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  1. apart from Matt Smith , Todd Kane, James Tavernier and George Saville
  2. Ed Asner, Emmy-Winning Star of ‘Lou Grant’ and ‘Up,’ Dies at 91
  3. Another one from Gogglebox Gogglebox star Andrew Michael has died at the age of 61, Channel 4 has confirmed. He was well known for appearing on the series alongside his wife Carolyne and children Louis and Alex.
  4. Can we get these two signed by Saturday?
  5. Mercer Carey Webster Flint Bell Murray Newman Mann Walsh Taylor Maynard
  6. On Robins tv for Domestic and International
  7. I'm on it but later realised I have a party to get to in the evening so have to come straight back again
  8. If he wants to go surely the more people who know about it the better
  9. When asked as to whether the decision to leave him out was related to injury or a tactical decision, Pearson said : "Adam Nagy is fine." The City manager then added: "But he has expressed a wish to leave and it’s more important to play players that want to be here." Pearson said Nagy had expressed his desire to leave "privately" and confirmed the club are yet to receive any bids for the former Bologna midfielder who's under contract until next summer.
  10. probably because Bakinson has more chance of being in the squad on Saturday
  11. So kneeling is now a booable offence? Should make these events interesting in future
  12. Yes because you haven't stated it many times unlike the players have
  13. So how do we know you're not supporting BLM when you kneel to change the wheel on your car?
  14. Players knelt fans booed. ergo they booed the players? Clear enough?
  15. Are you saying that every time someone kneels they are supporting BLM then?
  16. Supporters trust criticise the fans who boo their own players before a ball is kicked in the new season. Don't see a problem with that
  17. 11th August 2001 - Got married that day. Still trying to figure out if it was a good or bad day
  18. Could it be just a case that after Kalas's stint at the Euros NP has had longer to work with Atkinson and Baker over the summer and may be more up to speed in the early weeks?
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