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  1. Can’t for the life of me understand Southgate’s strategy 2nd half. We sat back and let them come at us FFS. Kane and Sterling were non existent 2nd half. Then putting 2 kids on as subs with seconds to go, then asking them both to take penalties was nuts. Bad decisions that cost the game. He will live to regret those decisions.
  2. You get electrocuted during a thunderstorm whilst downing Cheddar Valley whilst watching England win (hopefully). Not a bad way to go mate ........ mite c u down AG next season? One of the best England games I went to with you was Italia 90 and Platt scoring v Belgium in Bologna. Mad days...
  3. Terry Cooper is one of the main reasons I support City today. An absolute legend. The club should do something for him as danger of our history in the 80s being forgotten by most. He was a speaker at a sports dinner I went to years ago and you could have heard a pin drop when he told the story of how he picked up Bristol City from the ashes and built his team. What a man!
  4. One of the nicest guys you could wish to meet down AG. That England win against Germany was for you Paul. Tragic news.
  5. The worlds gone ****** mad. FFS!
  6. WTF is blue doing on the shirt. FFS! Central badge looks chavvy.
  7. If Euros, City being promoted every day. But if it was winning the World Cup, as a lifelong England fan who has been to a few World Cup games with England, I would want England to win the World Cup - my lifelong dream!
  8. Agreed, him and Wells up front will give us a “cutting” edge against the physical defences we play against. Andi Weimanns work rate and presence was sorely missed last season. Pleased with this, like a new signing.
  9. Great interview, honest and gives clarity. Also exposes the shitshow that has been going on at Ashton Gate over the last 2 years or so. Been a complete shambles.
  10. Edgbaston is a brilliant day out if you like the cricket. Great atmosphere.
  11. Not that bothered about fixtures tbh. Been able to get back in at AG, see a few mates that are football family and then a few pubs up North street after the game is what it is about nowadays. The fixtures and football are secondary after the last few years.
  12. 1976, Old Div 2 promo season to Div 1 v Luton home. I was hooked.
  13. One of the best journalists, nice chap also. RIP.
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