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  1. Knowle’s Ark would be better
  2. You’re using very colourful language today @Bar BS3
  3. I think that Gregor, rather than NP, has made Gregor’s job difficult. By publicly criticising NP’s lack of post-match press conference after the Pompey match, he’s made a rod for his own back - made a guy already well-known for his reticence to talk to reporters even more reluctant to talk to him! An error of judgment which will cause Gregor more problems than it’ll cause NP.
  4. All together now: Moore was born under a Wanderingred.
  5. I can sit on a bench for longer than Bentley. Guaranteed.
  6. Oh how I wish for the return of the reaction emoji.
  7. … as is his hair. Happy birthday HNM!
  8. Who’d have thought that Jadon Sancho’s dad has a Spanish holiday villa for let?
  9. She has a mattress strapped to her back in case she meets someone she knows.
  10. I really can’t imagine the fruit market becoming the home of the vegetables that support the 15ers.
  11. Whereas I could count on both of my and your hands the number of times I saw COD run at defenders then stop, turn around and pass it backwards. I’m truly unsure what his strengths are and what he brings to the team; he creates little (I suspect that his record of assists is underwhelming), scores few, and seems to avoid tackling. If NP can develop COD’s game such that he creates real value to the team, I’ll be absolutely delighted but presently, when I see his name on the teamsheet I’m sort of disappointed.
  12. It’s “p-r-I-c-k a p-r-I-c-k” time.
  13. Don't think that we're likely to be interested. We already have O'Dowda.
  14. “Dat’s gurt lush, dat is wack” … doesn’t bear thinking about.
  15. Ahem. But you all know who is THE best, right?
  16. Possibly the most important signing we’ll make in this window. Captain material.
  17. Watched the lad. No movement at all. Like a statue.
  18. Before we were married, my wife to be said she’d like to come to a football match at AG with me. I resisted for a long time but she kept on asking. I ended up giving in and taking her to a freezing cold, chucking-it-down, Tuesday evening (I think) 0-0 draw v Hartlepool. I felt sure that she’d never want to watch football ever again after that because tbh, I didn’t! That was c.33 years ago which is one year more than she’s been a season ticket holder!
  19. EVERY match starts as 0-0 so that must be the most common score!
  20. I am almost never ITK about anything to do with City but today, I gleaned a few snippets which add just a little insight to a subject which has been covered ad nauseum in recent months on OTIB. It appears that HNM (as well as his father - who is also his agent) was very considerably underwhelmed by the care, support and welfare offered by the Club, last season, - particularly in respect of player fitness, health and well-being. Unbeknown to the then Club medical team, several players, including HNM resorted to regularly using private healthcare professionals (eg physiotherapists, dieticians etc) as they were so disenamoured with the quality and/or lack of such services offered by the Club. Apparently, in French football, professional clubs take a holistic approach to player well-being, overseeing everything in their lives from diet, posture, sleep, fitness, training, recovery etc; City offered little to nothing by comparison and this has led 'Team HNM' to seriously consider whether his long term interests will be better served by moving away from AG. After seeing his performances under NP's management, seeing him leave so early in his career would be a major disappointment for me. Not yet 20, the kid has the footballing world at his feet and needs to be looked after far better than it appears we have done to date. He is one of the few saleable assets that we currently have on our books and we will need to work hard if we are to maximise the return on our investment. Perhaps NP together with David Rennie, with their combined knowledge and experience of managing continental footballers, can quickly bring about the required difference? I certainly hope so but it confirms what many have speculated upon - that the healthcare side of our Club has, for too long, been a shit-show. Heaven help Ipswich.
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