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  1. Saggy bottom. Can be either the league table in May or what you see if you're behind one of the younger BRFC fans.
  2. An Eastend. A compass that doesn't work
  3. I haven't seen any result or report on this. Anyone?
  4. The match ball was delivered by remote controlled model truck in one of the Euro matches. Rovers wanted to do something similar but were advised that the cart would leave a rut and the horse a residue.
  5. Professional Journalist - "Hi. Did you look at this guy? Thanks. No story." Hack - "Hey! Something to bash City with."
  6. I remember one season (in the seventies?) when we won the first 4 in the second division. We then played Palace who were bottom according to my wobbly memory and lost at home.
  7. https://www.bristol-sport.co.uk/news/ashton-gate-stadium-to-host-drive-in-cinema-series/ Any suggestions as to the films? And if the sags were to hang a sheet up somewhere in the tent?
  8. Care to recall the performance Clough was responsible for last time Burton played here?
  9. 1. Keith Fear was 2 years ahead of me at school 2. I was in the same pub as Bobby Gould - The Bell, Redcliff (closed) 3. I was in the same pub as John Ward - The Sussex, Streatham (closed) after Wolves last game of the season at Palace 4. I may live on the same planet as Messi
  10. Promotion year to div 1, I turned up a few minutes late for several games. These tended to end 1-0 with the 95% of the game that I watched being 0-0.
  11. Early in the season we conceded a goal when Taylor Moore tried to stop a through ball to an offside player who was then deemed to be onside because of Moore's interference. Against Huddersfield Famara Diédhiou was offside but their goalkeeper parried a shot to him and he scored. Disallowed offside. Can any of the experts explain the difference? Sorry the Fulham game is not up on the site yet so I watched a bit of Huddersfield.
  12. TV commentators apologising for bad language you didn't hear anyway. More seriously, we no longer hear away fans chanting during a minute's silence or applause.
  13. Just like Bristol, Malwarebytes is red. (part 2 of an occasional series) I just tried to get to Gaschat for some amusement. Blocked due to trojans, or lack of football content, or something.
  14. Sorry but for a nailed on promotion we need a No 1 hit from the Wurzels.
  15. Just won 50p playing poker. Is there a Bristol club I could afford?
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