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  1. Is it right that Cardiff lot were actually fighting amongst themselves in the Atyeo? I couldn't see anything. Sorry if it's been mentioned already on here.
  2. You'd have to be a complete brunt to buy that.
  3. God no. Definitely no malice at all. Three Degrees were a great act and the three footballers were a great trio. Cyril and Laurie in particular were brilliant.
  4. They have been saying for years now that they are coming for us! I'm afraid it was true after all as they unveil their new stand, executive seating and floodlights at the Mem. #ourdaysournumbered
  5. Absolutely! The Three Degrees were brilliant players. Wouldn't be able to call them that these days though.
  6. Corrrr that kit is beautiful !! I saw him play at home v WBA and we won 1:0. WBA were top at that point I seem to remember. A long time ago but I recall he played well that night and there were 30k in attendance (may have that wrong as it was so long ago).
  7. I'm not sure they warrant our gratitude or the club's gratitude for that matter. Other way around perhaps? I wouldn't boo either of them. I can't help but still have a lot of time for Joe as he obviously still really loves the club. Bobby p!ssed me off tapping his head thing when he joined that lot across the river. I think Flint and Pack did the same. Still wouldn't boo those two either.
  8. Not really. I think Parkside (Park & Ride) was more synonymous with grab a granny. I would say the Mauritania was more like very keen females of assorted ages. An eclectic mix if you will.
  9. It was a bit chaotic but I don't remember much in the way of trouble. My main endearing memories were of very friendly females. I will leave it there I think.
  10. Which is a bit ironic as the Mauretania should have been called OMG. Oh the days. All inclusive Thursdays.
  11. I'm sure it was Cop 26 that whacked me over the head outside the train station in Cardiff after the Play Off versus Brighton.
  12. Ahh yes that's right. I was starting to doubt myself. One of the songs went ......... 'With a packets of sweets and a cheeky smile Cureton is a paedophile'.
  13. I'm sure some of the abuse related to the alleged incident / incidents with a very young girl related to Hollowhead.
  14. Bit of a tedious reply but heyho have a great New Year!
  15. Yes and yes. As a coach I was invited to observe at St George’s. As I said just a standard coach in my opinion. Loads just like him at all levels. Nothing special but good luck to him.
  16. My old man used to say punch them in the snout as hard as you can and they won't try it again. He's a nutter though so probably not great advice!
  17. Lets calm down everyone. It's Christmas and we've all had a drink! Well, I have anyway!
  18. Exactly. KD seems a nice enough chap but thank god he is no longer here. Nothing against him but just another run of the mill qualified coach.
  19. Oh yea, I forgot about Ryan F@cking Lowe. The all conquering one. Will soon find out how good or otherwise he actually is.
  20. None of this makes any sense at all. Sorry, I'm not trying to be awkward. I just don't get it.
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