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  1. Always important to remember to wear a silver crucifix by way of balance or possible irony.
  2. Relax- we couldn't afford them.
  3. Well to be fair- if we were playing Hull or Reading etc then I doubt they'd mention the game. We are playing a play off side who could be in the Prem next season and have everything to play for so they are the only exciting thing about this match. Personally, I'm off for a pint by the sea in sunny Cornwall so may take a brief look at the game if I remember.
  4. Yep, it's all about opinions. I just struggle with the one that is: Lee Johnson= everything bad Nigel Pearson= everything good I like the one's in between where LJ did some good and NP has done some bad and vice versa.
  5. Very good- just change the parameters to suit your crumbling position . You didn't mention spending so why introduce it unless you are backtracking? Why introduce who has improved under NP- different subject - you said dross and I stated the current first team players who were signed during LJ's management. Moore is on loan and is not "dross" and Wells is certainly not dross although having been largely out of the team , it is now hard to say. I have no doubt there will be other clubs keen for his services albeit at a different price point as is now the case for most clubs. Vyner was an academy player and at the time of being offered a new contract- it made total sense but no doubt he is a bad player in spite of NP as opposed to improving under him- narrative. So , the bottom line is that your contention is that you think LJ signed "dross" and I have stated otherwise and highlighted that every player with any real value ( RA being a possible exception) was signed on LJ's watch and if we raise any funds through sales- it's because LJ signed some cracking players- not dross.
  6. So opinions: Let's take a look at the "dross" (your words) in the first team signed by Lee Johnson : Bentley Weiman Dasilva Baker Massengo Scott Pring Palmer ODowda So which current first team players have a value which BCFC can reasonably expect to benefit from if sold ( all signed under LJ):- Bentley Massengo Semenyo Scott Weiman Dasilva (Atkinson - NP signing) Meanwhile Baker is very good on his day but always injured, Pring is ok, O'Dowda and Palmer quite poor for us . NP has signed : James King Simpson Tanner Atkinson of which Atkinson can genuinely be seen to have an increased value.
  7. "You're naive if you feel..." If you're going to respond to my post with a put down then may I suggest you actually do so with at least less than one spelling error and one grammatical error in your opening sentence otherwise it makes you look like an uneducated dullard.
  8. Just for the sake of clarity- please remind me of those "brilliant moments" this season of which you speak? I suppose winning at home and avoiding the longest homeless win run in EFL history by one game was a relief and felt good whilst beating Cardiff was extremely satisfying but I'm stuck for any truly "brilliant" moments for several seasons.
  9. Keep on 'blaming the mess LJ and Ashton left us in' even though Lee left 2 years and 3 seasons ago? Alternatively, BCFC must ensure that any incomings are players who will be relevant to any new manager who replaces Nigel in the event that his record at this club continues.
  10. Brilliant- thanks, I'll be recounting that story for years and as I read it on OTIB - it must be true. Jet taught me never ever to get attached to a player again and I never have. They come- they go but few are as enigmatic as Jet.
  11. Why on earth did the OP need to start another thread on NP? I have a perfectly good one and only opened with 3 words ( which guaranteed that anyone who wanted to stop reading didn't get the chance unless they stopped at "that" or "is" but by the time readers got to "all" - it was definitely too late.
  12. I think that at this point I'm in the can anyone of those do worse camp. What we don't know is who is realistically available at the end of this season or what the thinking is or what the budget is or whether we get a sell on bonus or cash-in on one or two of our players and if so, how much? It's not our job and whilst speculation is great fun it is merely that alone. Despite a popular narrative that we are a basket case of a club- we are still an attractive proposition to many prospective Managers with brilliant facilities,Stadium, Performance centre, stable UK ownership and several emerging youth talents as well as some decent players in our squad. It's not all doom and gloom.
  13. @BCFC Richard Yep- it was a direct reply to @billywedlockwho stated that NP has worked a miracle and my wine into water comment was my belief that Nige has not made the best of the 'clubs in his bag'- in fact making them less good. My feelings on the yoof he has blooded is that this has been down to no other choice ( sometimes only in his mind) but several of them were going to be knocking on the door before long in any case. The academy players are a result of years of hard work well before NP was even a glint in SL's eye and cannot be held responsible for their development. I struggle with how he has handled them- Towler in particular. He overlooked Dasilva and everyone felt it was a sign that he had no future here but NP had to play him and Dasilva is playing largely as he always could and should. There are no "miracles" in this. Palmer is not so rubbish that he shouldn't be considered at all and the Bentley stand off was unfortunate whilst the Bakinson spat was pathetic. My belief is that NP has sewn doubt and discord in the squad when results are poor and constantly threatens players - it isn't tough love , it's a smokescreen of his own lack of game management or how he sets the team up.He seems incapable of ever saying- I got this one wrong. Nor me! He has clearly struggled with his health and the challenge this presents when combined with the challenge at BCFC is probably too much for anyone . I think if he leaves he can do so having a 5/10 report card- nothing good and nothing bad all things considered.
  14. It is indeed "cult" like ( possibly the spelling could be questioned). I really don't get how NP is still seen as the solution when clearly he is part of the problem. Yesterday was horrible when the songs towards the end were really not helpful whilst the players applauding the fans got some unpleasant abuse. Perhaps NP acolytes feel he is with the fans and against the club? He has certainly been highly critical of the club yet not of his own failings. NP ,imho, has never bonded with this club and, I suspect, is now looking at how best to protect his own financial position and reputation as I doubt very much he'll be much in demand anywhere else.
  15. Here we go again. Who "people want" We just don't get the choice on this. Is it a rhetorical question when people ask this? Why is that when people question a Manager they are expected to state their replacement yet when they criticise a player they are not expected to name a suitable replacement from another club who is affordable available , better and would come here? Please also remember that many on these particular pages don't actually go to games but formulate opinions based on 'watching' the radio or MDT. Even the TV is suspect for seeing the whole game as much movement is off screen and lost to the viewer. The likelyhood of NP leaving is growing each game and whoever people would want to replace him is irrelevant because we don't make the decisions . We get what we're given because BCFC is an autocracy but we can decide whether we support any decision with hard cash because that's our freedom of choice.
  16. Except it wasn't "my word"- I didnt mention any such "miracle appointment". If you want to quote me to illustrate a point then at least be accurate please. @billywedlock stated that he thought NP "is doing a miracle" and I countered that "turning wine into water was a different type of miracle". Your AW comments are comments taken from here- and certainly something I've never subscribed to- the fact that a small number of posters used the old "just runs around a lot" has nothing to do with some amazing turn around for the player due to NP. Perhaps from an entirely one dimensional view, NP has indeed achieved the goal required by many- to stay up and in isolation is enough. In my opinion is that he hasn't galvanised the squad, the performances have been really poor and he hasn't shown enough to warrant a third season. I think we have a greater quality squad than our results and performances suggest and even admitted to by Nige in his post match yesterday. It's all rather academic in that whatever you or I think has little relevance as to whether NP will be granted a third season. I dont think he should and I also believe that there will be other individuals who can take us forward and would be very happy to come here. NP is not the only man in Europe capable of making progress for BCFC.
  17. Turning wine into water is a different type of miracle. Why is it that whenever someone is not happy with Nigel they have to say who should replace them? And there will never be an appointment which is 100% supported. Let me ask you the exact same question- you are not happy with this squad so who should replace them ? Players with more ability? Players who give everything they've got? It's a pointless conversation as neither you nor I have any idea as to who may be available or what funds are available and we certainly don't have an ability to make appointments or signings. If you feel, for example, that Vyner is not good enough then that's fine but I wouldn't expect you to identify who should replace him from another club. Your point about any players is exactly my point about the Manager.
  18. What more do we need to witness? Nige has had his time and done the best he is is capable of in very difficult circumstances. It's not all bad but I just cant see how a manager with one of the worst records in living memory should be given another season to prove what many of us already believe- that he's no longer the right man to take us forward. This season's record of 22 losses 8 draws and 12 wins is more than poor. 4th worst GD in the division and hasn't won 2 games in a row since he arrived 14 months ago and 4 clean sheets in 41 games.
  19. IMO- the combo of things that will add up will be poor results since Nige came here and lack of progress on the pitch. I think SL also may well feel "I dont need this shit'. I genuinely don't see NP as the long term solution just part of a much bigger problem. As for NP walking- I suspect that will only happen when left with no other option and will be substantially down to his current management ability not withstanding his successes of yesteryear.
  20. 'Us against the world' - not something we've seen from any NP team- no passion , no putting bodies on the line, no pride in the shirt ( other than in glimpses and exceptions to the rule). Deductions of points are real as far as the table goes but also help mask the real position of where we really are in terms of progress. As for Derby - perhaps this is more about the Manager, the same cant be said for Reading.
  21. So Derby were deducted 21 points and Reading 6. Without this it would put Derby above and Reading 1 point behind with a game in hand. As I said- let's see where the season takes us and see how close it was after the final 6 matches. Agenda's work both ways. Some take it very personally if anyone criticises Nigel so I suggest you man up- I'm not a loan voice.
  22. Were you sitting in on the interview? If Cook decided he didn't like what he saw then he was perfectly capable of turning the job down. From a CV point of view in pretty much any profession, it is better to be offered the job- people who say they deliberately sabotaged their interview because they didnt want the job are invariably full of sh*t. Can you just explain why in 14 months Pearson has not managed a back to back win? The constant deflection from Nige's genuinely poor record due to external factors - LJ/MA/SL/Refs/Parachutes/injuries/money and whatever comes to mind is wearing very thin and has been for some time. He has done some good in some areas but I can't see any sign whatsoever that after 14 months and one of the worst records in recent BCFC history that he's the right man to take us forward. I just can't see it and it has nothing whatsoever to do with agendas or some misplaced dislike of the fella. See above
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