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  1. Blimey, the BBC actually reporting something factual for a change!
  2. Right, that’s it, no more love-ins! They’ll be booking a weekend in Nottingham instead for a little trip to Derby where they can reminisce about their massive following when Nathan Ellington wowed the Derby fans and Derby adopted Rovers as their second club.
  3. I agree. Sacking managers seems to be the knee jerk action of many clubs when nerves get jittery. This is often heavily influenced by a delusional fan base who demand instant success, regardless of the situation. I’ve seen managers sacked for having half the team on the treatment table and the new manager or ‘Messiah’ was fortunate enough to have one or two of those players fit and ready again. It takes time for any manager to clear out the deadwood and build his own team in his own image. This takes at least 2 transfer windows and the summer break to build for a new season. Once a manager has his own team it just requires tweaking. The problem then is that the fans get bored with the style of play, think they are better than they are and think that they need to kick on to the next level (which in reality is always a level too far). Look at what happened to Stoke and Bolton when they got ‘bored’ with the ‘same old’? That’s just two examples. Sacking the manager is always the quickest and easiest option, but in reality most clubs need to be sacking players, back room staff and others behind the scenes and expect no signs of improvement for at least 18 months. Sticking with a manager when you go down might actually make it easier to come back up, especially with parachute payments and less unsteadiness of the ship. Fans sometimes need to be grateful for what they have got and where they are, especially in the Premier League. Unfortunately we have followed the Italian method which is sad because it never used to be that way in English football.
  4. Fixed it for you….
  5. I've got one. It's called 'Everywhere we go' and you can sing it for 90+ minutes straight. It goes..... Everywhere we gooooooo Everywhere we gooooooo Everywhere we go Everywhere we go Everywhere we gooooooo
  6. It's been called off due to height restrictions being too low to enable the bus to get to the Tote End.
  7. He won’t go according to Gasheads I know. He wouldn’t want to take a step down and go to a smaller club like Burnley. On Saturday The Gas would have beaten ANYONE, not just a relegated Youth Team….ANYONE. Why the hell would Joey want to leave the bestest fans in the whole world and an amazing club like Rovers? #Gaslogic
  8. Yep, and literally overheard a Gashead yesterday saying that Rovers get 10,000 at home and take 2,000 away. Home attendance over-exaggerated by 2,500 Away attendance over-exaggerated by 1,000 #gaslogic
  9. Especially when it comes to actual attendances both home and away. Rovers fans love to exaggerate massively in this particular area.
  10. Yes, in the basement Tinpot Division, Trumpton finished 2 places below Camberwick Green
  11. We're more likely to 'Come for Them' than they are for us. They've got absolutely **** all chance of becoming a Championship club within the immediate future. Christ, they'll only have about 3 players left when the loanees go back. They're so excited about 3rd place in Division 4! The Open Top Bus Tour WILL HAPPEN. It's what they do. Blocking up Kingswood High Street when most of it is ******* red anyway these days! They're ******* stuck in 1990 again with their grainy VHS videos of their hoofballing!
  12. A lot of this video will still be relevant as they now plan for an open top bus tour for finishing 3rd in Division 4!
  13. A lot of Northampton fans aren't bothered about Scunthorpe fielding a load of kids. A season is a marathon, not a sprint and many Northampton fans blame their own inability to have wrapped things up before. Talking of Scunthorpe they are cheesed off that they went there and only came away with a 0-0. It's fine margins in football. Had they gone up to Scunthorpe and came away with the expected victory then Saturday's result wouldn't have made the blindest bit of difference to their own promotion hopes.
  14. Oh yeah. He probably can't wait to try and rub it in. Mr Anger Management problem. Typical Gashead.
  15. I'm going to try to put a bit of perspective to this debate, so here are my thoughts on the subject...... I don't like their club, never have. I have some good mates who are Gasheads who are great blokes. They just happen to support a shit, vile and nasty little club with other supporters who are equally as vile (especially some of those in their 50's who are literally riddled with jealousy and envy when it comes to City and remember City's time in the top flight). If like me you supported City through the 80's and had to put up with their constant jibes about 1982 and watched Rovers approach to derby matches during the late 80's (park the bus, try to break Dave Smith's legs on numerous occasions etc and somehow walk away with 3 points. Watch ******* like Holloway laughing his head off at small kids wearing City shirts when they were upset after the game) then you would understand why there is so much hatred for their tinpot scummy club. However, Rovers winning promotion on the final day with such a massive goal swing and considering that they climbed the league from being 17th near Christmas is quite a remarkable achievement (for any club). That said, the first thing that comes to mind on such a momentous occasion for them is to proclaim that they are 'Coming for Bristol City' and attempt to paint the town blue and try to rub our faces in it. They are goading and looking for a reaction from the gurt Ted's to somehow confirm to them how much their promotion has 'hurt us'. Now here's the thing.....They want us to say things like 'we're not bothered' and '**** the gas' etc because in their minds they will think that it means that we are indeed bitter and hurting. The best thing to do in this situation is to do quite the opposite and in fact congratulate them on their achievement and here is why.......They could never wear red or congratulate us on anything (ever) because they are riddled with envy and jealousy and usually react with bitterness, contempt and in other cases with anger and they are expecting us to react the same way. By congratulating them it goes to show how insignificant their achievements are, and shows that we are not riddled with envy and jealousy (which we aren't). Let's look at it for what it is.....If City had been promoted from Division 4 we would have felt a sense of relief. Remember, we were promoted from Division 4 when we were on our ass as a club, we literally had **** all but somehow we managed to scramble out of Division 4 within 2 seasons. On Saturday Rovers finished in 3rd place to get out of Division 4. With their outpourings of joy you would have thought that they had qualified for the Champions League. This is the bar that they have set themselves. They are overjoyed at finishing 3rd in Division 4 and no doubt they will be planning the Open Top Bus Tour of Kingswood to mark this glorious achievement within the next week or so. As City fans we would be relieved to have got out of the basement, not celebrate it with a parade. For us, being in Division 4 would feel like the pits and a disgrace. Gasheads have celebrated it to the fullest. It's laughable. It's a ******* joke. It's Tinpot. Let it sink in that they are overjoyed at finishing 3rd in Division 4 two places below the League Champions who are a village club from Nailsworth and who not so long ago were playing in the same league as Yate, Patchway, St George, Cadbury Heath and Hanham. So yeah, why not congratulate them if being that insignificant means SO MUCH to them. I've said well done to them, but inside I am laughing my ******* head off at how Tinpot they are and at how much it means to them. Hopefully reality will kick in for them next year and the Wael's will fall off their caravan. It won't be long before they crash back into Division 4. They might survive a year or so, but sustaining League One football in that shit pit isn't viable longer term. It's certainly no 'love-in' being happy for them. It's more of a 'There, there, well done my little insignificant Tinpot friends'. Yeah, Congratulations Rovers, Congratulations....... 3RD IN DIVISION 4
  16. When the dust settles and their loaned players have departed the reality for them will be that next season will be really tough. Expect far less ‘Singing the Blues’ posts than this season. At the moment their delusional statements are absolute belters and are a good chuckle. They believe that League One is where they should be, but the reality is that their promotion means that they will be punching above their weight. As you know, Gasheads hate to feel insignificant and small. They are totally impatient when things starts to go wrong and their frustrations will boil over and the ridiculous comparisons with bigger clubs in League One will be a weekly event. It’s going to be ******* hilarious!
  17. As tinpot as they are that was some way to get promoted! Northampton fans must need counselling after that. They’ll enjoy their day in the sun and then it will be back to the bottom four next season
  18. I think he will end up at Rovers where he bangs in goals. He's the old fashioned centre-forward type. Goals win games and he knows where the net is. I think this might well just be one that comes back to bite us. We'll just have to wait and see.......
  19. What we should get rid of is the gutter press
  20. If I remember, Rotherham only brought about 85 fans with them, so almost the entire ground was filled with City fans!
  21. The Gas were back at Wycombe remember?! I think @In the Net is very sensible not to get too carried away just yet. They do have a great chance of going up either automatically or via the playoffs, but never count chickens until they hatch. Unfortunately some Gasheads just can’t help themselves and end up providing us with the ammo to take the piss out of them. That is when they go back into hiding.
  22. I think the consistency has been the availability of some of our better players towards the end of the season and Nige has been able to pick a more settled and balanced team.
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