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  1. Thanks Spudski I was pretty well convinced City (TV AM Robins) played in red that day against the PFA Trotters in Bolton Wanderers white.
  2. Great idea the only downside is that instead of highlights being on ITV 4 or Quest they'd be on dubious German porn channels.
  3. The way England have been playing recently the rest of us will only be watching 270 minutes of it.
  4. Perhaps the cleverest thing to have done in the circumstances was hit it against the ref who would then have given a drop ball to England
  5. Just think how much worse it would be if Wimbledon were in the Championship or even Premier League
  6. My late father lived in Whitchurch at the time and residents of Whitchurch and Hengrove were sent details of the plans as well as free tickets to Ashton Gate.
  7. I've got it on BBC iPlayer as it also says it's on the red button but couldn't find it there, just Wimbledon
  8. Thank you all for your replies and especially Lrrr for his insights. It has given me food for thought. It has made me think about the futility of the packing stats for as you say it is something that only comes to light after a game. Obviously, it is something that teams, judging by the stats for packing, should strive for, but as you intimate it's the sort of thing everyone in a game worth their salt endeavours to do. Even in the walking football I play if given the option of a straightforward pass alongside to a colleague or a pass that splits the defence and cuts out five opponents I choose the latter as it scores magnificently on the bragging stakes. As Sheltons Army alludes to, it's interesting to guage how much analysis is used. It almost feels like a scientist with no football brain at all could produce a successful team just by implementing the masses of statistics available in the right way along with consultations with the coaches and fitness staff. But, in an ever increasing era dependent upon analysis, what about individuals such as Cloughie etc who simply have a nose for management and can assess situations and make the right call or approach and overcome a problem by using processes totally out of the box. It's fascinating and I would like to think that although it seems approaches to the game will become increasingly scientific that there will still be a role for the maverick to play in our beautiful game.
  9. handsofclay


    Exactly the same happened to me, like yourself it lasted for two months.
  10. Just read Football Hackers by Christoph Biermann about the revolution in football statistics and analysis. It really seems to have become an industry and pretty well everything seems to be analysed these days including the personalities of players and the right mix of characteristics in a team to achieve the optimum result. I found the chapter on 'packing' particularly interesting, not only did it include the contributions of our ex player Jens Hegeler in this field it also explained why 'packing’ statistics (completed passes that cut out players) is far more reliable as a statistic as teams with the highest packing stat in a match win far, far more often than those with the best passing or possession stats. (Obviously the best stat to determine which side is most likely to win is goals scored!) It was an eye opener as to how many statistics are used and the variety of different facets this analysis covers with some clubs funding stat companies. I suppose this one is more for our own Davefevs, but does anyone know where City stand as a club in the scheme of things? Are we stat and analytics sceptics or do we fully endorse this new approach to gaining an advantage. Plus where do we stand in relation to other Championship clubs in the use of this. I would imagine under LJ we were embracing this with open arms.
  11. I honestly don't think that Davefevs is a sycophantic. I cannot recall him ever saying he's an Alfred Hitchcock fan.
  12. In 2001 Mangotsfield United played Lewes in the 4th (final) qualifying round of the FA Cup. 1500 at Cossham Street. The Mango fans were singing 'We've got David Seal' and 'Feed the Seal and he will score'. At the end of the match it was nil nil and a Lewes fan piped up about David Seal saying that Mangotsfield could keep him and a fat lot of good he did. I thought it was disrespectful to an ex-Bristol City striker so what they have done now doesn't surprise me. Mangotsfield United lost the replay two nil.
  13. The bizarre thing was we signed Sammie Szmodics a week or so earlier. He was happy to join City and make the step up and we were happy to have him, it looked a promising signing. Then we splashed out £4M for Palmer in the same position and suddenly we were debating who to loan Szmodics to!! It really illustrated that there wasn't a coherent plan backstage at Ashton Gate. As for the signing itself and the fact the club lost out massively my thoughts upon it, like the fee Coventry have 'paid' will best remain undisclosed
  14. Is that the Official FIFA 22 World Cup ball aerodynamically designed to cut through the oppressive Qatar heat?
  15. It's started already. Fans of other clubs are getting us mixed up with Arsenal.
  16. Cheers ExiledAjax that's really described it well, in fact judging from that the likes of Plymouth can continue at times to play in their traditional green as long as the opposition wear a kit, most likely white, that doesn't cause issues for the 10% with the condition. This all seems sensible and fair to me and only requires a bit of cooperation and planning between clubs.
  17. Like yourself I don't know much about the condition and rather like yourself I thought that white is a colour that is a good choice. As in American sports one team (usually the home team) wears white and in the Euros last year nearly every match one nation were playing in white to help, I was given to understand, with this condition. I understood that the problem is with green kits that look red to those with colour blindness
  18. To back what Monkeh said Torpey was always the subject of a lot of spite near where I sat. I thought it was uncalled for as he was a hard working player who complimented Akinbiyi in a similar way to how Heskey complimented Owen. I got the impression it was because better strikers like Soren Anderson and Tony Thorpe were left out but as I said they didn't compliment Akinbiyi.
  19. My first match was against Sheffield Wednesday earlier that same season as a 7 year old. Next game was on my 8th birthday v Carlisle. But I also went to that Sheffield United game and I think it was that match that really impressed me about the drama and dynamics of football. Tony Currie scored the winner for Sheffield United and was blowing kisses at the East End as he celebrated. It stuck with me as there was all this hate and vitriol aimed at him from thousands of fans but he was blowing kisses at them having spoiled their day.
  20. It will be a great shame if Scotland don't make it to the World Cup as it prevents us from the very real possibility of seeing a British side and their travelling supporters celebrating winning The World Cup (otherwise known North of the Border as getting a draw against England).
  21. Yes for Weston-super-Mare at the same time Mike Gibson was my postman, so had both the first two goalkeepers I saw playing for City knocking at my door. I remember it was just as the law was introduced where keepers could no longer pick up a pass back and as Cashley started his career with City as a full back I said that he would be in his element if he was playing now. He totally agreed and said that he would've loved it.
  22. Did he have any kittens in his luggage?
  23. At least Luton fans won't feel alone now
  24. I quite agree, it's always the Windass goal that gets mentioned, understandably, about that game. But it was the Orr injury that was the pivotal moment. Prior to his injury City were on top in the opening stages. Then when the injury occurred, Johnson didn't, as he should've, sub him straight away. In fact, he was off the pitch getting patched up for several minutes, leaving us a player short. It was then, against ten men, that Hull then gained the ascendancy for the first time especially Barmby getting more of the ball. When Orr returned he wasn't right and during the few minutes he was back on, the goal was scored, before he was then subbed. It was an odd policy of Johnson's that season, to patch up injured key players and get them back onto the pitch rather than sub them straight away, even if it meant leaving us a player short for ten minutes or so! I don't know how long Orr was off the pitch on this occasion as haven't watched the game since, but it was several minutes and I recall a few weeks earlier when Adebola was injured away to Charlton, City played for about a dozen minutes a man less until Adebola returned to play. In both instances it handed the initiative to our opponents when City had been on top in the games. In both cases City hadn't used their full compliment of substitutes. Obviously, the Orr injury was fairly early doors so no subs had been used. I have frequently wondered what would've happened had Orr simply been substituted straight away as it was obviously a bad injury. Instead of then handing Hull the initiative by playing them with ten men for a prolonged period. I am not saying this with the benefit of hindsight as I was cussing about it when it happened.
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