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  1. I thought they weren't great in the first half either. Better in possession further up the field but still making lots of mistakes at the back. I do think we have pressed well however, with the pick of the bunch being Adam Nagy.
  2. Have to say MK Dons look dreadful and 90% of out opportunities has came from us pressing their mistakes.
  3. Albeit inconsistent, I think Kasey is the most naturally gifted footballer we have at the club by some distance, there's definitely a player in there. I think to see the best out of him he needs to be given a bit more leeway. I know fans have gave him chances, but a confidence and flair player like Kasey will always need an extended run of games and a team built around him. I think you have two options with a player of his ilk: 1) build a team around his creativity full of hard workers and a natural finisher (Afobe, Wells), 2) sell him and take a gamble on another player that could possibly suit our current system better. For me football is all about entertainment, I would obviously like to watch a winning team, but seeing players like Kasey, JET even Tomlin are the sort of players that make me really enjoy the beautiful game. Of course I'd love to have a De Bruyne type player who has it all but realistically it's extremely unlikely and there will be caveats with players at this level. Just want to add Kasey is only 24 still and with the expectation of a Chelsea upbringing I think this is sometimes overlooked.
  4. True, I think penalties may appeal to some more, but I don’t think many people would say that extra time in general is an appealing factor. I may be wrong, just my view of course.
  5. It’s crazy how far out of touch UEFA really are with the people who pay and watch the games. Away goals and the constantly changing scenario worked beautifully and I can’t see any reason to change something that wasn’t broken in the first place.
  6. What was said? I had turned off before it got to this.
  7. It's been a long time coming for Brentford and fully deserved. A club which is extremely well run and very likeable with its ethos of playing. I agree with the posters @Midlands Robin that I think they will finish the highest of the promoted bunch. If anyone has seen the movie moneyball, Brentford remind me of this. A philosophy of recruiting we have tried to employ under johnson yet came up short. Congratulations to Brentford and Matthew Benham, everyone loves an underdog (even if they were the favourites today)!
  8. Yep Wells is someone who I’ve had more patience with than I should have, but I now can’t stand the bloke. I really believed he could be the 20+ goal a season striker and I don’t think he’s had the supply, but at the same time I think he’s been truly dreadful.
  9. But I think his current abilities sit well bellow what we supposedly aim for (promotion). Understandably we will be changing our hopes next season and I’d take a mid table finish with more entertainment. I guess I could go on to name more traits e.g. lack of movement, but I felt those were the most necessary to highlight. I think with good recruitment we could get a far better striker for the value we paid. They might not have as good goals to game ratio, or they may surpass Fams, but I think they will add more value to the team. I’d much rather be a more fluid team and score goals elsewhere, and finish in the same position if it meant conceding more goals but that’s down to opinion.
  10. To be honest I think Fam was underrated (or fairly rated, depending on your stance) because he offered little else apart from fairly decent finishing and being good at defending corners. His link up play was atrocious for a big man... Personally not that sad to see him leave although wish him the best for the rest of his career.
  11. I forgot how bad the standard of football is in league one, can’t say I’ll be in a rush to watch another game anytime soon.
  12. https://www.poscitech.com/bristol-rovers-vs-sunderland/?streamerName=Freetvlive1&origin=red.soccerstreams.net Working for me
  13. Unsure on this deal. Not sure what benefit it gives us by signing him, only see potential downside with his convicted allegations. for me a talented ageing footballer with serious convictions over his head. If what he has been convicted for is true (which I believe is the case) then I think it’s morally a poor decision. I trust Nige in his recruitment and some part of me likes that this shows he’s going to get control over signings, but at the same time, I think at what cost? Do we sell integrity for our position? It’s something I don’t know I can agree with. I agree with innocent until proven guilty and he’s been found guiltily so I stick with my principles of not associating with him whatsoever, despite what I think about his girlfriend based on her testimony. the funny thing is Nige could literally employ 11 convicted criminals and if we got to the premiership, 80% of the fan base would be happy. For me, footballs more than just success. It’s about community, leadership, entertainment etc... these traits I value more than so called selling our soul for success
  14. I’m presuming a resounding “yes” to be the majority answer but more for the reason why he would. Personally I feel Nige see’s the ‘potential’ this club has and will extend his stay. What are the pros and the cons of taking the Bristol City managers job long term and does it outweigh the negatives of been at this club as a manager at this current time?
  15. I’ve just watched it and I understand a lot of what he says is corporate talk and the same old rhetoric, but I tend to agree with most of the things he says. The main thing I disagree with him on is the fact he highlighted our recruitment process as very good, where I’d argue it’s been average at a stretch. He seems intent on keeping Mark Ashton and although there’s a witch hunt out for Ashton at the minute, I’m still undecided. I think he does good and bad things in his role. I think he’s good at negotiating transfer fees and corporate parts of the business that a lot of fans don’t see, but I also think he’s poor on the recruitment side. What Steve’s interview highlights to me is that fact that we won’t be hiring a McCarthy or Warnock and it is more likely to be a Howe or Cooke (albeit it might not be to their calibre), but there was a stress on long term appointment.
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