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  1. Do you remember Hackers 24 seater back in day ? It was a bit lively and we ended up going home with a double aluminium ladder slid down the middle of the bus. Were you on IT A ?
  2. I see 761 of the true blue have made a show tonight.
  3. The days of armchair blue etc
  4. Watch it on a smart tv and you won't have a problem....i do
  5. Or live along Highridge common.Post letters or deliver milk before training.
  6. Didn't Viv give him a kidney and then said "He's still a miserable bastard"
  7. A club record of 12 home games.........we need a striker and quickly.
  8. He's just missed a sitter.
  9. You know i was a dedicated follower of fashion ? I even had silver DM's....:laugh:
  10. I was on the East End mr N
  11. Did Harry ever play for the reserves ? I found this old team sheet being auctioned today and his name is on it.
  12. You Knowle westers are all the same.
  13. Their strikers have not scored a goal in 20 hours or 9/7ths of a week in gas maths ?
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