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  1. New episode went out last night. 4 year anniversary of our shambolic first episode today. Mad mad mad waste of my youth! Listen here: http://linktr.ee/osibpodcast
  2. A new episode of OSIB is now out, Harry and Rob join me to discuss Pboro. LISTEN HERE
  3. No idea why. Have messaged the admins of the hosting system.
  4. I have peaks and troughs when it comes to OSIB energy. Right now I don’t have a super amount of energy for it.
  5. Shtanley


    New episode of OSIB is out, god losses were so much more easier to talk about when you had Johnsonisms. LISTEN HERE
  6. Of OSIB is out. Always keen to hear thoughts. LISTEN
  7. Was the overriding feeling for me after last night's game. We discuss it on OSIB. Me, Pete and Rob. http://linktr.ee/osibpodcast
  8. Is the overall point discussed on this week's episode of OSIB. Me and David Lloyd. Listen here
  9. Get Dasilva back in the team, would take off the pressure on Vyner to get forward.
  10. Ah shit, sorry about that Rob!
  11. Yes. Honestly couldn't be bothered, although I'm off work atm I don't have the energy/time to listen through the entire episode. People seem to like the rawness, fewer edits and that.
  12. Re: swearing, the bleeps have gone. Which is why it’s noticeable. My dad used to say “you don’t need to swear, be more imaginative”. What a bastard.
  13. To One Stream in Bristol. Him, me and Pete all discuss the Cardiff win. Just how good are Weimann and Martin as a duo? How much improvement have we seen in Massengo? LISTEN HERE
  14. David Lloyd and original OSIButor Joe join me to discuss the defeat to Swansea. My voice is struggling, apologies! LISTEN HERE
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