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  1. Yep got the same..both are good. Freezing it at £140 is great, it was only last year that it went from £110 to £140, so a second successive £30 hike would have been a bit much. Poor from the EFL to push that really, but well done to the club for (I assume) subsidising the price. Then it does also make sense to align everyone's renewals with the end of the season. Although I wondered if really we should get some sort of pro rata discount as the way I understand it I'll effectively double pay for the period from 31 May 2022 to my current renewal date of Nov 2022. I might just check that with the club. But generally I don't think we can really criticise this...although I did get an email re monthly RobinsTV as well which was a a bit weird.
  2. The book I have on the subject "Football Hackers" by C. Biermann broadly summarises that "...the team creating the better quality of chances only ends up winning the game two thirds of the time...". However it doesn't give a qualitative overall "accuracy" figure such as you seem to be looking for. A couple of seasons ago E361 comfortably beat the bookies in terms of the overall accuracy of his pre seasons prediction. He's seemingly not published that in recent seasons - possibly because I believe he's since been employed by said bookies.
  3. Just 25 years younger yeh.
  4. I it was better than when Downsy asked O'Dowda about the kit reveal and his cocking dogs. I just think it's odd having a colleague interviewing another player. I don't think it worked. I guess ideally you'd have a knowledgeable ex-pro turned journo doing it. Someone who can combine the knowledge of a footballer with the questions of a journalist. Now at our level, and in pre-season, we're not going to get that, but it's something to dream of. I think if they want to have a players discuss the game amongst themselves, then it would be better as a piece of post-match content where they break down what they tried to do in game. Generally through, the club produced stuff has improved so far this season, as it has every season for the past few years. I hope they invest in it even more.
  5. And as for getting O'Dowda to interview Williams...I mean what was that all about?
  6. Maybe a question for Gregor to ask Pearson post match?
  7. On a slightly different note, I think I'm right that Palmer's contract runs to June 2023. So next season would be the last year of that contract if not extended. He'll be 25 next summer and so I'd expect, if he has a blinder of a season, that he'd potentially be the big payday for the club in next summer's window? Say he gets 10 goals and 10 assists, he's 25, one year on the contract, ex-Chelsea academy, probably had a couple of Jamaica call ups if his season goes like that. It's hard to say exactly what we could be looking at there - £8m? £10m? More?
  8. I'm concerned if Palmer is the guy we are looking to be the "Key Man" this season. My opinion is that there is clearly a talented footballer in him. He's undoubtedly skillful, and he has certain very desirable attributes - the ability to see a pass through defence, good feet, a bit of 'swagger' - that very few players at this level have. However, he has effectively 'signed' for us three times already - once on loan, once when that was made permanent, and once when he returned from Swansea. Each time we have been told how great he is, how he might provide that little spark, how he might be the guy to build the team around. Every time he has shown flashes of his potential, but ultimately flattered to deceive. I'm sorry, but the stats that @Davefevs posted above just aren't good enough for a forward player that purports to be as good as we are told Palmer is. For whatever reason, he's not delivered. Now, on a more positive note - he is still relatively young at 24, and yes looking at the stats he has not really played an entire season since joining us. So, it's my opinion that this is his 4th and final chance with us. I don't think Pearson will be sentimental with him, and I think if he gets a sense that Palmer isn't playing for the team, or lets his fitness or effort drop off, then he'll be swiftly dropped to the bench or out of the match day squad. My sense is that Pearson is going to be predominately using 3 of Nagy, James, King, Palmer and Bakinson in midfield - plus Williams if fit. So I think Palmer will get his chance, but I'll be surprised if he plays more than 30 games in the league. As ever I hope that this is the time that he comes into his own and hits double figures for goals and assists...but my money is staying firmly in my pocket.
  9. Basically yes. In 2003 the ECB invented T20. However, they did not properly protect it and so when it became successful other country's cricket boards copied it, and made their own tournaments (such as the IPL and Big Bash). Because the ECB had not protected the format these new leagues didn't have to license it - ie they didn't have to pay the ECB a penny to use this new format. The ECB are obviously very angry about this, and so have invented an even newer, shorter, bouncier, and louder form of cricket. This time it is protected to the hilt and if India want to have a "Hundred" league, then the ECB will be getting a slice of the pie this time, and they'll control it all as well. It's on the BBC because in 2017 the ECB sold the BBC the rights to broadcast a "new T20" competition (https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/jun/30/live-cricket-return-bbc-twenty20-tournament). The BBC didn't buy the Hundred, they bought a T20 competition, and the ECB then changed the product. It's honestly all just a vehicle to market crisps, and for the ECB to try and wrestle money, power, and control away from the counties and away from India and Australia. It's also a great advert for crisps. I'm not watching, there's no team in the South West to support. I've also stopped listening to Tailenders as they (as a BBC program) were plugging it incessantly and not even pretending that there might be an alternative view to that of "the Hundred is bloody brilliant isn't it". Read this and see what you think https://www.thefulltoss.com/england-cricket-blog/love-minus-a-hundred/
  10. Because in order to develop one striker, you need to have 10 other players of his age group, plus subs if he is to play any kind of competitive game at youth level. Then you need at least enough others to provide opposition in training. So to develop your stable of strikers we would need to have 30 or so other young lads in each age group. Naturally one or two of those will show enough promise in his own position to warrant first team football, and then a sale, of his own. Players do not play in isolation, and they are not developed in isolation.
  11. Thanks. Some pretty interesting questions there that require a reasonable level of knowledge around corporate governance, share capital and the like. Then an odd final page about sexuality and gender which seems less than relevant to the first lot of questions about a regulatory body. But still, done. Hopefully it's more than lip-service.
  12. We had a discussion last week on the forum about colourblind friendly sport. This. This is really, really not it. In fact it's possibly the best way to make a TV show about as unwelcoming to the colourblind as you can. As if this Hundred muck couldn't get any worse.
  13. I will agree with that.
  14. A blanket statement. More particularly though, who would you trust more to tell you the truth about Bristol City? A) A club employee who is paid to make and produce club-published media content, and is in effect interviewing their colleague; or B) An independent journalist who works for a non-club affiliated paper and who complies with the Independent Press Standards Organisation Editor's Code of Practice. Someone's going to publish news and conduct interviews regarding the club. I know who I want to be reading.
  15. I don't know Gregor personally at all, nor do I have any interest in his own success. But I'll play devil's advocate for him. He covers a fairly unremarkable football club competing in the second division. How is he supposed to produce Pulitzer-winning material when that is his source and remit? I will concede that he possibly labours the point re absent players a little, but honestly look at the interest on here re the whereabouts of someone like Williams, or generally the amount of thoughts and opinions that have been posted about the injury crisis last season. The club "journalists" never ask about that. Perhaps "warning" is too strong a word. Maybe "letter of note" is more apt? Suspect Gregor would argue that it's Pearson that has caused the rift by refusing to do what is customary and answer a couple of questions after a pre-season match. I agree with @Merrick's Marvels that Gregor should stand up to Pearson when his questions are shrugged off. He was denied the opportunity to do that post-Portsmouth so he's used his platform to do it instead. FWIW the bit about Pearson 'hitting out' at club media is presumably based on comments in a question and answer session with journalism students at Leicester’s De Montfort University. Source here https://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/sport/19082535.former-watford-head-coach-nigel-pearson-hits-club-controlled-journalism/ "If I’m doing a press conference or any interviews, I know the ground rules: I’ve got a job to do and so have you," said Pearson. I’ve sat in some press conferences and been grilled by very tenacious, well-prepped, well-read journalists who know their stuff. If all we get is journalism from the perspective of the football club, we’re moving towards a dictatorial state and that’s not what we are. If we don’t have [independent journalism] we may as well not bother, we may as well live in a Communist state where we’re taught not to think." Now you can fairly argue that if Gregor reads that properly he will perhaps double down on his preparation, and think of a few more questions other than "Where is Joe Williams?" However, I'd also say that this suggests that if that happens then I'm sure it'll all blow over and Pearson will no doubt wetting himself with excitement for the pre-Blackpool press conference.
  16. It is a warning, but I think it's one directed to the club rather than Pearson personally. Honestly, whatever people's opinion on Gregor's journalistic standards, I'd like to have Pearson answering his questions as well as those posed by renowned investigative journalist and Bristol City employee Ian "Downsy" Downs.
  17. @REDOXO I hope you don't mind but I have copied the text in question as I think Gregor explains his issue quite well. If Nigel only does in-house media then the club control the narrative completely. We all heard the sycophantic commentary on RobinsTV last season, and a lack of third-party media coverage only serves to allow the club to put out more items in that vein. Gregor's argument is as follows: "No show Nigel and Francois steals it Pearson chose not to do any independent media after the game, speaking only briefly to the club's own media channels instead. It was a disappointing decision from someone who only months ago 'hit out' at club-controlled media, arguing the merits of non-club questioning. Of course, this is only pre-season, to keep things in perspective, and a one-off disappearing act is no big deal, with the manager promising to speak on Saturday after the MK Dons game. It was however the first time in the almost five years of this reporter's time covering the club that a manager has refused to speak to the press or radio after a pre-season game. To explain the difference, Robins TV front-man Ian Downs asked few questions on the many missing players on Tuesday, in a post-match chat with Pearson on the club channels. There were no mentions of Ryley Towler, Alex Scott, Joe Williams, Callum O'Dowda, Han-Noah Massengo, Sam Bell and James Morton, who were when not involved in this encounter, but with plenty of fans eager to know of their whereabouts. Also why Nathan Baker departed the match at the 45-minute mark: pre-planned or injury-related? Pearson has had an at-times strained relationship with the media across his career and here's hoping all round that this was just a blip. The former Leicester City boss may have had his own reasons for passing up the chance to speak, though nothing was conveyed. There is no need to speak on every occasion, certainly, though the manager has been little available over the last months bar for club interviews. At a time when scrutiny, transparency and local journalism is much needed, it was a worrying sign and something we hope is buried into insignificance all too quickly. Supporters always deserve answers, given the club is built upon their passion and means. In stark contrast Danny Cowley was generous with his time speaking to the media following the match. The former Huddersfield Town boss explained that young winger Marlee Francois - another key facet of the game that Pearson wasn't asked about - was offered to Pompey to use as they didn't have enough players to complete the match. The have-nots coming up trumps, as Francois netted a late equaliser against his own club."
  18. Pearson can be a grumpy cantankerous old bloke and it's pretty clear he has a general disdain for the media. He begrudgingly does internal club stuff but seems to detest the third party stuff. He's basically made Gregor's job hard. But yeh Gregor's taken the opportunity there to make the case for his role.
  19. To be fair, when you've won Bristol City's player of the season award at the age of 19...what else is there to do but weep salt tears?
  20. He's just a properly sized human being. I'm pretty sure he's a distant relation of mine as his unusually spelled surname is my mum's maiden name, and the family have been in the Bristol/Bath area for decades. We're all tall as well.
  21. @REDOXO and I were discussing this in the Celtic game. It seems they are not included.
  22. For league games and early cup games I agree people should wear what they like, and what they feel comfortable in. But surely a cup final demands at least a lounge suit, and maybe even a full three piece if it's a big tournament.
  23. No worries. Always happy to answer questions on this subject.
  24. My parents got a set from the states to try out on patients. I was the Guinea pig. Honestly it was an absolute sensory overload. Stuff was really vivid, very bright, there was green bloody everywhere I tried them for a day and decided I was happy in my muted world, even if I do wear purple every now and then, and sometimes struggle with the odd football kit.
  25. Awful. The Birmingham kit I remember being particularly terrible. On 5 a side kits you have my sympathy. My old team decided we'd play in purple. Obviously at least two other teams in the league used blue...so yeh those games went as well for me as you can imagine. It's 1 in 12 blokes. So that's almost an average of 1 player in each team. It's a big number of people. It's not on the level of some disabilities, of course it isn't, but it does affect players. As I posted above, there's already extensive guidance on how to make kits accessible. Honestly, my view is that with most teams having three kits, you should always be able to get a combination that satisfies everyone. But that relies on clubs, and officials to make intelligent choices when deciding which kits to wear for a particular fixture. If those clubs that traditionally wear green (the article says only Sassuolo in Serie A) are happy to have a white, blue, or otherwise drastically different away kit then great, when they play a team in red they need to remember to bring the white kit, and put the green to one side for a game. The Birmingham game last season is a great example. Why didn't they wear their blue kit when they played us? Why that green one? As I say, there's FIFA/UEFA guidance on this already, it just needs to be read and implemented.
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