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  1. Surely the Atyeo is due for re-development? It's certainly been talked about by BS. If it was two tier then away fans top tier and City fans below and thus being behind the goal.At both ends. Having the entire Atyeo for away fans ( when well supported clubs come) is giving teams an advantage which we don't tend to get get elsewhere. Mind you, any team coming to Ashton Gate generally seem to have an advantage by turning up, collecting 3 points and then going home.
  2. I do believe you're a tad fractious. I certainly have never said I didn't want him here. I have just shared my thoughts on a forum that his results have been truly abysmal and his ability to turn results around has been non existent so far and he has failed, so far, to achieve some thing that DH did earlier in the season.. New season - new team , new opportunities Honestly- you really need to calm down and allow some on here to question exactly what progress Nige has been making and why. And for the record- no one has yet been personal about his height ,weight, parentage etc.
  3. Hopefully not in respect of his own ability.
  4. This guy will not leave me alone. I'll go to his testimonial just to make sure he definitely retires and just pray he doesn't get into management.
  5. I had a dream last night that was so real - the score was 3-0 but i just don't know whether that was us or Millwall. I remember waking up during the night and thinking i should lump some money on it.
  6. I'm really excited about the bit between the end of the season and the beginning of the next one. Can't wait.
  7. Personally- I thought it was an interesting OP so cheers for that. I do enjoy watching a bit of Rugby but this is usually restricted to 6 Nations/World cup. All I know is that BCFC is making me less inclined to buy a season ticket and this has zero to do with NP either way. The idea of watching a team from my home City that are going in the right direction and winning things is seductive. If that makes me a glory hunter then so be it. I'm a little tired of watching the abject nonsense that has been served up in very recent times by three different Managers and a club who seem oblivious. I'd love to know how you get on and the differences you experience from switching sports. Update next season please- irrespective of the bashers.
  8. Yes I can see it now. Cheap option , no bloody ambition, etc.
  9. I read a contract of an Arsenal player - it was quite short and he was getting £3 per week and also got a silver plated tea tray for his service. I just love watching The Antiques Roadshow.
  10. Agreed- but most were just not good enough during his (GJ)era . Not a trick question as I genuinely can't remember but who did he have in the youth category that he overlooked and who went on to excel here or elsewhere who were 1st team material at that time?
  11. I've just read it. ( I just didn't read the 6 pages of comments as I'm finding too many threads a bit fractious atm ) I have to say it's probably the best thing Ive read by a journalist at the Post in many many years. He's nailed it in such an even handed manner and sums up pretty much exactly how I feel. Very insightful article indeed.
  12. Well - here's a first- Davefevs ! One of your enduring qualities as a poster has always been to keep your cool and carry on. I guess that the entire state of BCFC as it stands has affected deeply committed fans more than the forever LJ debate. For my part- it has also, not in anger but in complete and utter absence of a passion which has kept me a fan for ever. Pearson or embarrassingly "Piercy" as the OP stated- I can't get enthusiastic about because I can't get enthusiastic about the rest of it.
  13. Nice project with loads of potential just needs a bit of work. It'll look great when its finished.
  14. No- probably not. What I think is for SL to sit down and have a very serious chat about what he really wants, in the mirror.
  15. Ok- guys. I realise that everyone's a bit peed off but my suggestion of appointing the kit man who is as mad as a box of frogs is humour and if you considered it seriously then take a whooooooosh.
  16. I didn't support DH any more than I try to support any Manager. I certainly didn't want him to take the role but think he did really well in the circumstances up until the last seven. I'll support NP if appointed which I think may be increasingly unlikely on both sides. I'll keep on saying it until I'm blue deep red in the face- our problems run SO much deeper than a Manager. Or a woeful first 11.
  17. This is OTIB where pure conjecture is critical in most debates.
  18. " a breath of fresh air"? Appoint Scott Murray.
  19. So how is what I and others say 'an Agenda'? There are opinions. Look, I agree 2 months is early days but here's the problem- NP will want 3 years, a transfer budget that may be beyond SL's wishes. He'll want all new staff, coaches etc. In terms of investment it's probably £10-£20 million and what if, just if, it turns out NP whose last success was 2015 has the best of his career behind him and is no good? The results and performances are not really suggesting anything else so far. In terms of the highlighted section above: Try telling that to the Watford fans who've just gone straight back up.
  20. Sorry, Nick but when I've questioned both results and performances I've just received an Agenda tag from you. I think fans have a right to have an opinion about whether NP is right. The results are abysmal and yet even now posters are saying appoint Pearson NOW I completely agree with a decision being made at the end of the season but a very considered and quick one. There is no Manager in the world that can sort our problems in isolation. That's not an "Agenda" - it's a fact.
  21. That'll teach me to make a positive comment. I just don't get wtf is going on at this club. Other than the facilities- I just can't see any positives in anything. SL's chat with NP was obviously motivational.
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