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  1. I found myself intrigued to check the odds for an unlikely Bristol City promotion in the coming season expecting to see us unfancied and get some strong odds for a big return. Annoyingly bet 365 have us placed unusually as on for a top 6 finish and 9-1 for promotion…. based on the fact we finished poorly last season and finished way below mid table, released 11 senior plays and signed virtually no players of any significance…. How do they come to that conclusion baffled
  2. Exactly he was Chelsea’s top scorer with 15 Premiership goals in Lampards last season and Joint top scorer overall this year despite not featuring in the League since December I swear some people just invent stuff in there head he isn’t playing because the German mafia is in town and Werner is being favoured His next move to Villa or West Ham will see him take off again
  3. Ok sorry for any offense I may have caused on here for trying to rally an atmospheric venue for groups of friends to gather and enjoy, the majority of venues have no music licenses and a dead vibe before kick off. I was of the thinking someone commercially within the club may have read the suggestion and taken consideration on it should enough people been positive. Thanks to those who provided the example of Plymouth Argyle who have been doing exactly the same as I have suggested proving wrong those who have in a very aggressive way tried to portray the suggestion as idiotic in this thread. You obviously have a very unhappy home life and are venting I forgive you. My intention was not too get in to a war of words with anyone.
  4. Thanks for this mate gives me great pleasure proving smart ass idiots wrong
  5. Another one have I offended you ? exactly…
  6. God you people are abit knobish aren’t you , are you this funny in person?
  7. That wasn’t my point, the point was if we can open up for those events then surley could for the football, there wasn’t a pandemic in the World Cup was there but we had to make due with a car park….. but your opportunist passive aggressiveness is appreciated
  8. Finding it very hard to find any decent locations to watch the Euros over this tournament. Now covid restrictions are becoming more relaxed is there any hope the club may consider opening the stadium to show the game to fans in the stand on or on the pitch via the 2 massive underused monitors in the ground? I seem to remember city doing similar for Johnstone paint semi finals against Rovers and Play off games against Cardiff back in the day, why would they not consider it for the first England major final since 1966 Fans in Bristol need somewhere atmospheric to experience this game! I think pressure must be applied on the club to accommodate this it’s been no where near the same atmosphere at the majority of games this tournament, something special required and our club has the means to achieve this IMO !!! Sort it Lansdown please Seating on the pitch with a big tv socially distanced If you can hold these types of events for Elton John and the Spice Girls then ffs we should expect it for HUGE football matches!!!!
  9. Hi guys me and my pals are going away to Newcastle for a Stag in July but have never been before, can anyone suggest any decent bars to watch the football in as we should be there for the quarter final assuming England get there and are having a hard time finding places in the centre that are not fully booked already!! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. Baker, Patterson , Hunt ,Dedhiou mainly. I didn’t see much wrong with Hunt another scapegoat a massive upgrade on what I have seen in recent seasons before him in that position
  11. REF-Bristol City have taken a major step back in the hope Nigel Pearson can lead them forward - James Piercy - Bristol Live (bristolpost.co.uk) Starting to get concerned with the fact that Pearson released players who were good enough to compete and hold a top 6 league position for years (Never finish in the top 6 granted, but we were in the mix for 30 games atleast each year) with no replacements. What did he expect to sign E.G Coppell ? Did we underestimate Lee Johnsons salesmanship? I think so, (Abraham, Elliason, Dasilva, Patterson) Will he jump ship early? The article is suggestively concerning.
  12. Not much loyalties in number 2s in modern football most recent example at Birmingham, also Shakespeare sticking around with Raneri and then getting the job when he left in what other universe could Craig "no mark" Shakespeare of managed Leicester in a Champions League quarter final if he wasnt a sneaky opportunistic number 2 ...Dean Holden any one
  13. Not his team at that point... His team made a league cup semi final and finished 3 points off the playoffs having been made to sell his best striker so ... Abit of credit is due he ultimately failed but where the hatred lies I struggle to see. Profit made: Kodjia (who was only on 11 goals before Johnson arrived so I credit him in this sale ) £15 million Freeman I would image £500,000 to a million plus a sell on fee in his move to Sheffield Aden Flint £7 million Joe Bryan £6 million Bobby Reid £10 million Adam Webster £20 million Lloyd Kelly £12 million Luke Ayling £500,000- £1million Josh Brownhill £9 million There is probably more players which he developed in his time which have earned a big profit. Did he reinvest correctly: Jay Dasilva will leave here for big money one day Kasey Palmer yet to see if Pearson can do anything with him but potentially and Johnson got him here. Kalas will turn out to be a good buy. Dedhiou was a good buy so unfair to judge him in that way. he was asked to rebuild to core of his starting 11 each year and did more than a fine job making us a top 10 championship team before leaving. I find the criticism short sighted and frankly stupid
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