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  1. The FA did ban him from football activities about 50 times in his career. They're just waiting for him to pop his clogs and it's then safe for them to send official noticification of this.
  2. As others have said, Brown didn't outfox Gary Johnson. We had bad luck on the day with McCoombe pulling out through illness and then Orr getting badly injured early on when Bristol City were on top. Unfortunately, Johnson, as he did several times that season, rather than make a substitution straight away let us play on for several minutes with ten men while Orr received lengthy treatment. It was then that City surrendered the initiative and when Orr returned to the pitch clearly far from 100%, Hull scored. They didn't do a great deal after that especially when Orr was finally substituted and they were again playing 11 fit men. I would hardly call that Phil Brown outfoxing Gary Johnson more a case of bad luck on the day and then GJ outfoxing himself.
  3. I heard a very strong rumour that around 1990 when a certain pacy winger of ours left the club, slightly unexpectedly, to sign for another west country outfit it was because a teammate, a defender signed from a big Merseyside club, was having an affair with the winger's wife.
  4. Yes and each new episode seen Dickie Davies change into a different suit as couldn't have people watching it on TV and noticing that he had the same suit on as the previous week although in reality the entire series was filmed in a couple of days.
  5. Ice Hockey is the same, as you suggest it seems to be a blanket thing for all American sports. It seemed to apply during Euro 2020 (2021) that in most matches one team played in white. I cannot see why this cannot be done in the Football League. If the home team play in white then the away team play in blue or red. If the home team play in red then the away team have to play in white. If ten percent of the population encounter difficulty with differentiating between teams when colours to them are very similar then something has to be done and the white shirt idea is a simple one to irradicate the problem.
  6. Yes I actually mentioned it oñ here when the game was in progress. Very jarring especially as it was two styles of blue and white kit, albeit different shades of blue.
  7. If you can talk to astronauts on the space station can you ask them to retrieve the ball from Tomlin's penalty miss a few years back? Cheers.
  8. The wife of Stan Bowles had left him in the week and it was in the tabloids. QPR were at Ashton Gate that Saturday. The East End kept singing 'Where's your wife gone, Where's your wife gone, Where's your wife gone Stanley Bowles?' He came up for a QPR corner at the East End and it was sung at him again. Bowles looked at the East End and shrugged his shoulders in response. Brilliant.
  9. There's a lot of white, and different shades of blue, on show in the kits tonight. It seems to have got really lax clamping down on colour clashes now.
  10. Herbert Chapman introduced hooped socks for Arsenal in the early 1930s as he contended that they caught the eye quicker than plain socks when players were looking down at the ball and pitch. Obviously, with Arsenal's success this caught on so virtually every team in the land sported hooped socks and the advantage was thus lost.
  11. The reason the rule of advancing a free kick ten yards if it was disputed was dropped was because if the kick was awarded wide on the right or left of the pitch say 40 yards from goal and the defending team disputed it it was moved to 30 yards, so then they disputed it again so it became 20 yards, then it was disputed three more times so it became a goalkick.
  12. Quite agree, I don't get why there is so much animosity based largely on that quip about not wanting his child to have a Bristol accent. It was a joke. The British are meant to be renowned for having a great sense of humour. Okay, it wasn't the greatest of jokes but it's a sad day when someone is pilloried for years after for trying to add a bit of levity to a usually serious world.
  13. Please also take into account that if it hadn't been for Bristol City and Steve Lansdown's involvement in Bristol City, Bristol Bears or just Bristol would still be playing at the Mem which at one point in their history was their home before they lost it to their tenants.
  14. Actually, seeing that a certain Stephen Cottrell failed as a Forest manager before being appointed at Ashton Gate, Chris Hughton's stock should therefore increase.
  15. We dodged a bullet there thank God we went for Dean Holden
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