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  1. Really? ******* brilliant! The gift . They’ve been banging on about how they ‘might decide to keep him’ like it’s an honour for the bloke to be there! ******* deluded belters. Luke Leahy is ******* off because Rovers are a ******* Tinpot joke of a club peddling backwards. In a statement earlier today Leahy said “Well, I’m hardly going to miss plying my trade in a ramshackle shithole full of tents am I? It’s a ******* no brainer. I’m off to salvage my career. Goodnight and Good riddance Irene”
  2. Just name it the "Sir Colin Daniel Stand" and be done with it....now back to Rovers bashing.....Jaily Barton's court case is 7th June.
  3. Nuff said. Typical of Gasheads to try and take the moral high ground for the benefit of other fans all over the country that apparently love them, but they’re full of disdain for City when they are amongst their own knuckle draggers. It’s in their DNA. The first sniff of us in trouble and they will all emerge from their caves in their droves singing the blues. We know it. At the end of the day it’s all banter. We can just swallow the pill better than them and that’s what makes winding them up so much fun.
  4. I already did. Type ‘Neutral View’ into YouTube and you’ll find it! Was going to post “I’ll just leave this here...” on that Facebook page under these comments... But in the end I just couldn’t be arsed
  5. It could make the summer rather interesting! I should have added to my points about celebrating their relegation. Let’s not forget as those Villa fans who visited the Sags from a neutral perspective highlighted, the Gasheads constantly check the City score and every other song is about Bristol City. So yeah, they finished rock bottom of League One, Ha Ha Ha, **** ‘em!
  6. Whilst the coffin might have been more appropriate in 2014 the celebration of them getting relegated back to the basement is a given. You can always bank on them celebrating our demise whenever they get an opportunity to do so. Let’s hope that next season there is enough excitement going on at our own club to give us all something positive to celebrate instead. The only thing that is Tinpot is Rovers and their deluded fan base. Long may that continue. Next up from the Gift....Joey’s court case.
  7. I've mentioned in a couple of matchday threads about giving him a go in the first team and was pleased to see him get some minutes and notch on Saturday. He has been picked up late from non-league football. He was catching the eye of a few league clubs at Mangadoo. He isn't the quickest, but he knows where the back of the net is. For a young lad he has strength and isn't afraid to get stuck in. Decent in the air and has good positioning. He needs a few good workouts pre-season and needs to work on fitness levels, but he is definitely an option to consider for next season. He will score goals and we'll need those next season.
  8. It’s the thing about us being ‘Bristol City 1982 FC PLC Limited’ from them that cracks me up. We’re not Bristol City (1982) even as a registered company anymore and haven’t been since 1996...
  9. Same with this one on Facebook.... It’s all 82, Dean Windass, inbreds, obsessed, KFC, Europe and the usual pathetic attempt at taking some sort of moral high ground (standard playing of the innocent victim) when those ***** put up banners at the bottom of the M32, wear Windass shirts around Sainsbury’s, invite Windass as a special guest to their Tote End One Tooth Reunions suck up to him and take him up Chasers. This has really hit a nerve with the fewers and has managed to drag them out from hiding under their stones. Great work
  10. Our closest rivals in recent years has been Baadiff. Prior to that we had a massive one with Swindle during 2015 (incidentally I am watching a replay of the 2015 League One Play-off Final between Swindle and Preston where Swindle go 1 down after 2 minutes and that *** Thompson gets stretchered off) when they cheated like **** and then stayed down and Flint said No No No! Apart from that there is Tinpot Rovers who we haven't played in the league for donkey's years. Their only shouts are beating us in a Paintpot Cup semi before going on to lose the final (which we have won 3 times), a grainy video of them beating us to win the Third Division Championship some 31 years ago and bleating on about 1982 of which only Neanderthal Tote Enders can actually remember.
  11. Followed up with a rendition of ‘Come on Eileen’ at Forest Green in Division 5
  12. And there it is...... Load the cannons
  13. It’s the busiest their forum has been in years. They had a similar blackout in 2014 when they made a pact not to talk about ‘Da Shit’ and if any ‘banter’ came their way they had to pretend that they didn’t hear anything, or hide away whilst they went on their merry journey in Division 5 taking out their frustrations on Braintree players instead. Following a change of underpants after the penalty shootout with Grimsby at Wemberly they appeared again from nowhere singing the blues and then following their unexpected second promotion in succession they were back and coming for us. Now, since their absolute belter of a season where they are looking like finishing rock bottom there is complete silence again. They have disappeared. Their OTIB thread hasn’t been touched since the end of March. It’s like the Mary Celeste over at the tented commune and hopefully they will change their ‘maintenance mode’ page to ‘gone fishing’ shortly.
  14. Thank god for the social media blackout. Nothing worth posting about this shite.
  15. This is the price we are paying for selling anything that isn’t bolted down over the last 18 months.
  16. Second to everything including passes to our own players. Not fit enough, reactive enough, strong enough, committed enough, good enough. They’ve had it too easy for too long. Embarrassing to witness this shit week in week out.
  17. I thought the interview was good. You can see that he felt the same about being served up the same shit week in week out as a fan and it didn’t give us much to feel positive about during the pandemic. You could see that he has felt as flat as the rest of us and that there is quite a bit of work that needs to be done and although results on the pitch haven’t been there we have been blighted by injuries and other situations such as a number of players being OOC. He has belief in Nigel’s experience and is encouraged by being able to tie things up sooner than later by making the appointment permanent. Whatever happens now, at least we are starting to move forward and look forward to next season as a fresh challenge. I think he summed up the general mood well. I hope he gives Nige the backing that he needs in order to make the changes and is guided by his experience as a manager who has got teams out of this division.
  18. Here we go....Turning Off The Gas........Enjoy
  19. This video requires some work. BRB
  20. Momentum works both ways. When you are flying you have to capitalize on it and we took our eye off of the ball after walking league one under Cotts. The summer was poor and we failed to build on the success and then we started to struggle in the Championship as the 3-5-2 in a division above with the same players that got us there lacked the quality to keep us in the mix. Then under LJ we literally sold as soon as an offer came in and replaced with lesser quality, sometimes older and with a decimated spine we began to go backwards. Even though we were getting results at times we were stealing victories and the quality of football became awful, so it was only a matter of time before the results dried up too. Under Holden we started well but were cruelly hit by injuries (often caused on the training ground) which halted the initial success and then the staleness and fear factor kicked back in and we became more and more ineffective at the top end of the pitch and the goal scoring opportunities became almost non-existent. The appointment of Nige briefly saw us get a couple of results, but players coming back from injury immediately crocked again and eventually it was back to the same mindset and soft underbelly. It is going to be incredibly difficult to change the mindset within the club which is very negative at the moment. In order for Nige to achieve some sort of success he needs a big freshen up of the playing staff and hope that our injury situation changes. We aren't going to have strength in depth and we aren't going to be able to clear out some of the dead wood. I hope that players recover enough over the summer to play with some regularity next season because far too many have been out for the entire season. That is appalling. If we identify targets early and do some decent business then it might provide us with a bit of a lift, but leave it too late and we will be entering another season without being able to instill a positive mindset. We really do have to set a solid foundation sooner rather than later or I fear that we could be in a dogfight to stay in this division next season.
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