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  1. I hope this works out, as long as the creditors and, most importantly, HMRC, get paid in full. Anything else is completely unacceptable and opens the floodgates to more Mel Morris’s. On the current situation that the country is in there will be an utter outcry if the Government is seen to be helping fund a football club - and rightly so.
  2. ScottishRed


    Bumped into him at Heathrow few years after he retired. Had time for everyone who approached him, happy for pictures and conversation.
  3. I think that is a fair comment. Both Ronaldo and Messi could easily have retired and enjoyed their success and wealth. But they are both very driven individuals, which, is questionable with Bale.
  4. Agreed. Scott has great potential and will have a very very good career as long as he avoids the usual pitfalls. Foden is however, different gravy and, potential pitfalls avoided ( just like Scott), will become one of the best players in the world IMHO. Which makes it strange that Pep can see this but Gareth Southgate can’t. If I was the England HC, Foden and Grealish start every game if available. (Sorry to be clear, by usual pitfalls I mean mainly injury, but also too much too young syndrome).
  5. @Mr Popodopolous If any sweetheart deal has or will be done with HMRC there will be hell to pay in the country generally and not just amongst supporters of other clubs. IF, a deal in done I would be saying to SL for example, fill your boots and don’t bother paying the taxman you will get away with it as a precedent has been set. Also, ANY, political party that gets involved in this and tries to influence are utterly insane. For me time is up - liquidate them.
  6. That is wrong on every level. No political party should get involved in a situation like this. They are grasping at straws.
  7. In my opinion LJ is a good coach, he just isn’t a manager. What really ground my gears is the utter buxxshxt he spoke. But, I think he is a nice bloke. He has a real challenge at Hibs, the relatively new owner has already disposed of 2 managers / HC’s - Shaun Maloney after only 4 months! But, he has incredibly got a 4 year deal, so they must believe in him and financially LJ is in the pound seats.
  8. Agree 100%. Listening his post match interviews on BBC RB after we had lost, I sometimes felt he had imposter syndrome. I still think that is possible. I believe he is quite a complex character and he would be fascinating to have a couple of pints with.
  9. However, Johnson believes he will "need three of four windows" to shape a squad in his own image after signings were made by two sacked managers - Jack Ross and Shaun Maloney - during last From BBC Football Scottish football - now, where have I heard that before.........
  10. Agreed. Put the top 6 or 7 into the Championship and apart from the bigot brothers the rest would truly struggle. I would see the bigot brothers troubling the top six but not the auto places. Even with their huge season ticket numbers they could not compete with the parachute payment clubs. Interestingly, put them in the EPL and all the wealth that goes with it, which would fund a huge player upgrade and they would probably survive and eventually thrive. Obviously never going to happen and nor should it.
  11. Just read it. He is right Scottish football is very much a goldfish bowl, but to suggest that the top 6 or 7 in the SPL would thrive in the Championship is utter nonsense. As I mentioned when he got the Hibs job he is going to be comedy gold up their with the media with every word scrutinized by fans of all clubs. The reality is that Hibs and Hearts are the 3/4 th biggest clubs in Scotland but in reality their fans don’t expect a real league challenge for obvious reasons BUT they do expect to be 3rd or 4th in the league,decent cup runs and European qualification - that is his challenge.
  12. Which is all fair comment. But maybe the managers in charge then were even worse than Southgate OR, did not have the full breadth of talent available that, nobody argues, he certainly does.
  13. Problem is, and again, in no way anti-England, at the last WC it was a relatively easy run until the semi’ s then along come Croatia, go one up then what happens? Sit on a lead. The Euros, similar story, relatively easy ride, OK Germany, but a team in decline, get to the final, go 1-0 then sit on that with the inevitable end result. Will Quatar be any different? Probably not. Southgate is way way too negative but, he is a ‘company man’, he will survive, if he wants to, regardless of the WC result. Apparently, at some point, he wants to get back into club football. Which top level side would touch him? Been lots of vacancies at that level since he took over England and he is never ever mentioned as a candidate. Take from that what you will.
  14. As I have stated previously I am NOT an anti-English Scot, but under this manager you will win nothing, which with the talent at his disposal is shameful. As I said last summer after the defeat to Italy, to go 1-0 early on and then sit back was madness, he is way to negative and frightened of losing. I fear another lost opportunity at this years WC. And, I take no joy in that.
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