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  1. It hasn't worked that well for Bristol City, ideally we need a 45 minute first half and a 44 minute second half.
  2. Getting himself up to Edinburgh so he can boo LJ at his first home game at Easter Road
  3. Clay, Annan, Cottle, Hanlin, Wedlock, Spear, Staniforth, Burton, Hardy, Gilligan, Hilton. Bristol City 1909 v Manchester United. Done from memory
  4. Just checked and they were formed in 1903 as Young Fellows of Zurich. Young Boys were also around prior to 1907 so my hunch they were an earlier form of Young Boys was incorrect
  5. I think Young Fellows became Young Boys a year or two later. I'm unsure as to whether Madrid FC were the forerunners of Real or Atletico
  6. If there had been a European Champions League in the 1907-08 season, these would have been the qualifiers, the criteria being to finish Champions or runners-up in the national League of that country or in Spain's case, the cup winner and runner-up in the previous season: Celtic Dundee RCF Paris Roubaix Freiburger FC Viktoria Berlin Servette Young Fellows (Not to be confused with Scunthorpe United) Madrid FC Club Bizcaya Ferencvaros Magyar Atletikai Club Milan (AC) Torino Newcastle United Bristol City I reckon we would've been joint favourites along with Newcastle United. Wouldn't have minded seeing Viktoria Berlin at the Gate as long as she didn't bring David.
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