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  1. Fair enough, I'm a stickler for factual accuracy myself. When you take all the facts, yes facilities have progressed, it would have happened with or without Steve, the facilities now belong to Steve rather than a much wider fan base, and Steve's involvement has made us no worse no better than at any time in our history.
  2. Why do I get the feeling you have an agenda. A video of 1979 Ashton Gate. Really? And if it wasn’t for hero Steve we’d still be playing in that stadium? Put a video of all 92 football league 1979 stadiums on here, they’d all look like that. Repeat. Around the time Steve took control, or shortly afterwards, the football club had permission for a 30,000 stadium - development of Williams and East End - and had grants in place to fund a significant element of the cost. Plus the fans were sold “Buy a Brick”. It was all a done deal. Yet it didn’t happen. We could have had an up
  3. That is not the case. After 1982 the maximum that any one individual could own was 25%, a rule deliberately put in place for what was considered to be a lesson learned from the past. The original 4 directors (who were also life long fans) owned the majority of the shares between them, but a significant percentage was owned by Mr & Mrs Bristol City Fan. See above - my description of "fan owned" was lazy wording but nevertheless there were many shareholders each of whom had the literal opportunity for their say at the AGM, which no longer takes place because obviously it would
  4. There seems to be an assumption that if you question Steve's motives for his investment and raise simple truths about how Steve has changed the previously fan based ownership of the club by changing the rules, that you are questioning his integrity. There are many things which Steve could invest in; he invests in Bristol City because it's there, it interests him, and contrary to what some assume, the overall package by exploiting the land and other land ownership opportunities, is a potentially good investment. Steve hasn't invested in Bristol City, the football club owned by the fan
  5. Nail and head. 15 years ago this was a fan owned club and at the time no one individual could own more than 25%. Bristol City had a healthy balance sheet and it’s been forgotten it seems that it had planning permission to develop a 30,000 stadium which would have been funded to a significant extent by grants which had been agreed. Lansdown ripped up the 25% rule and bought the club, after it had been assiduously built back up after 1982 by some dedicated people. Fifteen years ago we floated between divisions 2 and 3 with our own stadium. Now, we float between
  6. NickJ


    Here is just a simple fact. When Ashton was first appointed I pointed out on here that his LinkedIn page is factually incorrect. It stated then and still does that he was a director of West Bromwich Albion Football Club from 1990 to 2004. Unless Companies House records are incorrect that is an untruth, he has never been a director of West Bromwich Albion Football Club. Lots of people falsify their CV’s for the purpose of obtaining employment they might not otherwise get. I would be interested to know if Lansdown was aware of this seemingly deliberate deceit, but it doe
  7. It’s because the past 15 years has been a consistent procession of appointing the wrong manager at the wrong time, with the exception of 2, and in one case sacking the right manager at the wrong time, that fans have lost any faith in the current broken regime to get it right.
  8. Caretaker manager, hence they have a temporary manager. So yes I'd say this is up there with one of the longest periods a football club has ever been without a manager. We will never know for sure what's been going on within the meeting rooms of the decision makers, but I'd confidently predict it's probably Keystone Cops.
  9. The fact that over 5 weeks (record breaking for a football manager appointment?) have elapsed since Johnson was sacked, and we are going into pre season training without a manager suggests to me that there are plenty of clowns, not all just on this forum.
  10. Well unless we have a whole week of pre season without a manager it’s fairly obvious there will be a big appointment, one way or other. Will file that under the category No Shit Sherlock.
  11. Restaurants, pubs and cafes were ordered to close indefinitely. Of course he was within his rights to make them redundant. Different circumstances now. Those same restaurants, pubs and cafes are operating at significantly lower levels. It's a different trading environment. I'd be amazed if he lost any employment tribunal cases.
  12. Nothing wrong with that it's just a business decision. Not easy in the hospitality trade at the moment.
  13. And the same number of managers?
  14. Don't know what everyone's complaining about I'm positive Jon has got it all under control
  15. Nice touch from the club on Official Site: https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/remembering-harry-dolman/
  16. Updating ladies fixtures https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/city-women-opening-fixtures-revealed/
  17. Don't disagree with a lot of that and hundreds of pages on Houghton, Gerrard, Holden, Cook and the rest is all a bit pointless. However, I've never known a football managerial appointment take anything like 5 weeks. Clearly, in my view, considering Ashton's comment immediately after Johnson's sacking that it would give the new manager plenty of time before the new season starts, there is a major **** up going on behind the scenes.
  18. Unfortunately its not as straightforward. My local couldn't be more local its next door, and 6 years ago when the new owner, who incidentally is a Grade A manual manipulator, applied for and was given planning for residential, even though I had registered it as an ACV, I did a Judicial Review on Bath & North East Somerset Council, ie took them to court. I won, and therefore recovered the not inconsiderable legal fees, but not because the pub was registered as an ACV. It was a different piece of planning legislation which we (ie me and my solicitor) relied upon. But even now said
  19. An ACV is easy but time consuming to apply for, I've done it, but bizarrely it is possible for the owners of a pub listed as an ACV to nevertheless obtain planning permission to convert to residential. To expand on your point, the sole purpose of an ACV is to give the community first dibs to purchase at the asking price if the pub goes up for sale, it doesn't prevent anything else and doesn't give any other protection.
  20. Great boozer. The owners marketed the pub at a ridiculous price then when it didn’t sell, applied for planning for residential which they nearly got. Their asking price for the pub is way overpriced, as a pub. Good luck to the locals but if they pay that price they are overpaying. They’d be better off proving the pub isn’t worth the asking price and forcing the price down, so that if they did purchase, it would be a more viable proposition. Or, if the owners refused to sell at a lower price the community group would have more ammunition to prevent the owners getting plannin
  21. Probably because as has been well documented Dawe appointed Cotterill and Lansdown Seniors cash has built the stadium. I think it’s fairly obvious that somebody whose sole working experience is 2 or 3 years administration will be ill equipped to become MD of any company let alone a Championship football club followed by thousands of fans.
  22. Appointed director at the age of 27 and Managing Director shortly after that. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/teams/board-of-directors/jon-lansdown/ Jon would have been instrumental behind the bizarre appointment of a manager who lacks man management and leadership skills - thus I have serious doubts as to his ability to make a decent appointment this time around - and similarly himself has minimal credentials to have been appointed as MD and now Chairman. Absolutely nuts.
  23. About 2 or 3 years administrative work I believe, hardly qualified him to step straight into a senior role at a Championship football club. Nothing against him personally but it would be fair to seriously question his experience and abilities.
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