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  1. Cheers for all your lully comments x
  2. On King Street. After Brooker repeatedly used a racial epithet in conversation and ignore Lita's request to stop.
  3. Hello OTIB, Me and @petehintoninterviewed Keith Millen for One Stream in Bristol this week. It's out now! Keith talks Steve Coppell's infamous era, getting punched by a player, David James' pet hate and Peter Styvar. As well as his love for the club. Listen here
  4. I like Owura. Proper livewire. Got the pace and trickery to go far, if he gets an end product.
  5. Is the main talking point of the last "normal" OSIB of the season. Gregor MacGregor and Pete join me to discuss it. Was Walsh and Diedhiou leaving inevitable? Who loves Tommy Rowe's thighs? LISTEN HERE
  6. If we sell both Janneh AND Semenyo I'd be slightly disappointed.
  7. 5m in the summer would be worth a hell of a lot considering the lack of income and the market. Yes he could easily be worth double that in 12 months time but then that 10m isn't as useful as the 3-5m would be now. Long story short I am clueless as to what to do.
  8. The first decent right back since Orr and he gets whacked by the bloke he’s replacing. I did laugh when I first found out. Not laughing now.
  9. The last time I have to talk about a shite City performance for a little while. I'm joined by Rob and Pete to talk through the season finale of OSIB. Thank god that's over. I hope we all enjoyed the collective sigh of relief that the final whistle brought. What did we make of the award winners? How good is Andy Rolls at gardening? We'll have an episode next week reviewing the season. Listen here
  10. Who was that bloke on the city bench in the suit?
  11. My sister burst into tears when basso wrote “Jesus loves you” in big letters on the shirt she was collecting signatures on.
  12. My god OSIB is a chore, genuinely excited for the season to end. I'm joined by Gregor and Dave to ignore the Millwall result as much as possible. We manage to find three silver linings from yet another dark City cloud. Will we win anything with kids? How good does Alex Scott look? Should OSIB find a new host? Why is Dave trying to be positive? LISTEN HERE
  13. You’re not wrong. Id have rather seen him playing ahead of Massengo and Lansbury than “next” to Palmer ahead of Massengo. Palmer didn’t deserve to be subbed tho. Then it became him behind Palmer and Nagy, next to HNM. Why Nagy was playing further ahead of him I do not know. Maybe they just wanted to see Scott on the ball as much as possible.
  14. Wont be 18 til next season has started. Mad one. He’s a 10, should be playing further forward than he did today.
  15. Is how I'd describe the most recent episode of OSIB. My god it's a chore when City are playing badly. Which has been for a little while... Thank you for sticking with OSIB despite the woeful ineptitude of City! LISTEN HERE
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