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  1. Otib users love affair with @Oléseems to be on the rocks this morning. Normally can't do anything wrong.
  2. Spoons

    Cam Pring

    Great to have cam pring in the team and performing well. Having a good academy player coming through... You can't beat it. Word of warning though, against Swansea he was absolutely knackered in first half and genuinely looked like a left back being asked to play left midfield. IMO start and play him left back. A good start to his bcfc career though
  3. They still play matches there on Saturday. Not sure if it's running in the week.
  4. Not missing out on them at all. Southampton have academies in Bristol and Weston. They play matches in Bath. Cardiff also have a academy in yate. I have 3 of my players from my u9's team signed with Southampton. Been with them since they were 6. If you ask a parent who do you want to sign for city or Southampton.... Its a no brainer. Southampton have a second to none reputation and set up in youth football.
  5. The cynical side of me says Jordan Henderson is leading this as he clearly can see the bigger debate of salary wage cap on the horizon hence let's be seen doing this now to fend of that argument.
  6. My dad! I was sat next to him but didn't get my two seconds of fame. This was last game at Wembley before it was knocked down for rebuild. Lost 1-0 Germany.
  7. Was thinking of going to this game if possible with my two kids..... Not at £41. £123 for a family of 3 is shocking.
  8. 3 from 5. Puts teams on a even keel then. Some big squads with big budgets can gain advantage by naming 9 internationals on the bench. Also got to be better for players who were sat on bench to play reserve / u23 match rather than sat playing no minutes.
  9. Seriously over rated by some city fans.
  10. Also well done to Liverpool who probably turned down higher offers from housing companies.
  11. Only 11....i could get rid of more easily.
  12. Motherwell FC....... Yeah she's fine thanks
  13. My Intial thoughts are I've never seen you write more than 3 lines before. Normally a man of few words
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