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  1. Do we have one of those? When He was in central midfield during lockdown before injury he was outstanding IMO
  2. Posted about this previously Patterson is a far far better player than Palmer and “proven” at this level. Unfortunately he is proving me right at Swansea, a side Palmer was also benched for throughout a loan period
  3. The inconsistent tag (circulated reputations from people who love to label) is a frustrating one for me to read, was always a threat very intelligent footballer and performed very well for us under Holden deserving of a new deal. Would much rather have him as an option than not
  4. Stinks of over reaction this thread but he is probably the least threatening winger I have ever watched. Best position is central for sure in a midfield 3
  5. Curse has nothing to do with it ambition does though
  6. It’s not it’s risk and reward we are looking to play with the big boys, Bristol should have Premiership football this inferiority complex is comparable to our national team we should have won multiple World cups and Euros we don’t demand it
  7. The question we should be asking is how Bournemouth have that team on the pitch yet we’re are told we have the billionaire owner??? Football is about gambling and glory Lansdown twist or leave
  8. The fact that a player that has not yet scored 15-20 league goals in a single season before …can; if backed and played in the position that will make it realistic. I think he could
  9. I disagree I think he has always looked dangerous when given a run up front, deceptively good in the air witnessed a few goals from corners and his composure is also great goal against Derby away sticks in my memory not forgetting the Hat Trick at Sheffield United. He is capable I think.
  10. Top player at this level and long over due a 20 goal season, worse players at this level have done so in the past. Aaron Wilbraham took years to finally reach that milestone hopefully this can be a similar season for him.
  11. I think its great, all media is good media. They are playing Paulton again on Saturday you will now have all of the inbreds from that area heading up there to have a go, I will be going for the show. Manor Farm may get a sell out
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