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  1. I think that NP is 100% correct about terrible decisions such as giving or not giving a penalty decision or a sending off decision. You can work as hard as you like, get the best players available, build a team and club only for an ineffectual ref or linesman to eff it all up. The Championship works on such incredibly fine margins around both the play off positions and the relegation positions. Any number of points lost in one game can be the difference between a crack at the Prem for some or the trap door to L1 for others. I'm pleased he said it and hope it leads to something more than a footnote on Skysports. However, the comments about chucking the towel in at BCFC as a result is unsettling and does nothing to help those of us who have question marks about Nige's position at our club. Every time I start seeing NP through @Davefevsglasses, the bloody lenses fall out.
  2. Sorry- I should have done you a series of graphs and pointy arrows
  3. Well.... there's a scene where the paranormal investigation team tell the family about their most successful investigation where a toy car was measured to have moved about a quarter of an inch in 12 hrs They then get to go to "the bedroom". I'm more of the bedroom type of guy.
  4. Dave, have you ever watched Poltergeist the Steven Spielberg movie?
  5. apart from that? and dont you dare mention aqueducts, irrigation, medicine, sanitation, wine. peace , order or education.
  6. Anyways @lenred- welcome back after a 5 month absence from posting comments on here and glad you're still absolutely as polarised about NP as you always were- there's no middle ground for you and I do love consistency in such a volatile forum. Hopefully you'll be able to overcome your embarrassment and post some more?
  7. Be specific - or become your own joke
  8. I think Andi Weimann has been brilliant for BCFC since he signed for us. The fact that he scoring so regularly is fantastic but is this down to NP? Why not mention Scott and Semenyo .... (also signed by Lee Johnson) Yes a win on the weekend will help the mood but please remember that NP has created a record of the longest lack of back to back wins..... and the longest ever lack of home wins so after a year and a half of poor results we get quite excited with a win. So - a great night and a good win but over the top reactions like yours invariably perpetuate the over the top reactions that we've seen after two losses and a draw. Nige has done nothing in the league so far so I dont get your "turning point" comment. Another 3 losses and ...meltdown relegation .... another 3 wins and we've won the league.
  9. Just in case you guys didn't see it the first time.
  10. My Cornish holiday is gurt lush. Even better than Severn beach. It's a proper job by City We will win drekly.
  11. Top Cat! The most effectual! Top Cat! Who's intellectual!* Close friends get to call him "T.C.," Providing it's with dignity! Top Cat! The indisputable leader of the gang. He's the boss, he's a VIP, he's a championship. He's the most tip top, Top Cat. Yes, he's the chief, he's a king, But above everything, He's the most tip top, Top Cat! source: https://www.lyricsondemand.com/tvthemes/topcatlyrics.html
  12. It's quite simple- we are going to win this match.
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