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  1. 31 years ago. Most of their deluded social media posters weren’t even a seed in daddy’s sack when that happened, yet still post about it as if they were there, just like 1982. The only derby they remember is a tinpot paint pot trophy encounter....which we have lifted 3 times incidentally. Kept my Champions 1990 T-Shirt and changed it to 2015 to make it relevant....like adjusting their 1883 logo to 2015 to make that relevant!
  2. We’ve got 2nd May coming up this Sunday when they will be posting their annual grainy YouTube video of 1990 and having mutual manual manipulations over it. Fortunately we can also post memories of 2nd May 2001 when they entered the Basement for the first of their ‘triple crown’ of relegations to it. Then the following day we can laugh louder than they could ever possibly imagine for it will be Sir Colin Daniel of Mansfield day. It’s like taunting us with a feather and being hit back with a wrecking ball. Still, they set themselves up nicely for it every single year. Bring on the grainy video. Can’t wait to respond with the big guns!
  3. He also talked about 40,000 Gasheads at Wembley. Even by their own admission loads of them are piss taking Ted's intent on starting trouble. The only time they don't see any Ted's is when they go to KFC.
  4. And they'd still struggle to score. All the fans would be milling around behind parked cars complaining that they've been locked out!
  5. Still doing the rounds.... The gas in Joey? Just hot air!
  6. 7 years ago today they were invading the pitch at Wycombe Wanderers, shouting about someone’s granny going to bed, hugging each other, destroying advertising hoardings and announcing loudly that the world had to believe them that they were staying in the football league. 6 fifths of them would sadly be disappointed the following week as they plunged into oblivion and they ended up blaming Ted’s and punching horses.
  7. Yep. It should be that promotion to League One is a ‘massive stepping stone to ******* it all up royally, providing endless gifts for the Ted’s to rip the piss out of time and time again.’ Honestly, they are football’s equivalent of the ‘Doozers’ from Fraggle Rock.
  8. Goodnight Irene. Mind The Canyon. Coming For Us. Premiership in 5 years. Unlucky da shit. First team in the entire football league to be relegated this season. The gift has given again. In the words of Kool and The Gang..... There’s a party goin on right here, A relegation, the first one of the year, You’re going down Sags, welcome to League Two, Bristol City we’re not ‘Coming for you’
  9. As mathematical confirmation to the basement looms I’m sure that the Sags are remembering better times, looking back on Eastville and the Tote with affection. What a massive club they were back then, challenging for promotion from Division 3 with their faithful and true amazing support turning up in ‘numbers’ to cheer on the boys in blue. Let’s have a look at those numbers shall we? Remember, they were challenging for promotion to what is now the Championship.....
  10. Remember when they had ‘never played in the bottom division’? Now they are going to be relegated into it for the 3rd time. Tinpot
  11. Ah yes, in Rovers case it was the fans doing the sniffing. Made them delusional.
  12. I thought the same. They both mentioned what happens when the players cross that white line. Trouble with our players is that it looks like most of them sniffed it!
  13. In all honesty where do you start? More leaks than a sieve. I'd start with the players. As soon as it is mathematically impossible to go down I would bomb a load of them into the stiffs and throw in some of the hungry youngsters. I'd rather see them giving their all than experienced players who lack any sort of enthusiasm for this football club. There are no fans to get on the back of these youngsters and so it's the perfect opportunity to give them a breakthrough. I'm sick to death of seeing youngsters like Louis Britton banging in goals in the under 23's and then being subjected to lackluster self entitled laziness from Wells and Diedhiou. Nige, get them in and fire a proper rocket up the arses of the dead wood we have on the pitch who take their profession for granted and think they are something which they are not!
  14. The problem at City has been the recruitment and it’s the same problem that is taking the Sags down to League 2. It doesn’t matter how many managers you put in charge the blend within the team is wrong and as a collective the team isn’t good enough to consistently compete at this level. It is unfair to judge NP as it is to judge JB at Rovers. They have both inherited a mess and need time to build their own team in their own image. NP has a squad blighted by injuries and players OOC who will be leaving at the end of the season. Fortunately we aren’t going down and it is clear that some players minds are elsewhere and others realise that there is nothing left to play for. Enough has been done to keep City up and that was the short term aim. It hasn’t been pretty, but it has been stale ever since the latter end of LJ’s reign. NP will know what he wants and SL will know how far he is prepared to subsidise any project. One thing that is clear is that a lot of work needs to be done over the summer, so whether NP is here for the short term or long term something has to be done to stabilise the management situation and prepare adequately over the summer. Too often in the past we have messed around for too long over the summer and that cannot happen this time around. Get it wrong and our chances of survival in this division next season will be slim at best.
  15. Rovers book updated for 2021/22 season...
  16. Be great if someone could phone in and start by saying "What can I say Geoff? I've had three divorces"
  17. Highlights from the 20pence phone in.... Wael is the Messiah "DELUDED" fans Laughed at by the other side of the City Sinking Ship...The Titanic The gift has given...AGAIN!
  18. The pleasure is all mine......
  19. The sun is shining and nobody is singing the blues.
  20. What a beautiful set of results. The perfect night. Just like 2014 without the away shirts. Absolute scenes!
  21. Enjoy.......This has got a Gas twist to it......The Gift!
  22. Not the original, but he is on here....
  23. Hopefully these clubs will **** off and get booted out of english football altogether. They can take their plastic fans with them, get renamed to give them more pizazz like Manchester Red Devil’s and Liverpool Liverbirds, Tottenham Massive Cocks etc. We can then all laugh at some clubs finishing bottom and being subjected to more of the same the following season. Managers getting sacked every week, fans in the Middle East can adopt them and the plastic supporters can go back to supporting their local clubs. Football has been a ticking time bomb since the abolition of salary caps and had to be due a reset at some point. Anyone who thinks a closed shop would be good for the game needs a head wobble. Football is about players playing with passion and belief, real fans, escapism from life, dreams, giant-killing, falling and rebuilding, magic. Too much money in the game has turned this once beautiful game into a sterile corporate ‘entertainment’ business fuelled by greed and petulance. Let’s hope it’s the start of the great reset which brings fans and clubs closer together again and provides us with real hopes and dreams. I would love that.
  24. And now you’re gonna believe us, and now you’re gonna believe us, and now you’re gonna believe uuuuuuuuuuuuuuus............. No, we’re not.
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