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  1. Heading back towards..... As Wally says, “These things take time”. Hopefully next season they will be one step closer to the dream....Division 5.
  2. More like 7 points adrift with their goal difference. They are down. Happy days!
  3. Hopefully in just a few more weeks they will be...... Back where they belong....League 2
  4. He’s not jealous, but he chooses to compare Rovers to City in a long post to convince himself and other Sags that he is not and then proceeds to slag us off like a jealous bellend. Could have saved himself a lot of time by simply not bothering to write such drivel in the first place. So, in essence, he’s jealous and thinks his own club is tinpot.
  5. I don’t know why it wasn’t working. It’s like coming up with a different team for the weekend and still getting the same results!
  6. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/1-tgbBqWs_o" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. Bristol’s first drinker of the day. That pint is ‘going down’ well.
  8. Hope their doom is confirmed before the end of the season.
  9. I thought the Sags loved Sunderland? The only team in red and white that they could give hugs to? Now the Mackems are slagging off their Tinpot Commune. Any more of this and the GHS will be head-butting car windows!
  10. At one stage they looked like they were going to pull away from the drop zone and then Wimbledon and Wigan rack up the goals, Northampton equalise and the Sags sink into the bottom four again. They don’t know where their next goal is coming from and it’s all the refs fault and they are the victims, but they are also saying that they are shit. Shit victims then. Goodnight Irene.....Sometimes Sags have a great notion to jump in the river and drown.
  11. I have a few belters in the memory bank. That is where it will stay though. Long time ago now.
  12. I think it was during the long FaceTime interview with SL following the dismissal of DH? I remember it too and something about how fans don’t understand the amount of good that MA does for the club. MA picked up an award for his work with the EFL.
  13. You can see why he is such a perfect fit for Rovers. Looking forward to him accusing himself of being a Ted.
  14. Correct. Seem to remember a certain conversation being banded about at the time when a player allegedly said something along the lines of 'I've played in the Premier League and all you have done is manage Latvia you fat ****'. Shortly after the said player was offloaded. There was certainly something well off when GJ was initially appointed and he wanted players who were committed and hungry for success and I remember that he put quotes up on the wall to the amusement and ridicule of some at the time. He shook it up and we very nearly reached the Premier League. NP is right when he says that games aren't just won on the pitch, but in the minds as a collective and he has called out the fact that this current team is one full of individuals with their own 'issues' and it needs to be changed in order to move this club forward. The club have got themselves into this mess by selling first and then trying to fill the gaps afterwards, or at least it appears that way. In order to stay on the gravy train they need to be planning for anyone to leave and have a number of potential replacements lined up. They also need to absolutely as a minimum ensure that the 'spine' of the team remains in place. This season it is clearly evident that the engine room in midfield is lacking in the quality required to take charge of the game and this is why we have been second best in a lot of games this season. When our midfield are giving their best we have a chance, but all too often one or more aren't committed enough and the writing is on the wall in terms of the result.
  15. We have only won 3 matches where the opposition has taken the lead first all season. As a team the players not only lack belief in themselves, but also their trust in the players around them to be able to turn a negative situation into a positive one. As soon as we fall behind you can see players looking to get rid of the hot potato (the ball). They look to play the easy sideways and backwards ball unless pressed by the opposition when a little look up results in a team of static players failing to create space to receive the ball. At this point the ball is either hit long and hopeful or (as in Tommy Rowe’s case yesterday) they decide to play it backwards, get caught out and punished. Professional players know their jobs, but in an underperforming team they are required to put in extra work, move out of their comfort position to accommodate weaknesses in other areas and consume more energy. Would anybody in any job be happy to take on someone else’s work for the same money and then potentially set themselves up to be told that they are useless or that they don’t produce enough? Of course not. Our squad is an unbalanced one. Players of differing quality. Some are good enough and some aren’t for whatever reason (Abilty, Experience, Age). Until we get a team on the pitch of Championship quality throughout we will continue to see the same inconsistencies. We can blame experienced individuals for not doing enough when the reality is that some around them simply aren’t good enough. It’s more than just DNA, it’s about balance, the old ‘spine of a team’ analogy. We have lacked balance for a long time and we certainly don’t have Championship strength in depth. If we are serious about reaching the Premier League we need this and it won’t come cheap.
  16. These players are an absolute disgrace.
  17. FFS. Sags winning too. They’ll be singing the blues tonight. I’m done for today. Take what is left of some Bank Holiday back.
  18. We cannot afford to concede first. Whenever that happens you can’t see this lot getting back into a game. 1 down and we fall to pieces. It’s a massive psychological problem with this squad.
  19. I bet they don’t have Championship ready sprinklers though? Apparently the clubhouse is the size of 2 70’s semi’s. I know a few Sags still stuck in the 70’s who get semi’s when City lose.
  20. Meanwhile, over at ‘The Colony’. They have built a permanent structure at their ‘game changer’ of a facility. A little toilet block I think?
  21. Wonder who they will be travelling to in numbers next year for their annual ‘cup final’ in League 2 now that their buddies from Sunderland are unlikely to be in the same division? Would have to be a club similar to the stature of Rovers, a very big fish, a club with a similar infrastructure......Salford it is then!
  22. They load the gun for us every single time. If it were a game of Top Trumps every game would be over in less than 30 seconds for the fewer. Why do these muppets keep doing it to themselves? Because they are absolutely deluded belters.
  23. However bad we are, we haven’t lost to a team wearing our away shirts which relegated us out of the football league altogether. Well done gift givers.
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