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  1. probably a bit paranoid but my feeling if Atkinson had been a Luton player and Sykes/Freeman situation had been reversed we would be looking at a penalty conceded and 2 red cards instead of 1
  2. Pretty obvious why Williams isn't playing I would have thought. Wilson did have injury preseason so probably not quite there yet
  3. I don't like it and now stopped joining in as its now to frequent . I always feel the game is carrying on so people could be clapping as we concede a goal.
  4. Apparently the salary is sorted its just the free hair products clause that is the stumbling block
  5. I'd be surprised if they could spell it let alone what it means
  6. Gregory Itzin, actor who played president on '24,' dead at 74
  7. This game brings back all sorts of memories for me. It was a Sunday game and I was a bit miffed that I had to miss it to go to a family meal. My mum then died unexpectedly a couple of days later and so I was so grateful that I saw her that day.
  8. Yeah but what about a starter for City?
  9. Maybe they flew to Newcastle from Plymouth and then drove back
  10. Lester Piggott has died aged 86
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