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  1. Sorry, never been to this Mem you talk about.
  2. Listened to this on Johnnie Walker short while ago, he said it was played at Banger Racing starts. Noticed on comments below video, it was played at Oldham ground as team entered the pitch.
  3. From BCFC Site See the full 2021/22 Sky Bet Championship fixture list below. August W/C Aug 2nd - Carabao Cup Round One Sat, Aug 7th - Blackpool H Sat, Aug 14th - Middlesbrough A Wed, Aug 18th - Reading A Sat, Aug 21st - Swansea City H Wed, Aug 25 - Carabao Cup Round Two Sat, Aug 28th - Cardiff City A September Sat, Sep 11th - Preston North End H Wed, Sep 15th - Luton Town H Sat, Sep 18th - Queens Park Rangers A Wed, Sep 22nd - Carabao Cup Round Three Sat, Sep 25th - Fulham H Wed, Oct 27th - Carabao Cup Round Four Wed, Sep 29th - Millwall A October Sat, Oct 2nd - Peterborough United A Sat, Oct 16th - AFC Bournemouth H Tue, Oct 19th - Nottingham Forest H Sat, Oct 23rd - West Bromwich Albion A Wed, Oct 27th - Carabao Cup Round Four Sat, Oct 30th - Barnsley H November Tue, Nov 2nd - Birmingham City A Sat, Nov 6th - Coventry City A Sat, Nov 20th - Blackburn Rovers H Wed, Nov 24th - Stoke City H Sat, Nov 27th - Sheffield United A December Sat, Dec 4th - Derby County H Sat, Dec 11th - Hull City A Sat, Dec 18th - Huddersfield Town H Sun, Dec 26th - Luton Town A Wed, Dec 29th - Queens Park Rangers H January Sat, Jan 1st – Millwall H Wed, Jan 5th - Carabao Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg Sat, Jan 8th - Emirates FA Cup Third Round Wed, Jan 12th - Carabao Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg Sat, Jan 15th - Fulham A Sat, Jan 22nd - Cardiff City H Sat, Jan 29th - Preston North End A February Sat, Feb 5th - Blackpool A (Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round) Wed, Feb 9th - Reading H Sat, Feb 12th - Swansea City A Sat, Feb 19th - Middlesbrough H Tue, Feb 22nd - Coventry City H Sat, Feb 26th - Nottingham Forest A Sun, Feb 27th - Carabao Cup Final March Wed, Mar 2nd - Emirates FA Cup Fifth Round Sat, Mar 5th - Birmingham City H Sat, Mar 12th - Blackburn Rovers A Tue, Mar 15th - Barnsley A Sat, Mar 19th - West Bromwich Albion H (Emirates FA Cup Quarter-Final) April Sat, Apr 2nd - AFC Bournemouth A Sat, Apr 9th - Peterborough United H Fri, Apr 15th - Stoke City A Sat, Apr 16th - Emirates FA Cup Semi-Final Mon, Apr 18th - Sheffield United H Sat, Apr 23rd - Derby County A Sat, Apr 30th - Hull City H May Sat, May 7th - Huddersfield Town A Sat, May 14th - Emirates FA Cup Final Showing Derby and not Wycombe though
  4. Burton Albion,s purchase of the floodlights. Burton Observer 20 May 1965.
  5. Another report on the 1st Floodlit match 27 Jan 1953
  6. 1st Floodlight match 27 Jan 1953, previous fixture postponed due to fog 20Jan 1953
  7. Brentford P26 W14 D9 L3 F48 A26 GD22 PTS 51 Bristol City P27 W12 D3 L12 F29 A31 GD-2 PTS 39 Why the difference, we cannot score goals! This has been a failing for years, we just cannot have the means to construct a formula for scoring. The defence record is not too bad, just over a goal per game let in, whereas Brentford is a goal per game let in. Sort out a poacher, such as Zac did last night, and things would improve no end. Bickering about staff will get you nowhere, its all in the mindset of the players! Nuff said, back to my shielding.
  8. How about giving AS a boost with some more votes? Lowest number of votes at the moment. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55803556
  9. Give him a boost and vote for him on the BBC FA Cup best goals? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55803556
  10. Bit more from BCFC https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/highlights-bristol-city-2-0-preston-north-end/
  11. Totally agree, but surely not as bad as the present time.
  12. Do Empty Stadiums Affect Outcomes? The Data Says Yes Just my observation trying to find a reason why City do not perform at home, extracts plus link to article. ''The performances of home teams in the Bundesliga have, for all intents and purposes, collapsed in front of empty stands. The number of home victories slipped by 10 percentage points, to 33 percent of matches in empty stadiums from 43 percent in full ones. The change has been so extreme, in fact, that Lukas Keppler, a managing director of the data and analytics firm Impect, noted a sort of “negative home advantage.” For the first time in soccer history, he said, it has appeared, at times, to be easier to be playing on the road.'' ''Another aspect of home-field advantage that has been exposed in Germany is the impact a crowd can have on a referee. A considerable body of academic research, in fact, has long suggested that “all or part of home advantage” is down to “refereeing decisions being subconsciously in favor of the home team,” Gleave pointed out. That idea now can step out off the page and into real life. In the 83 matches Gracenote analyzed, home teams were penalized more for fouls in empty stadiums than they generally were when the stands were full. They also had seen, perhaps not surprisingly, an increase in the number of yellow cards they were awarded.'' Both teams committed more fouls in empty stadiums than they had in full ones — perhaps a sign that referees, without a crowd to consider, have felt empowered to enforce the rules more rigidly. But there has been a significant shift in culpability: After the restart, hosts committed more fouls than their guests. “The increase in yellow cards and fouls by the home team in matches behind closed doors appears to confirm the hypothesis,” Gleave said. According to data provided by another analysis firm, Gracenote, home teams scored fewer goals than they had in full stadiums (1.74 to 1.43 per game), leading to a decline in goal scoring over all. They also took fewer shots (a decrease of 10 percent), and those that they did take were worse. (The probability of any given shot ending up as a goal dropped more than a point, to 11.11 percent.) Home teams, the research found, also attempted fewer crosses, won fewer corners and tried fewer dribbles.'' Indeed, in empty stadiums, visiting players no longer need to feel they are playing against 12 opponents. The corollary of that, of course, is perhaps more significant: In normal times, perhaps the field was not quite as even as it should have been. While industry and effort might have remained unchanged, Gleave saw in his figures — fewer shots, fewer dribbles, fewer home wins — proof that something was missing. His conclusion, one that many fans watching might instinctively uphold, is that the urge to entertain diminishes if there is nobody to respond. Games since the restart have featured, on average, 16 more passes than normal, a signal to Gleave that players, subconsciously or not, are “choosing to pass the ball rather than attempt plays which would normally get fans on their feet.” And yet similar data sets can give rise to different conclusions. Impect’s signature statistic is a metric called packing: a way of measuring how many opponents are bypassed by each and every action — whether a pass or a dribble — a player makes. “It measures the effectiveness of a team’s buildup,” Keppler said, and it has been, essentially, unchanged since the restart. “The overall quality of the game remained the same.” That finding is not necessarily contrary to Gleave’s data, and it is not a riposte to Arsène Wenger’s assertion that soccer would lose some of its magic if it endured a prolonged period without fans. Teams run just as much as they did. They are no less talented than they were in March. But the absence of fans — the cavernous stadiums, the oppressive silence, the sense of unreality — changed, somehow, the way the players expressed that talent, the way they approached the game. It created a more cautious, more mechanical approach, focused on the end result more than the process. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/01/sports/soccer/soccer-without-fans-germany-data.html
  13. You can travel to our County, but you must abide by the rules of the Tier you reside in. Tier 3 cannot go in a pub, Tier 2 can order a meal but must leave when you have eaten it.
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