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  1. I think a psychologist would describe the blue few as short man syndrome in club form. Hi sags we know you are reading this.
  2. Down without even a whimper, how very rovers.
  3. Only an out of date Kit Kat though
  4. Well im a real mug for not checking the scores last night. This is becoming a bloody good week
  5. I had never heard it all before, the use of Mad World behind the commentary of saint Colin of Daniel (Blessed be his name) sending them down nearly doubled me up
  6. I would like to thank the saggie's for keeping our spirits up at this difficult time. Well played lads, give yourselves a high six!
  7. Under used and played out of position, but I still liked him. Soren Anderson.
  8. Well that survey was fun. What could be done to improve the catering... In date food and drink would be a nice change.
  9. Plucky underdogs earn a draw, but mighty Bromley will surely take care of business back home. Was underdog a good word to use? I guess so now Dopey has gone.
  10. I assume the ultimate level is Holloway's fluffer...
  11. It's a misunderstanding, it was a £2 coin and it was a takeover bid.
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