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  1. If I was a woman I would bear his unborn love-child without a moment’s hesitation
  2. Do you have tits? I have man-melons, if that’s any help
  3. When I used to play Football Manager on my ZX Spectrum as a wee laddie I used to always, without fail, change Arsenal’s name to “Arsehole” before I started playing a season. Extremely juvenile but eminently satisfying .
  4. That is a really classy farewell message. Fair play to him with a lot of respect.
  5. I used to like Gregor, but he is starting to get a bit silly now and may soon be in need of a public milking
  6. Joking apart with tongue firmly out of cheek, I am exactly the same. I grow my own veg and love cooking Indian veggie dishes. If there is any country in the world that has truly mastered the art of cooking without meat it is India. However if I was sitting on Death Row, a mere two hours away from being electrocuted through my testicles, my final hurrah simply could not be anything other than a large, rare dripping bleeding steak Flesh is Best!
  7. Anyone else going to smuggle in a meat pie? Or something else suitably carnivorous? Eat Flesh!
  8. I reckon I could ‘ave ‘im! Does anyone know his mobile number? I want to challenge him to a fight
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