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  1. Fair and balanced post. The thing that really gets on my nerves is the knee- jerk reaction when we lose playing not that great is the NP out posters. Apart from the fact that he has inherited a sxxt show and our FFP constraints, the question that I ask but have yet to have an answer to is ‘ and replace him with who exactly?’. NP is a highly experienced football manager and it looks to me, but I am not ITK, that the owner has given him TOTAL control of the football side of the club. I think in time he will get us where we want to be but, it will take time.........AND patience - a quality sadly lacking with some on here.
  2. So, given ALL the circumstances, and this is a serious question, if you were SL, what would you do? Seriously would like to hear your thoughts. Suspect I won’t get an answer as I never do when I ask @Hampshire Redor @Hampshire reds
  3. As I am sure you understand Joe, loans actually cost money - there is firstly the loan fee, which for a young EPL player could be around £1m for the season. Then you have to pick up a % , or maybe all, of their wages. Some , if not all , of these guys are on serious money, Tammy for example, when he was here, was on £25k a week at Chelsea - I have no idea how much of that we paid but I guess a fair amount. Oh, one more thing, we are broke thanks to Swiss Tony and LJ, so none of that is possible nowadays.
  4. On what planet do you think Max could become a ‘steady Eddie’ keeper? He scares me to death, there is no way that he is going to become a regular starter in the Champioship for us or anyone other side. So many on this thread saying sell Bentley - we may have to or he may want to move on, but he will be seriously missed , he is a top keeper at this level.
  5. I don’t know what media you are getting that from but they are apparently looking at some big options for the job - BUT, For a number of reasons a lot of them will not be interested. If it were my call, not that I care, I would follow the Man City route and appointment someone who would progress things and potentially win some trophies before going for the top person possible. Newcastle could do a lot worse than trying for Roberto Mancini. It will take time and wise decisions but Newcastle will become one of the biggest clubs in the world. The Saudi’s are sports washing, of that there is not a doubt and they will get away with it.
  6. But we lose a ton of money every year that SL bails us out on. There are many on here that are much more versed in this but trust me, there may well be cash to spend BUT we cannot spend it because we would be breaking the rules - it is that simple. As an example take Newcastle United, now effectively owned by part of the Saudi government, the PIF, who have assets of £250bn - that is not a typo- they cannot spend more than £190m in January because of the same reason. If SL wanted to give Nige a load of money in January he could, but eventually we would be hammered with a points deduction and an embargo and fine.
  7. Maybe not the time, but which part of FFP don’t you understand?
  8. The simple fact is that there should not be a fine for racism at all - there should very simply be instant EXPULSION and a ban, from any tournament that it occurs in. That should happen to both countries and clubs. I would extend that to any player who is found guilty of racist remarks should face the fact that his club or country, whoever he is playing for at that time, is instantly banned from that tournament, regardless of the result of the game in question. I am also hugely in favor of teams walking off when racism is coming from the crowd - and refusing to return. I remember Spain v England, not sure of the year but Sven was the manager, and screaming at the TV for him to take the team off the pitch in response to the Spanish racism. It would only take a few instances of action such as that to start to make a difference.
  9. There is no way that he is splitting up Bristol Sport unless, someone comes in with massive money and guarantees to keep it together - that is not going to happen. I think SL is all about legacy now, IF we got to the PL, and survived, or the Bears won something, he would probably be happy. Ultimately, I read, albeit on here, that Junior ain’t looking to take over...........there may be interesting times ahead.
  10. Bang on my friend, totally agreement from me.
  11. Have I missed something? I assume you mean we WOULD lose to every team playing like that - which is of course, utter nonsense.
  12. There is something odd there re HMRC. My understanding, could be wrong, is that they have been ‘ after’ football for a while as they believe there are a number of things effecting both clubs and players that are breaking the rules. They tried to ‘get’ Glasgow Rangers and, to an extent succeeded, but not to the full extent that they should have - have a Google of Employee Benefit Trusts! Rangers should have had to start back in the West of Scotland league but the SFA and the SPFL tried to simply get them demoted to the Scottish Championship - this required a vote by all SPFL clubs, which looked initially that it would be successful. Then the fans of every other club stepped in and made it crystal clear that should their club vote in agreement there would be no point because they would no longer be attending ANY games, not just against the cheats.
  13. That is my fear too @Davefevs they just may survive this, which would be appalling.
  14. It is a very good point and how far does it go? Should the media pay for the data when they give players marks out of 10 for a performance? Should Sky or BT pay a particular player for showing his goal / pass/ save numerous times in an analysis? Load of nonsense.
  15. @Mr Popodopolous and @Hxj you both do some fabulous posts on this and all the financial stuff - thank you.
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