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  1. On Saturday, due to the saddening news of Bournemouth midfielder Dai Brooks , would anybody be interested in a clap on the 7th minute to show support for him in what will be a long ongoing battle against His Stage ii Lymphona ? It would be nice to show that despite Club loyalties etc, that as people we acknowledge and wish him well in his recovery.
  2. Without sounding silly.. absolutely the best bit of skill I’ve seen from city in around 2 years…
  3. Does anybody know any news about reading tickets going on sale also Middlesbrough ???
  4. But that’s not the stars, that’s the time vortex ?
  5. Blue Monday was a good track in fairness... oh you said new world order
  6. I don’t know if you know this BUT , he’s been doing joint integration with both ours and Fulham’s medical staff, started at Fulham , then post op came back to us once the time frame adjusted to being back ready for the 2nd half, our medical team gets a lot of stick , when it’s the S&C that affects our recovering players, plenty of other clubs have the same issues aswell. sorry to be a pedant about it but it stresses me when I hear about it not being good enough when we genuinely have rotten luck and have done for the last 6 years
  7. Just wondering , can we use an EFL rewards matchday stream pass for robins tv ??
  8. Just seen him down the windmill. Holden out out
  9. I’m not the one to sing a scousers praise at the best of times but being someone who follows the Gers, he’s taken them from being a misfit club who yes may have finished second to a genuine rival for Celtic and with a few different rubs of the green may have even won the title this season, with the budget he’s got and wage bracket he’s got as his disposal, he’d fit in nicely here because it’ll be bigger than he’s had before and he’s also taken his rangers side to the outside bet of a European cup quarter final. mid be willing to give him a shot personally
  10. Personal favourite of mine. October 2018. I flew to Dublin to watch wales play Ireland in the nations league. Got there. Dropped my bags off in the hotel before going to meet a few mates who flew earlier in the day who live in Caerphilly. We went into a bar just past temple bar. Not far enough to be close to the ground yet but far enough to get a pint for a euro cheaper. turned around at the bar. I saw a friend of mine who is from Brislington. Huge city fan. Had no idea he was around. Had a long chat with him and it turned out he was off to the game too after popping over to visit some of his extended family. Had a great night. Several fruity ciders and Guinesses sunk. Wales won 1-0 which led to a great night out !
  11. Love this. Hope to see you soon @Forest of Dean Red the old man kappa sends his best wishes too take care of yourself mate !
  12. Settled out of court I believe. Had a conversation about this with one of the people he owed money too quite recently. He’s making Amends for his errors when he was younger. Paying back the money he owes and his work for mental health shows this. normally would criticise people who have acted this way but people make poor decisions in every walk of life. It’s those who can hold their hands up and admit they made a poor decision who don’t deserve the criticism. Good luck to him I say
  13. No.. not the song title by George Michael and his beloved wham group but something that’s been missing at this club for quite a period of time I don’t post much anymore as I like to be quite reserved on my sayings throughout the season, however one thing we’ve lacked under our entire Tenure with LJ is FAITH We have been lucky to witness fantastic moments and unfortunate enough to suffer horrendous ones too, however . I’m not hear to slate anyone on this as I am also guilty of it myself. BUT in a league, that is so open and one with so many average teams. We do have a chance this year, there is never a time to be ‘ready’ to go up the same way there is never a time to be ready for children, so for 6 months . Wether you are a Johnson IN or a Johnson OUT, let’s back the one thing we love more than anything else . As the players have never ever given up on us, or given up on Lee, the results are still coming even though the performances aren’t quite up to scratch at this point in time but if we all push in the same direction. We might, just might . Do something ! ps I understand, football doesn’t work like this but it’s just a thought on a Sunday afternoon from a man who’s quite bored and want to see if anybody shares similar thoughts
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