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  1. He had time to be a Tory MP too?
  2. He may feel a ten week custodial sentence is harsh but he’ll no doubt be delighted to be banned from watching them for ten years - I would be.
  3. Michael Duff appointed manager of Barnsley.
  4. Great business. Well done (again) City. Really looking forward to the new season. Mind you, if he’d refused to sign there would it have been a Kane Mutiny?
  5. Don't mind me saying but those are stupid names for your grandchildren.
  6. Don’t know what you mean. Have we got him by the Curly Wurlys? (On your marks punners and punnets, GO).
  7. So that’s why Semenyo flew back early.
  8. If you were truly old school, the green goalie top wouldn’t have a number on the back!
  9. Perhaps he just wants to be close to the Binley Mega Chippy?
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