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  1. iamsober


    This came from the radio interview Dean Holden had with Geoff Twentyman about 2pm today
  2. I don’t understand why SL and MA don’t just appoint themselves as Head coach/ assistant and have done with it
  3. why start another thread on mark ashton?
  4. he maybe but we are talking about appointing a manager to take us up or staying where we are ?
  5. those days failed so why do it again?
  6. we are appointing a manager at the moment
  7. Chris Hughton’s number 2 at previous clubs so expect him to follow if the announcement is made
  8. I had the same message as I tried putting the code in again. But now I have use both on my pc and iphone so at the end of the day it was me that was at fault not city. Will be interested to hear your outcome
  9. I had the same problem on my pc using firefox. I then realised firefox doesn't support adobe flash as it is disappearing. So changed to google chrome and straight in. Don't know if this helps you
  10. Well then you should be even more grateful if in that situation as you can now watch all the games whereas you wouldn’t be able to watch any as you wouldn’t of been able to travel to home or away games and spend money on food and drink. If you want money back then you shouldn’t be allowed to watch any of the remaining games
  11. Everyone should be pleased as were actually saving money while still getting to watch the remaining games (home and away) as no expense on travel, beer and food.
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