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  1. Yes, I remember it. Didn’t they turn up for their ‘love-in’ bottom buddies from the North East, Sunderland? I’m surprised that they didn’t go ahead with their open top bus tour of Kingswood anyway, like they did for their massive achievement of finishing 2nd in non-league football. Being the most hypocritical bunch of melts on the planet they go from ‘boycotting’ to saying “Well this is different, it’s for the kids”……….Yes, that would be the over 50 bald headed tote end monkey spanking neanderthal kids then!
  2. As our dear friend the bald-headed *** would say…. ”What more do you want? I would say it’s a perfect time. Conference in 5 years. ‘ERE WE GO!”
  3. Vol 2 1. BOOOOOOO! ******* Dog Shit! 2. Bristol City, We’re Coming For You 3. Hellllllloooooo, Unlucky Da Shit 4. I’ve ‘ad 2 Divorces 5. ******* Snake! 6. That’s It! We’re Down 7. You’re a ******* disgrace! 8. I Feel Sorry Fer ‘Im (Boo Hoo Hoo) 9. Sheeed’ead 10. It’s Your ******* Fault You Bald-Headed ***!
  4. I was dating someone years ago and prior to me getting with her she told me that she had been intimately involved with a City player. I was at her house one night and the City player phoned her but she said she was seeing someone else now. Years later I was sat in work talking about it and mentioned the City player in question only for a work colleague to mention that he was her mum’s bloke and had been at the time he was knocking off the girl I was with. Needless to say my reminiscing went down like a shit sandwich
  5. After “It’s your ******* fault you bald-headed ***”……….
  6. Oh, I very much hope so….. ‘Heartwarming’ not ‘Heartbreaking’
  7. Well, if you listen to the Gasheads I know, regardless of who currently plays for Rovers they'll reel off:- Frankie Prince, Smash and Grab, Paul Randall and Olly Olloway. When probed a little more they will mention Ricky Lambert because he scored 'that goal against the shit' and they all had a collective tug when he played for England. This team of about 6 geriatrics are managed by Gerry Francis. That's about it from the 'Stuck in the 70's Neanderthals'.
  8. The undisputed champions of Tinpottedness. The Doncaster United blue glass trophy is on its way to Wally now.
  9. Ok. You’re DELUDED! Quote Options Select Post Deselect Post Report Post Back to Top Tough game today and call me deluded but I just have a feeling we will sneak this one by the odd goal…. Don’t think it’ll be particularly pretty and at times it’ll be backs to the wall but just have a gut feeling we’ll do it… but I just have a feeling we will sneak this one by the odd goal…. Don’t think it’ll be particularly pretty and at times it’ll be backs to the wall but just have a gut feeling we’ll do it…
  10. Then you are very much in a minority. The majority of Gasheads are totally deluded when it comes to supporting the blue quarter(s) of Bristol. Faithful and True. Massive fan base. Big fish in a small pond. Take 40k (26k in actual figures) to Wembley. Massive away following - the envy of many clubs (all of which LOVE ROVERS and HATE THE SHIT by the way!) Most believe their 'perceived' massive fan base means that they are a big club who deserve to be in the Championship and at least one place higher than DA SHIT! Oh....and your comment about remembering the 1970's....Well, you are definitely a true Gashead then. You couldn't be a proper Gashead if you didn't reminisce about the Tote End, Smash 'n' Grab, Paul Randall and the famous bore fest penalty shoot out lottery win over Sheffield United in the Watney Cup. Being stuck somewhere between 1972-1978 in terms of memory defines your average Gashead.....with splashing of 2nd May and a bit of 1982.
  11. Could have been because of his Oxford connection and their rivalry with Reading. He probably wanted to be amongst the fans hoping to see a City victory, and for a change we actually got one!
  12. No. As soon as she saw the horses she would have started punching the shit out of the machine, the alarm bells would have started going off and she'd have been thrown out, whilst remonstrating that it was the Ted's fault and playing the victim.
  13. Stephanie plans to purchase a seat in Row M. You'd win more in a pub bonus ball draw. Absolute Tinpot.
  14. I had a conversation last week with a few Sags. I decided to test out the Gas logic theory. I said that I thought that the problem with some Rovers and City supporters (mentioned us gurt Ted's as well as I didn't want them to immediately start a fight) think that the club is bigger than it actually is. I said that realistically City should find it difficult to stay in the Championship and that Rovers are where they should be. As soon as I mentioned Rovers level being League Two one of them mentioned that they could easily be in the Championship or pushing for the Championship because of their 'fanbase'. So I challenged the fan base theory and stated attendance facts and pointed out that they don't have a pot to piss in and that their ground is falling to bits with tents and is an eyesore and an embarrassment. Another Sag agreed with me that you can't measure the size of a club by its fanbase alone and also agreed that the Mem is a total shithole and that they don't have a pot to piss in. Fair play. However, he then ruined it all by stating that Rovers should at the very least be in League One. Totally delusional. Jaily's team of strangers are apparently a top 6 side in the division below where they should be by right. Cracking start then! Apparently their turn out at Mansfield was impressive. The toothless wonders had come out of their care homes for a nostalgic trip down Tote-End memory lane and by all accounts there was a bit of the old traditional 1970's style behaviour. It was probably all down to Mansfield being known to have a massive Ted following. Regardless of the result on the pitch, their family club shenanigans off the pitch were something to be 'prowed' of. They really do believe their fanbase is too big for League Two and that their away following is the envy of every club outside of the Premier League. Gas logic proven. Belters!
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