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  1. I guess right at this moment this is probably the case. I guess I, and presumably the coaching staff, are hoping Tanner gets up to speed nice and quickly though. I don't Vyner is the right player to be our no.1 RB - even if that is currently his role. Very true, a better way of saying what I as trying to get at.
  2. Welcome to the club. Given the age I guess he'll need to prove himself a bit - I'd be surprised if he's the starting RB against Preston. Good to have a dedicated right-sided player in their twenties though, as I think Vyner has gone on record saying he'd prefer/thinks of himself as a CB rather than a RB. Presumably Vyner is now RB/CB cover, with Tanner and Simpson contesting/being rotated in the RB starting spot. Quite a balanced defence now really. RB - Simpson, Tanner, Vyner CB - Atkinson, Kalas, Baker, Vyner, Cundy, Towler LB - Dasilva, Pring, Baker Two 'specialists' in both full back positions, plus CBs that can play there if tactics demand it (as we saw on Saturday). Then 3 first choice CBs to cover 2 positions, plus 3 others who could play there in a pinch or if injuries happen. Feels like the right amount of personnel to cover that area of the squad.
  3. He's got to spend that goal bonus on something. Honestly though, he looks like he's having a lovely time. Assisting and scoring goals on the pitch, and posting some enviable vistas on Instagram off it. The highlights from last night are a great watch for him. he's showing all of that fox in the box style he had when with us. A great pass for Roma's second at 1:10, and then his own sweet first time strike finds the net at 1:40 for their third. He honestly looks like he's been part of that team for years. See above.
  4. I've looked it up to refresh my memory. I've checked a few sources, including our own OS. All I can see is that we were elected from non-league into the second division in 1901. We then played there for a few seasons and earned promotion. I know that election/re-election was common place in the late 1800's and early 1900's. However, I can't see any mention of us ever being elected to the first division "around the same time Arsenal were." I don't see how that's comparable to a club being relegated, and then being elected for promotion when there were several other, possibly more deserving candidates. I also can't see anything suggesting any kind of impropriety surrounding our election in 1901, but there's plenty of rumour and suggestion of such around Arsenal in 1919. Arsenal's own website acknowledges that. If you can show me sources that say otherwise then I'll happily read them, I'm happy to have an adult discussion about the history of football in England. However, as you don't care I assume you won't reply.
  5. What is it in our history that is comparable to what Arsenal did in 1913 - 19?
  6. Nah, what you should have said was that it was The Woolwich Arsenal that got relegated in 1912/13, following voluntary liquidation in 1910 and a takeover by Henry Norris. Then, in the summer of 1913 they upped sticks and moved their franchise away from Woolwich and into the more affluent area of Highbury, which was an area at that time in the catchment area for Tottenham Hotspur. This move was almost solely motivated by money and finances, and they simultaneously dropped the "Woolwich" from their name and became simply "Arsenal". In 1919, after WW1 ended, Arsenal, having finished 6th (later revised to 5th) in the 1914/15 season then managed to negotiate/bribe/cajol their way back into the First Division in the election held to expand that division out to 22 teams. This election was at the expense of Spurs, who had finished bottom of the First Division in 1914/15, but expected that tradition would endure and they would be elected to remain as one of the 2 new teams. Norris saw to it that Arsenal instead replaced them. As an aside, Chelsea were also due to be relegated, having finished 19th in 1914/15, but they were reprieved as they had been the victim of match fixing by Man Utd and Liverpool. Arsenal are therefore not only the longest enduring too flight team, but they are also the only team to have been promoted not by sporting merit, but by dubious electoral methods. What a lovely, famous, truly noble history.
  7. Hang on. Are you saying that unless you or your immediate kin were alive then something didn't happen? Is the Titanic still afloat as well?
  8. They literally got relegated in 1912/13.
  9. I'm loathe to get involved here, but as it was me that resurrected the thread I feel some responsibility. Basically I can't believe how hung up you are on one incident. Every goalie makes errors. Yesterday Ederson knocked the ball back across his goal, almost gifting Arsenal a goal. He got away with that - but a couple of inches another way and he's cost his team. Is he to be pilloried for that? No. You can mention it, but he's a top goalkeeper. Bentley is the same at our level. No goalie is perfect, just as no other player is perfect. All you can hope for is to have as consistently competent a keeper as you can get for the level you're at. Right now I struggle to see how we could reasonably improve on Bentley. One small error - that ultimately didn't actually cost us - doesn't change that.
  10. Just came here to say exactly this. I hadn't appreciated that backheel pass at the time. It's brilliant.
  11. And rather grubbily got themselves elected back into the 1st Division when the division was expanded after WW1. At the expense of Tottenham being relegated in 1919. Mucky history that club, the original franchise, and then Norris' political wrangling as the dust settled after the war.
  12. Perhaps, but honestly I don't know who we could get who would be better at our level. You can look at his statistics yourself but basically he's a top 6 goalkeeper in the Championship. He's not the best in the division, and he's probably not the best goalie we've ever had, but he's right up there. For example, last season, in that god awful team, he faced the most shots of any keeper in the Championship - 174. He save 117 of those, and that gave him the 4th highest number of saves in the division. Of course, he did concede the most goals - 62 - but I'll repeat, he faced the most shots of any keeper, and had a defence made of paper in front of him. Goalkeepers will always make errors, and invariably those errors will be memorable and will often result in conceding a goal. But all do it. Personally I'm delighted to have Bentley supported by O'Leary. Goalie is one position where we have an excellent first choice, plus an able deputy. I'd say top 3 is generous, although maybe now that Begovic has gone back to the Prem he might be a bit higher up the ladder. He's definitely a keeper good enough for a top 6 team.
  13. He was ace today. Great little four letter word when we conceded, and absolutely did not hide the fact that the handbags are actually exactly what everyone wants to see. He was open and honest and was good on comms. As for this...honestly, whilst today's win was a great result and performances have improved over last season, I can't see us challenging the top 6, Williams or no Williams. We scored two good goals, but we're still pretty shot shy - only took 9 today. I think these first 5 games could well be the pattern we see. A bit of luck for us, a bit against, 2 wins, 2 losses and a draw 7 scored, 7 conceded and we trundle along to mid-table. Personally, and I'm aware this might "lack ambition" or be "small-club mentality", I think that going from relegation fodder to a competent Championship side in under a year is enough. If you remember where we were when Pearson took over, or where we were when last season ended, then to be in a position where we can take 7 points from 15...that's pretty good actually. Next season though...just maybe.
  14. Don't think it needs a new thread but I really like this interview from the keeper today. He had an up and down game, was unlucky with the OG, but got a bit of fortune the other way with his teammates clearing off the line. Made a few regulation saves as well. I thought in general he had a very solid outing today. And belated congratulations to him on his newborn daughter.
  15. Shot map from today. What do you think? Honestly my folder of "Things you love to see" is absolutely overflowing after this morning's football.
  16. Interesting. Presumably ignoring a team like Salford who I assume we've never played competitively (if at all).
  17. When does the current one run out? 2022 or 23? I really hope it's an absolute piledriver from 30 yards.
  18. He's filled out both physically, and I also think mentally. Seems to have a confidence about him that he didn't have before. Weimann got the goals today but I thought HNM had a decent argument for MOTM.
  19. Weimann will get the headlines and probably MOTM, but I have to say I think Massengo, Baker, and Pring were exceptional today.
  20. FIVE! Five minutes of ET! Where the hell has that come from?
  21. That was class from JD in the corner.
  22. Bents with another save. You must be nearing the armpit now.
  23. JD coming on. Pring off and 5 at the back?
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