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  1. Which is exactly what the Everton supporters were saying after their match.
  2. Just a shame yesterday at AG that someone decided to tell Lauren Smith that women belong in the kitchen and not at the football.
  3. As SS himself has said we bought him based on his stats, not where we were going to play him or how he would fit in the team.
  4. You wonder what Kevin Friend who was at the game yesterday will think/say as the newly appointed manager of the select group 2 referees (which includes Dean Whitestone) I can imagine he will have had plenty to say.
  5. But not 4-15th August when Les Dennis is in the hot seat.
  6. Nigel spoke to him before the game, I wonder if they spoke after the game?
  7. Well we always hope.(It's the hope that kills you)
  8. Do you think we will rue not bidding to hold any of the games?
  9. They were due to play the Kubix festival in Sunderland that evening
  10. On the radio they were mentioning issues with the trains to Falmer.
  11. Take note Gareth. 6-0 and hopefully unlike the men, they will keep going and not sit back when they are winning.
  12. The Leeds fans would like him back at Elland Road.
  13. It was suggested in the papers when the rumours of his departure first surfaced earlier in the week that there was interest from a rival club ( by rival I took it to mean another Championship club)
  14. https://www.wiltshiretimes.co.uk/news/20258987.swindon-town-fight-able-winding-up-petition-high-court/
  15. I think other than 1 year I've had a new season ticket every year.
  16. Great the Junior Reds are back but have to say that unfortunately Ipswich seem to have got it just right. Same price but includes a goody bag and monthly competitions all the things Kids love at very little additional outlay for the club and may even encourage more to join. https://www.itfc.co.uk/supporters/junior-blues/junior-blues-memberships/.
  17. I thought this was a football forum, not a bitching between fans one. Why do reasoned observations have to be so aggressively remarked upon?
  18. I believe his last game was age 70 in Brazil. Unfortunately he damaged his cartilage and as he wrote in his autobiography 'A promising Career cut short'
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