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  1. You struggle to get a 3 course meal at Wetherspoons for £20 and that won't include a guest speaker and meeting City legends.
  2. Our finances must be bad if all we can sign this window is one boot
  3. If we hoof the ball its very likely to be hoofed straight back again. A bit like taking a flight to somewhere and turning round and coming straight back again and who in their right mind would want to do that?
  4. If Max had to go off and the game was still in the balance then Bents probably would have come on if not then Harvey
  5. The women's team were supposed to be playing Coventry this weekend (now called off) so it might have been a representative from them
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if he is still feeling the effects of having COVID and is not fully fit
  7. Anybody want the lottery numbers?
  8. Think Towler will be in the squad tomorrow maybe even starting
  9. I think they all knew he was guilty but the worst punishment they could think off was for him to carrying on managing Rovers
  10. The issue Saturday was probably they were on in the daylight so a bit brighter and wasn't switched down when it got dark. Last night it was dark before we started
  11. Apparently the title of this thread could be wrong as the EFL are considering it
  12. but the good news is that both Peterborough and Hull have less points than us in 2021
  13. Came of the bench in a League Cup away to Scunthorpe
  14. But they won't be as pretty
  15. Big C


    Downsey must really hate it when we win a game and we can't knock the players for a week or so.
  16. surely they were as it's only like minded fans who fight one another
  17. Torpedo play in Orange and they have 4 sides on Downs
  18. Big C


    but these 'firms' only attack like minded people who are also out for a fight
  19. apart from Matt Smith , Todd Kane, James Tavernier and George Saville
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