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  1. Keep Your Powder Dry...Motorhead
  2. Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone?..Slaughter And The Dogs
  3. They have shit support, but they'll surely get more than 1500?
  4. I went to Bash Street Comp, and they were very rugger bugger biased..it was in Gloucester, though. I've detested 15 men and a bar of soap ever since.
  5. A lad at my school copped a javelin in the nutsack.
  6. That's a lot of sofas and cushions.
  7. The King Of Rock'n' Roll...Prefab Sprout
  8. Pretty Vacant...Sex Pistols
  9. Take The Money And Run...Steve Miller Band
  10. I've Got A Feeling...The Beatles
  11. Compared To What...Mr Flood's Party
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