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  1. Not likely listening to him speaking about his golfing ability
  2. According to RB this morning, there will be a tribute on ‘Sound of the City’ with GT tomorrow evening.
  3. Toe fair he Probably wants Alex Scott to go under the radar at the moment. The Villa fans were enthusing about him, and suggested they sign him up.
  4. Bit like the TMO in last weeks Lions match.
  5. https://news.bristol.gov.uk/news/cumberland-road-closed-to-traffic-for-two-weeks
  6. Wonder if DC will look at taking any of our players on loan as he has on previous occassions.
  7. Think he could do well for the Gas. He netted a decent return @ Swindon Scoring 11 in 37 games ( don't know how many games he started)I suspect he would have stayed at Swindon(they triggered the one year extension) but for the wage debacle .
  8. Apparently they are still pursuing him, with another offer about to be made.
  9. They still have the Europa league. Will they do any better against a Czech side whose manager apparently has a very impulsive style of coaching and is well known for his arguments with fans & colleagues
  10. I think I’d put money on Hibs rather than Aberdeen. (Although despite beating Arsenal they did lose to Accrington Stanley)
  11. I thought the majority who rang into TALKSPORT. were fairly rational and one fan even equated Celtic to a L2 side whereas the presenter was more generous and did actually say L1.
  12. Don’t think the final comment was necessary. It belittles a serious subject. I know both men and women who have been domestically abused , most are either too concerned for their family/children or embarrassed to do anything about it.
  13. I think we are now reaching the new ‘norm’ sensible precautions but not OTT. Viruses will always be with us. Most a mutation of another virus, so we have to learn to live with them, and that includes adapting where necessary to keep doing the things we love and enjoy.
  14. Allowing for holidays and those who are having to shield or don’t want to attend mass gatherings at the moment I would expect c18k
  15. It wouldn’t be a shock, but I just think for our first game back after last season, when we flirted with relegation, that a win for us is a must and will lift the team and the fans. Still seems to be a lot of pessimism around even though 12,500 have bought/ renewed their season tickets
  16. As long as it’s not on 7th August. We need to start off with a home win.
  17. https://www.adelinayard.com, if you want something special
  18. Because a vast number of 25 30 year olds won’t have had their 2nd jab by August but by September they would all have had the opportunity
  19. Interesting that Nigel seems to respond so differently to Geoff Twentyman
  20. Monster MASH, , Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett
  21. RIP Bristol born Andy Fordham aka The Viking who died age 59 from massive organ failure https://news.sky.com/story/andy-fordham-former-darts-world-champion-known-as-the-viking-dies-aged-59-12356684
  22. I don’t really know what England expected. Italy haven’t been beaten for 33 games and there is a reason for that. yes, there were some mistakes last night but we are on an upward curve, improving with each tournament. As the latest Army recruitment advert on the radio says, you learn from your mistakes and your failures. We go again , with the experience of another tournament behind us for both manager and players , to the World Cup next year.
  23. I also feel sorry for Jack and the abuse he got for not taking a penalty, as though it was his choice not to. id rather Rashford (who has a decent penalty record) came on earlier and that the penalty takers were based on what they did for their clubs and not what they did in training, where there is no pressure.
  24. I’m quietly confident that as our expectations for the coming seasons appear to be so low, we will end up pleasantly surprised
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