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  1. He's just missed a sitter.
  2. BobbyC

    Harry Dolman

    You know i was a dedicated follower of fashion ? I even had silver DM's....:laugh:
  3. BobbyC

    Harry Dolman

    I was on the East End mr N
  4. Did Harry ever play for the reserves ? I found this old team sheet being auctioned today and his name is on it.
  5. You Knowle westers are all the same.
  6. Their strikers have not scored a goal in 20 hours or 9/7ths of a week in gas maths ?
  7. What a night and what a squad compared to this current bunch.
  8. I'll raise you the stage door. By the way,Fred was on the door at the stage with his trusty baseball bat......are you his son ?
  9. Are we related ? That was my three.I saw george score six in one game and what a player Proctor was.
  10. You still got the indain ink tattoo i put on your arm at my place in Highridge ? Lawton done a robin with the bridge behind on my arm and still got it.
  11. Just a shame we're a yard slow and can't pass a ball or defend corners.
  12. I think it's this ? Hey Joe Where you goin wiith that gun in your hand ?
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