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  1. Stop being angry all the time tone,casnt be doing your blood pressure much good
  2. He doesn’t need any B’allon d’ors when he has welsh player of the year 85 times as people here have proved me wrong
  3. We don’t know that,he could of been the English Maradona but kept it quiet
  4. Got to take the piss pal mid season
  5. If being welsh player of the year means I’m wrong then so be it,not sure how I’m being rude but if I upset you I’m sorry pal
  6. Jimmy saville was a sir so not sure what that has to do with the price of petrol but back to football,are any of them awards worth a piece of piss
  7. Ok I am because he won best welsh footballer
  8. Please correct me if I’m wrong
  9. His last personal honour was in 2013 if I read what you sent correctly
  10. Do you know what waster means,in my eyes it means a person who has the ability to be a great but can’t be arsed to prove it
  11. What is a fantastic footballer in your eyes,he’s good I’m not saying that but surely Messi etc are fantastic
  12. Wales sportsman of the year,junior sportsman of the year,player of the month give it a rest Can’t be or he would be of to Saudi
  13. At the age of 32 and the non stop football he has played throughout his career I think he’s due a rest
  14. Played for Real Madrid and earned millions is that your answer mate
  15. Hang on you have to play to win it,the Madrid titles came when Ronaldo was playing and he was basically playing with his todger on the bench,being awarded a medal mean’s nowt if you barely take part
  16. Tbf I knew that was coming and you took the bait
  17. Cmon @TonyTonyTony he’s wasted his football life,he could of been a superstar he was that good but what has he done apart from being a subber for Madrid for much of his career
  18. While most of us wanted to be footballers when we grew up he achieved it and managed to play 20 games a season on average for 10 years earning a fortune,the bloke is a waster,luckily escape for the taffs I would say
  19. He didn’t profit from that,he profited from being a hell of a player that would drag a team over the line,let’s not let one point in his career cloud your judgement
  20. It’s were Fury started also,remember back in the day when he had hair just swinging
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