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  1. Asked about the latest incident from the Ragass Rovers messiah a spokesperson from the FTG Tote-Ender One Tooth 70's Aggro Supporters Club said "Yeah, dunno, fair play. Just get us a pre-season friendly against Sabadall (Sabadell) Joe, annit?"
  2. Wow! What's depressing is having nothing to be excited about and nothing to feel positive about. After more than a year of restrictions and detachment from friends and families as well as the impact on people's well-being and financial position and a media hell bent on causing division a victory in a major international final will bring people closer together and lift spirits all round. We've had to wait 55 years to celebrate success in international football (and we may yet have to wait a bit longer - who knows?). Personally, I hope we do win it and it brings everyone closer together and I'm convinced that it will do wonders for people who have suffered with mental health issues. It's fantastic to have something to feel really positive about for a change. There has been far too much negativity in the world recently.
  3. Typical Sag. Projecting everything that is wrong with their fan base onto us. Does he forget their little video of the chap running over the Suspension Bridge, past Ashton Gate to get to the sister he impregnated in hospital to present her with a ‘Tesco Carrier Bag’ styled baby grow for their offspring before it has a chance to choose a proper club to support other than those desperate and deluded pikey squatters? In football it’s called Banter. It’s something that historically they were always quick to dish out, but could never take themselves. Instead, when the banter comes back they resort to playing the victim and attempt to take some moral high ground. You can see the green-eyed Sag monster as soon as he starts off, but ask him if he is a jealous Sag and he’s guaranteed to say ‘no’ and then blurt on about how he is only interested in his loyal, faithful and true family club before attacking the opposition players in the goal net because their team has been awarded a penalty. Absolute deluded weapon. Thanks for confirming what we already know about the average Sag supporter and the reason why this thread continues to prosper. The gift
  4. Just like Bury, they will end up being sold for £1. The Mem will end up being turned into a housing estate and the Sags will have to reform on the downs with their 20-30 faithful and true watching from the pavements.....unless it is raining, then they won't be bothered and just stay in the pub getting hammered, reminiscing about their Tote-End days and telling stories of how they were loved all over the country.
  5. Since 1977. Just took it for granted that we were a top flight side at the time. It was an amazing time. There was really only one team in Bristol back then
  6. A 'massive' 3388. My god they are so ******* tinpot I don't know whether to laugh or cringe....or both!
  7. They were consumed with envy and rage at that time. You couldn't even mention City without being asked to put your pint down and sort it out in the pub carpark by the rabied tote enders, literally foaming at the jowls. It was around Christmas time and the pubs have those posters up advertising the Sky Sports schedule for December. I think Bristol City was being shown at least 3 times that month and they were absolutely off their nuts about it. Then the festive adverts were being shown for the upcoming matches and Bristol City were getting mentioned left right and centre and they started going on about how ******* sick to death they were of having to hear about 'Da Shit' all the time and how it was ruining their Christmas. I remember being told that it would all become better once City had been humiliated by Man United as they had totally written us off. I decided to watch the match in the pub as I couldn't get a ticket and as it was a massive Gas pub I was being taunted about turning up to witness da shit get butt ******. There were more than a few comments about the 'Snake' and how he was totally out of his depth.......until he set up Korey Smith. The fact that the Snake had contributed to City going through was the final straw and they started moaning about having to watch yet more of City over the Christmas period and I was told in no uncertain terms not to mention anything about City. Most of them downed their pints and ****** off because they couldn't bare to hear all of the positive post-match analysis and commentary. In fact, the landlord was told to switch over, so I had to catch up on it when I got home.
  8. How ironic.... Makes a change from stealing stadiums I suppose. The squatters living up to their name both as a club and as a fan base. The Gift
  9. They are only quiet because they have been so abysmal, just like when they went out of the football league when they went on total shutdown until they crept back into the football league on penalties and had an open top bus tour to celebrate. We also need to remember that Barnet (who went up as champions) just got on with it. No open top tour of Barnet. But that is typical tinpot Gas, they’d have an open top bus tour for picking up a point away at Sutton, whilst gloating about their massive away following
  10. I scored from inside my own half. We were 3-0 down with about 15 minutes to go and we had a corner and being a centre back we took it in turns to go up for the corners. The ball went into the box and was hoofed clear into our half and the opposition were on a breakaway. The ball came into the centre circle and was being charged down by one of the opposition forwards. I thought I would just bang it back towards their 18 yard box as their attacker came towards me. I hit the ball really sweet and it went like a rocket. Their keeper had come towards the edge of his 18 yard box and then started back peddling. It went in just under the bar right in the centre of the goal and I saw the net bulge, looked round and saw our manager jumping up and down shouting “******* get in”! I just stood there in disbelief. I never scored many, but that one was a blinder. Even the opposition congratulated me after the goal which was weird too.
  11. I don’t think it needs a sub forum. If the shoe was on the other foot they would be taking the piss on a daily basis. Plus, during this depressing pandemic and equally depressing season it’s good to have something to laugh about. If you aren’t interested in a thread then don’t look at it. Live and let live and chill out a bit.
  12. They were calling him ‘Brent’ on the Sunderland forum last night. They were begging for the same changes to be made but Johnson was obviously watching a different game. Saw this article which just about sums up what they think of his footballing language....
  13. Brownhill is a solid player and doesn’t look out of place in Burnley’s midfield. He was getting better when he left us. We have certainly missed someone with his energy in the middle of the park this season.
  14. Could be? As Jaily said to the lap it up knuckle draggers the other week, “There’s a ******* church down there!”
  15. I took the Tote End with the missus earlier today. As I was leaving I saw a Neanderthal with a ‘FTG’ number plate drive past the IKEA end. I had a little chuckle to myself. Needs to change that ‘U’ to a ‘D’ though.
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