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  1. and the radio commentator on TALKSPORT thought it was all over after 1 minute. I wonder who was there from City tonight to watch the game in preparation for next week. Also nice to see Patto and Korey playing so well together, both loved our club and it was a shame how it ended for them; but I'm glad they both now seem to be over injury and playing regularly for Swansea
  2. The SC&T also made an appeal on RB 'Sound of the city' tonight. Hopefully the EFL will consider those who suffer colourblindness(4.5% of population) when signing of the kits for games. Also I'm not colour blind but I found the names & numbers on back of the bournmouth shirts difficult to read.
  3. The AG2 also went on a detour last night via Temple Meads. According to the driver when asked about the scenic route, replied it was due to an accident. Still back to the P&R at a reasonable time.
  4. E.G.Red


    He was pulled off because the shape was wasn't working. Although he still got rated a 7 in today's press which was the top nark for a City player (alongside Dan B) compared to King & Martin who stayed on the pitch and only rated a 4.
  5. Interesting story about VCD athletic where the game was played today https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/VCD_Athletic_F.C..
  6. Luckily it is now reported as being under control and the apartments close by where people live haven’t been affected and no reports of injuries. Apparently as well as the TV gantry the dugouts have been damaged . UEFA officials are in attendance.
  7. I don’t think you need to necessarily compare players as to who had the most skill , and whether they were suited to league one or the championship. The likes of JET and Jacki provide us entertainment , that one moment that we will remember. Each moment appreciated for what is was and represented at the time, not whether one was better than the other.
  8. I was quite positive when he joined us , but I think his confidence has been knocked by injury. Still a decent player though, but needs a run of games or at least 60 mins to build his fitness and confidence (providing the fans don’t bin him off first)
  9. I think it’s the penalty they thought they were denied
  10. And both teams today were having to play in horrendous weather which didn't really help the game flow The only thing that flowed was the surface water on the pitch.
  11. I had mentioned it on the game day thread, as I was surprised how little had been made of it. I would hope we would do a similar thing if it was one of our fans.
  12. Wasn’t at the game yesterday and haven’t seen it mentioned on here but well done to the Fulham players who went across to celebrate their goal with 13 year old Rhys Porter, a disabled supporter who was abused on line after posting a video of himself playing football (as a goalkeeper) for his local club.
  13. Just got mine, North Stand A Upper
  14. On the McDonalds website it’s either when they open, or for those open 24hrs 5am, so you should only have needed to have waited 15mins (or a coffee) for your Breakfast.
  15. Should have gone to Morrison’s served All Day and currently half price
  16. and now of course, as was discussed by Simon Jordan et al on TALKSPORT this am, a 9 points deduction is not really going to have any effect. They’ve got the players so will be mid table at worst.
  17. I thought you’d come on here to thank us for selling you Adam Webster, who is obviously a key part of your team achieving such lofty heights in the PL so far this season.
  18. and we also have to compete with the glory hunters (which you don’t get to such an extent in rugby)
  19. Same criticism some fans are making about NP. The only difference being we have got more points
  20. E.G.Red

    Man City

    I might for the novelty value as I suspect it might be a once in a lifetime event.
  21. E.G.Red


    As does Jordan Pickford, Karius and Kepa (which coincidentally was against Luton)https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/13834971/kepa-makes-another-howler-for-chelsea-as-flop-keeper-lets-ball-spill-through-him-from-tame-shot-against-luton/ Goalkeepers have the unenviable position that their errors are more likely to end in a goal than an outfield player.
  22. Was he fouled before the goal? I didn’t see it from where I was sitting but listening to the playback of Radio Bristol’s commentary on the drive home, the commentator implied he was.
  23. Exactly my thoughts. We always seem to raise our game and it will be interesting to see how we compare to Bobby & Joe
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