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  1. Cheers for all your lovely comments chaps
  2. Hey all! We just uploaded our lengthy chat with ex-City midfielder David Noble. He tells some great stories and reminisces about his iconic moments at Ashton Gate with us. As always keen to hear people's thoughts and I love it when a discussion about the podcast gets going on here. We're always keen for the podcast to reflect the mood/opinions of the listeners!
  3. I agree re Semenyo, I personally believe he'll come good. I'm just reminding everyone of my adoration for him, I think they're laughing at the overzealous nature of my love rather than Semenyo himself. Next time anyone laughs I will 100% say to stop taking the piss though, you can be assured of that!
  4. They’re the most fun to do for sure
  5. The final episode of the season is now out. Dave and Pete join me to close the OSIB chapter about this season. As always keen to hear peoples thoughts on the episode, we want it to reflect the thoughts and opinions of the listeners of course! Got a good A Cider With lined up for next week. Thanks for all your comments and feedback recently!
  6. Owura Edwards is very highly rated, would've had a league loan without his injury.
  7. Is seemingly the debate that arises on episode #105 of One Stream in Bristol. Jamie seems to almost advocate for uncertainty rather than the clear favourite in Hughton. Is a promotion a bit like a wedding? Was Rob Fernandes robbed of a Supporter of the Year award? As always keen to hear people's thoughts on the podcast, what you like and didn't like. We will be doing a season review episode on the weekend and have a few "A Cider With"s lined up.
  8. Episode #104 of the One Stream in Bristol podcast is now out. Me and Pete discuss the loss to Swansea and some of the recent managerial rumours. Can you give the podcast a review if you're listening on Apple Podcasts? As always keen to hear what people liked and didn't like about the episode! Listen/Follow
  9. Is the accusation from Rob and Dave to me on the latest episode of OSIB. #103. Have my appearances on robinstv gone to my head? As always am keen to hear people's thoughts on the podcast episode, what you like and didn't like! Listen/Follow
  10. If my grandmother had wheels she would’ve been a bike.
  11. He was good, his ball retention and close control is outstanding. His shooting and final ball ain't' the best though.
  12. They'll make a film about Semenyo ~100 years after too
  13. We didn't lose a single game that he started this season. He's a talented kid, he'll come good eventually I think.
  14. Thomas Frank at Brentford? Easier for them though as they have a distinct style and method of Recruiting.
  15. Of OSIB is now out. Exiled robin (Paul) and Rob (Olé) join me to discuss yesterday’s win. As always keen to hear people’s thoughts and hoping that you’re still sharing the pod with your pals! https://linktr.ee/osibpodcast
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