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  1. I can relate to this. Honestly, it was incessant during the 80's. Before that time I hadn't been particularly bothered about Rovers. They hid under their rocks during the late 70's but crawled out when the wheels started to come off at Ashton Gate. I didn't understand why they wanted to ram their dislike of City down my throat, but in later years a good mate of mine who is unfortunately a Gashead revealed the problem from his and his mates perspective and for me it highlighted quite clearly why the problem is actually theirs and not ours...... When we got promoted to Division One it was all about Bristol City, not just City but the prospect of having the best players and teams in the land coming to Bristol on a regular basis. Suddenly all of the newspaper main headlines were about City, the local TV sports reporting was City first, the main sports news and match of the day brought even more attention to Bristol City and for Rovers fans it felt like they were being bombarded by City related interest. They felt aggrieved by this as there were two teams in Bristol and they felt like they were being forgotten about. Even when they had a great result they were always pushed down the pecking order in terms of coverage and reporting. They saw it as a 'bias' towards Bristol City and became frustrated, annoyed, envious and jealous and took it out on the City fan base. In reality, it's no different from hearing about the Premier League nowadays and rarely hearing about either of our local clubs because there isn't a wider interest. It is why they always feel hard done by and why they continuously play the victim. So when the bubble eventually burst and we crashed down the leagues they reveled in our demise. At last we could begin to feel like they had felt, insignificant to the world of football. This underlying bitterness and resentment has continued to fester throughout the years and every so often it rises to the surface. It happens if they win and we lose, it happens when something good happens for us (like the arrival of SL and the rebuild of AG and the club's infrastructure), or when we are in the spotlight (like the Carabao Cup run). Times like these are when they become extremely agitated. If they win promotion they're suddenly "Coming for Bristol City". They can't just be content with their own success and leave it at that. Only a few weeks ago they picked up a win on the same day that City lost and immediately took to social media "Singing The Blues". They just can't help themselves. They compare everything to City as their yardstick. It really is very sad, but my god, doesn't it make them an easy target to wind up and rip the piss out of?!!!
  2. Why? When it comes to embarrassment the amount of gifts from Rovers is ******* endless!
  3. I think the obsession case was put to bed by the Villa fans who attended the Mem. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/VW9N0OiSxq8" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> They have always believed that City are delusional and up themselves when in fact it all comes down to their own inferiority complex and envy. I guess we are in awe of how they continuously embarrass themselves and provide hours, days, months and years of material that we can utilise to take the piss out of them with consummate ease. They’re always hard done by, try to have cringeworthy love-ins with Man City and Sunderland, celebrate staying up only to get relegated out of the football league the very next week and do you know what the worst thing about Gasheads is?....They can’t wait to dish it out, but as soon as you give it back they can’t take it and throw all their teddies out of the pram. We know they HATE having the piss taken out of them so much that it causes them to have a meltdown / turn violent and so that is the exact reason why we do it. If they didn’t constantly bleat on about going one better than ‘da shit’ we could end this thread tomorrow, but no, they only have themselves to blame. Absolute belters the ******* lot of them!
  4. Hopefully not much longer before we get to hear Twentypence ask........ ”Mike? What are you thinking? Tell me what you’re thinking....”
  5. One said "Can't believe that a club like Fleetwood has stood by him"..... Then their own Tinpot club actually appoints him. The gift
  6. Similar to how I see it. Palmer half asleep today unfortunately. Shame because Walsh and Massengo look busy.
  7. To the tune of "19" by Paul Hardcastle........ "In 1965, Eastville seemed like just another football ground, but it wasn't, it was different in many ways and so were those who did the squatting"
  8. I think from what Nigel Pearson has said in his various interviews that he is genuinely excited to be at Ashton Gate and it is a challenge that he is relishing. I feel that this is a good fit from both sides of the fence. He seems happy that he has time to fully assess the situation at City and that City can see how he gets on. I’m sure that if we get through this season and end it on a positive note (avoid relegation) then I’m confident that Steve Lansdown will pull out the stops to get him tied up to a longer deal. He is certainly the calibre of manager we need if we are genuinely serious about taking this club forward. I’m sure the footballing world will put us in the spotlight a bit more now that we have Nigel at the helm.
  9. Tonight we are finally reunited as a fan base. Happy clapping all round!
  10. **** me. Looks like I’ll be going down twice this year!
  11. They can pick the verse that starts, “I never felt more like running away” or “I never felt more like crying all night”
  12. After watching this today I’d rather we put out the entire under 23’s side, because it can’t get much worse.
  13. And who would blame him. We are a laughing stock in the wider football community.
  14. This has been coming for a while now. It was only a matter of time before we were showed up for how poor we really are. Even those with rose-tinted specs must be beginning to take them off.
  15. I think that their little love-in with Sunderland might come to an end now, especially now that LJ the Sheed’ead is in charge. All they will see now is Red, White, Lee Johnson, Sheeds, Obsession, Meltdown etc
  16. Just seen on the news about celebrities up for a 2021 SAG award....what’s the prizes? A glass of fake Fanta, some out of date crisps, some championship ready sprinklers, VIP visit to Santa’s Grotty, a set of white plastic chairs or a year’s subscription to Babestation?
  17. The club is currently managing the Covid situation and avoiding the risk of plunging the club into financial difficulty. We are unlikely to go down and we aren’t over-committing ourselves which on paper is a very sensible thing to do. However, as a supporter I look at the division this year and think that the quality isn’t as good as it has been in previous years. With a few decent acquisitions there is every opportunity for any club to make a realistic push for the Premier League. In a way I am envious of Brentford because it looks like they might actually do it this season. I think they are serious when it comes to Premier League ambition. I don’t think we are. You can see clearly that this is about sustainability and getting our academy players into the first team to plug the holes. Dean Holden is giving these players the opportunity and that is evident. I don’t think any experienced manager who wants success would want to go this route, but this is obviously the remit given to Dean and he is following the plan. I haven’t seen any evidence that these youngsters are ready to mount a serious Premier League challenge. There are times when one or two have had a decent game, but the consistency isn’t there which is why we have some experienced heads in there to try and bring them on. At times though you can see the frustration of some of the experienced pros because the movement isn’t there, the choice of pass isn’t there, the positional awareness isn’t there, the creativity isn’t there and the confidence isn’t there. The quality of football is poor because we are blooding players who are learning on the job. Some will get better and some won’t be able to cut it. Also, with a horrific treatment table the constant shift in personnel makes it extremely difficult to play with any consistency. When we fill the gap with a young player we look vulnerable in certain areas. The experienced players are having to work harder to cover for mistakes and to me this is why we are unable to create many chances and start to become more and more ineffective as the game progresses. We haven’t had a complete capitulation though which we had every season under Lee Johnson, but again I think that has a lot to do with the quality of the opposition in the division this season not being as strong as in previous years. This is work in progress, but unfortunately for the fans it isn’t very entertaining to watch.
  18. Completely devoid of any ideas. The Tombola is back out.
  19. We have created nothing today. Cardiff happy to sit on a 2 goal lead and keep going to ground to run the clock down. Every time a Cardiff player trips the ref stops the game and they are playing for it. So poor.
  20. Do we actually have a game plan or is it just go out and run around a bit?
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