what we have so you were wrong again
  8. Isn’t that just what you did by saying the season before
  9. In 1908 14 scored more than that and 6 came close,give it up mate
  10. He was,grew up in knowle west by all accounts
  11. Thought this thread was about about a forward striking a girl when I opened it
  12. If you were blind then I should imagine it’s a blessing not being able to see it,how they are posting on here tho is impressive
  13. A baller who can’t pass whilst surging forward and will leave us wide open then
  14. Is this the worst undercard ever,BT and Frank need their head wobbled
  15. The shiney building in the middle of nowhere I think is it’s official title
  16. Very egotistical wouldn’t you say,look what I built
  17. They will be looking at a top striker I would of thought rather than a 4th back up centre back
  18. Don’t get him started on jumpers for goalposts then because you will be in a world of trouble
  19. What do you bloody know,expect you were over arming bowls down the green while the game was on
  20. Luckily with the World Cup only a year away we will see if he’s a fraud like some claim,semi final or bust
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