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  1. Truly two-footed strikers are a rare breed (which should be reflected in the price for which he will eventually be sold). I still don’t know which is truly his dominant foot!
  2. There’s no doubt that we had Flint at his very best and sold him for top dollar as he’d just past his peak. Yesterday he was too slow, ponderous and second best to a (relatively) ‘new kid on the block’ which was great to see!
  3. Shirts 40% discounted in the Club ‘Superstore’ today so a good day for the players to give theirs away!
  4. I honestly believe that Bents won’t be of great interest to Premier League clubs because of his limited ball playing and distribution skills. It’s such a key element in the skill set of all top keepers these days.
  5. Our ability to pass out from the back has only happened since Max has been in the team. It’s such an important part of our play. Imo he’s far less rooted to his line than Bents, too. There’s no doubt that Bents is a great shot-stopper but sometimes he makes saves having previously given away possession through his own poor distribution. I agree that Max should have done better with Cardiff’s second goal today but right now, I prefer to keep him in the side.
  6. At least he wore a mask so that he didn’t infect anybody from his disease-riddled body. Mind you, it’s rare for a 15er to ever show their face in South Bristol.
  7. Luton has had Reece Burke sent off so he’ll be out!
  8. Wonder if Warwick Davis enquired about LJ’s stuff when he left?
  9. ‘Twas ever thus. When Cribbs opened, it was packed out with families from over the bridge. Should have built a wall, you know.
  10. Like you said @steviestevieneville day trippers. Here’s one!
  11. To me, our performances have been so much better since Max has taken over in goal. His distribution is much better than Bents’ and allows us to play out from the back with the consequence that we are far more in control. We may have lost the tie today but it was by a long way our best performance of the season.
  12. After the City match, which I watched on hesgoal, I watched the Peterborough v 15ers game. It was poor fayre. Szmodics scored one but missed a hatful. The one decent player for the Posh was their new loan signing from Norwich, Bali Mumba who scored a really good debut goal. The Gas “faithful and true” must have travelled in a minibus (anyone seen @Robboredtoday?) because there weren’t many of them in evidence.
  13. Can’t blame him for wanting to join a much bigger team.
  14. Their mascot (seen at ko) that day. Wtf was that all about?
  15. I’m in the 15th row of the Dolman, centre block if that helps?
  16. You’re talking about their sisters, right?
  17. As we all know, you don’t need to speak French to speak French … https://youtu.be/CwkUMFk4yTo
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