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  1. https://www.adelinayard.com, if you want something special
  2. Because a vast number of 25 30 year olds won’t have had their 2nd jab by August but by September they would all have had the opportunity
  3. Interesting that Nigel seems to respond so differently to Geoff Twentyman
  4. Monster MASH, , Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett
  5. RIP Bristol born Andy Fordham aka The Viking who died age 59 from massive organ failure https://news.sky.com/story/andy-fordham-former-darts-world-champion-known-as-the-viking-dies-aged-59-12356684
  6. I don’t really know what England expected. Italy haven’t been beaten for 33 games and there is a reason for that. yes, there were some mistakes last night but we are on an upward curve, improving with each tournament. As the latest Army recruitment advert on the radio says, you learn from your mistakes and your failures. We go again , with the experience of another tournament behind us for both manager and players , to the World Cup next year.
  7. I also feel sorry for Jack and the abuse he got for not taking a penalty, as though it was his choice not to. id rather Rashford (who has a decent penalty record) came on earlier and that the penalty takers were based on what they did for their clubs and not what they did in training, where there is no pressure.
  8. I’m quietly confident that as our expectations for the coming seasons appear to be so low, we will end up pleasantly surprised
  9. Fireworks yes, the teams no doubt expect and accept it.. The use of laser pens in the ground NO. The only reason you’d take a laser pen to a match is to do something like the other night. You’re not exactly going to be giving a presentation are you?
  10. All I want to hear Sunday evening if England succeed, is to hear Queen singing ‘we are the champions’ , which was written with audience participation in mind.
  11. I love the optimism NOT
  12. Even as a ‘pub league’ and much as I’d like it not to be so I don’t think you can compare Celtic with Bath City
  13. I always expected it to be an Italy v England final. Expect a close game but England to win if we get our subs right(I think our bench is stronger than theirs) . Either way I’m going to enjoy , I love the Italian anthem and I’m looking forward to Queen ‘We are the champions’ belting out over the tannoy system at Wembley at the end of the game.
  14. Curry S on chips, Tomato K on bacon, Mustard ketchup on Sausages. Grren gravy(Liquor) and chilli vinegar on certain pies with mash
  15. I’d rather it was someone with a sporting background either as a player, manager or sports journalist. Q of S is unique, I don’t want it turned into just another game show.
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