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  1. Knowle’s Ark would be better
  2. You’re using very colourful language today @Bar BS3
  3. I think that Gregor, rather than NP, has made Gregor’s job difficult. By publicly criticising NP’s lack of post-match press conference after the Pompey match, he’s made a rod for his own back - made a guy already well-known for his reticence to talk to reporters even more reluctant to talk to him! An error of judgment which will cause Gregor more problems than it’ll cause NP.
  4. All together now: Moore was born under a Wanderingred.
  5. I can sit on a bench for longer than Bentley. Guaranteed.
  6. Oh how I wish for the return of the reaction emoji.
  7. … as is his hair. Happy birthday HNM!
  8. Who’d have thought that Jadon Sancho’s dad has a Spanish holiday villa for let?
  9. She has a mattress strapped to her back in case she meets someone she knows.
  10. I really can’t imagine the fruit market becoming the home of the vegetables that support the 15ers.
  11. Whereas I could count on both of my and your hands the number of times I saw COD run at defenders then stop, turn around and pass it backwards. I’m truly unsure what his strengths are and what he brings to the team; he creates little (I suspect that his record of assists is underwhelming), scores few, and seems to avoid tackling. If NP can develop COD’s game such that he creates real value to the team, I’ll be absolutely delighted but presently, when I see his name on the teamsheet I’m sort of disappointed.
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