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  1. Look at Lyon. 7000 fans signed a petition saying ‘Not to Rudi Garcia’ 14th in the league when he took over , but by the time Ligue 1 was curtailed they were up to 7th and in the ‘final eight’ of the champions league having dispatched Juventus and the subsequent sacking of Mauricio Sarri. Whoever the manager/Head Coach of our club is , we need to ignore any preconceptions and give them our full support.
  2. Well Chris Wilder at Sheffield United hasn’t done so bad, for not playing at the highest level.
  3. The players aren’t too happy either. They thought their wage deferral was going to avoid this.
  4. When SL made his comments the full impact of COVID hadn’t been fully realised. The losses both on and off the field have severely impacted the finances of the club. Not only crowds at football & the revenue from refreshments etc but the losses from the concerts and other corporate functions. Also no doubt SLs own finances have been impacted. Look at Arsenal who are making 53 staff redundant do you think Bristol City will be immune from the financial wake up call, and I think this may have an impact on the final choice of manager unless the salary is relatively low and then you get bonuses
  5. Always wanted to visit Brentford’s new stadium
  6. And again, reminds me of when he played for us
  7. And of course we get a mention
  8. I’m not so sure there will be 20,000 fans. That model was pre COVID. I think the model needs to be rethought , might get an average 15,000 now . Need to have details of the clubs intentions for next season, announcing the new Head Coach (whoever it may be) would be a good start.
  9. Think a lot of fans are losing interest. It’s only the conversations on OTIB that are sparking any lingering interest.
  10. If Brentford do go up, that exclusive club to which we belong, as never being in the Premier league, becomes even more exclusive
  11. I’m not so sure, every other appointment where Hughton was up for the role - Watford, Birmingham etc have gone elsewhere , it’s only good old City left (John Terry is apparently nailed on for Bournemouth)
  12. Drogba & Sheringham did to name but 2. Nice bit of deflection for who the new manager is going to be
  13. Drogba & Sheringham to name just 2 did.
  14. Why discount him? Look at Tomlin @ Cardiff. At least it would be someone who wanted to play here. I think even SL had a grudging liking for him, especially as his presence at the Basketball gave publicity to The Flyers.
  15. and JET’s 6 months younger
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