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  1. I disagree. I saw us give a bit more, play a little better, take shots, win corners, and create some chances. We didn't give them a good game, but it was a slight improvement...admittedly from an utterly abject baseline.
  2. Yeh @1960maaan posted an interesting snip that showed we've had one of the toughest, if not the toughest, start based on the current table. I joked that I therefore await our 10 game winning run, but we would reasonably expect to get a bit more time on the ball, and a little more space, in the next run of games. There's no guarantees of course, and we'll need to show more fight than we did today, but I think we'll get more than 1 point per game.
  3. Yeh broadly my view right now. It's a real shame that the first 45 was so abject today. I thought the second half was better...we were still second best to a top championship team, but at least we gave them a game.
  4. Pearson thought Tuesday was 'almost' embarrassing...wonder what this is?
  5. White is asking Trego the exact same questions that he'd ask Tinnion or Joe Williams. Which is ridiculous. Tregs is a fan, he's not a player or a coach. It's pretty lame I agree. Just an all-round shockingly bad hour in the Club's history.
  6. Angry Fevs. I like angry Fevs. As I said, I barely watched any of that. Checked infogol. 0 shots, xG of 0, and our only chance was offside. Sounds brutal. Just watched HT RobinsTV and yeh White is too nice, even nicer than Toby was. Trego isn't great either. Just imagine the swearing if this was Tinman on comms.
  7. "City can open this defence up...OK they were offside...but they can do it." RobinsTV with a blinder once more.
  8. Just spent an hour trying to get a crying baby to sleep. What have I missed?
  9. Tbf it's looking like Hugill could get 4 or 5.
  10. Some proper long throws there. Ones that actually reach near the spot.
  11. Edit. Just seen the bad news. Jokes are inappropriate.
  12. Balance of probabilities essentially means that they need to prove that it is 'more likely than not'. It's the easier burden of proof compared to 'beyond reasonable doubt'. Thinking of it as a 50% +1 isn't a bad way to visualise it.
  13. Possibly the Post means that the mere fact that they get a pay-off is standard? Which it would be in any industry. Its poorly phrased though.
  14. That ain't taking 2 months. Done by Christmas? I'd be amazed.
  15. Which, at least on OTIB, would actually be more exciting.
  16. Flint and Freeman. Set pieces. Goals. They felt made for each other in that title winning season.
  17. Cheers both. I await our impending 10-game win streak with great excitement.
  18. Interesting. Is it average position now or average position at the time we played them?
  19. I didn't like that chant either. I get that it is supposedly tongue-in-cheek, dark humour etc, but I wouldn't call it particularly effective "support".
  20. I think I'd like a mix of the two. Take your 'Nige' team and add Pring instead of Dasilva. Switch James into the central MF position, and I'd give Wells the first 60 minutes, with Weimann earmarked to come on for him and bust a gut for 30 minutes at the end. Bentley Kalas - Atkinson - Baker Tanner - HNM - James - Scott - DaSilva Wells - Martin One other option - not that this is what I'd necessarily do, but it's something to think about - is to try and emulate what we did at Cardiff earlier in the season. As a fast, direct passing side with an emphasis on set pieces, WBA are not so different in terms of style to the Welsh. They play a different formation, so that may be a reason not to do this, but if we did try and recreate that away win then we might go with something like: Bentley Tanner - Kalas - Atkinson - Baker HNM - James - Scott - Pring Weimann - Martin In that formation I'd start Weimann, as he did against Cardiff, and assuming King is out then Scott could replace him I think...although if we're not confident of that you cold switch HNM central, push Weimann wide right and start Wells alongside Martin. I suspect Wells and Martin will both start, due to their both being subbed off in midweek. 2-3 weeks out. Nige discusses him and King in the last couple of minutes of today's preview.
  21. Confirmed https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/paul-simpson-leaves-city/ Paul Simpson has left Bristol City by mutual agreement. The club wishes Paul well for the future and thanks him for his 14-month service during a period of transition for the Robins. Simpson arrived from the Football Association in August 2020 to support then newly-appointed Head Coach Dean Holden. With the recruitment of Nigel Pearson as permanent Manager in May and Curtis Fleming as Assistant Manager last month, Simpson was re-titled First Team Coach. City CEO Richard Gould said: “Paul has been a great support during his time with us and we are very thankful for all he has done for the club. We wish him all the best for the future.”
  22. Yeh, I'll go with that. To be clear, I don't think he's a terrible striker, and he is fitting into the system better this season than last, but he's not the 20 goal a season guy some seem to think he is. He'll get about as many goals as Fam did.
  23. Bloke I responded to said "proven at this level", and so I was talking Champ only i.e. "our level". Across his whole career at Champ level he's at 81 in 281 = 1 in every 3.46 games. Of those, 16 goals and 71 games are for us in the Championship = 1 in every 4.44 games. He's well off pace.
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