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  1. Quote I think we missed a trick in building one in Filton next to the Brabazon. Maybe the people YTL building the Hangar Venue might have wanted to invest in a stadium too. only trouble would be it’s not big enough for all are fans.
  2. Looking like tickets are selling well Looking forward to seeing live football and meeting up with mates on match days
  3. They are playing a celebrity match on March 23rd This will be part of a test with fans in the stands
  4. I just renewed over the phone was a bit disappointed as they changed 4 pounds for two tickets in Admin fees
  5. Who is joey going to blame this week
  6. Who is joey going to blame this week
  7. Don’t forget the Big protest at the Memorial ground today some one on ass chat got a bed sheet and paint but don’t know what to write on it says it all
  8. The guy have done his time Let’s judge him on his football
  9. I did not only got an email from are Nige he also phoned me
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