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  1. The cynical side of me says Jordan Henderson is leading this as he clearly can see the bigger debate of salary wage cap on the horizon hence let's be seen doing this now to fend of that argument.
  2. My dad! I was sat next to him but didn't get my two seconds of fame. This was last game at Wembley before it was knocked down for rebuild. Lost 1-0 Germany.
  3. Was thinking of going to this game if possible with my two kids..... Not at £41. £123 for a family of 3 is shocking.
  4. 3 from 5. Puts teams on a even keel then. Some big squads with big budgets can gain advantage by naming 9 internationals on the bench. Also got to be better for players who were sat on bench to play reserve / u23 match rather than sat playing no minutes.
  5. Seriously over rated by some city fans.
  6. Also well done to Liverpool who probably turned down higher offers from housing companies.
  7. Only 11....i could get rid of more easily.
  8. Motherwell FC....... Yeah she's fine thanks
  9. My Intial thoughts are I've never seen you write more than 3 lines before. Normally a man of few words
  10. Painful to watch in possession, Red card waiting to happen and injured more often than not.... Oh and one of our highest earners probably.
  11. Not sure but would have loved some old school away days at places like Cambridge and Cheltenham etc.
  12. Tom Doherty..... End of conversation.
  13. The badge is the least of our worries.
  14. I have renewed on the basis I didn't want my old man going alone and the joy it brings him seeing his grandkids watching game with him. Personally I've not missed it one bit and I look at this team and see no connection what so ever. I've had a season ticket since 1989/1990 season. I must be in a minority but learnt the last year or so more to life than Bristol city.
  15. Boy how we could do with him in this team now!
  16. @Davefevs definitely has.... In the know with wages
  17. I was more than happy with the appointment of Pearson. Slightly concerned that the impact probably hasn't been as expected but he's not got a great squad to pick from. I might be tempted to ask Chris wilder if he fancies the job? Although unlikely he would accept.
  18. I would relegate the 6 clubs now from premier league, cancel carabo Cup final and kick Chelsea out of FA Cup final. Make a stand. Great to see Bruno fernades has come out to say ' somethings can't be bought'.
  19. Don't tell the academy but he definitely played games for us at njfc older than 12..... Our secret though.
  20. Crazy that he was playing for Nailsea juniors less than 4 years ago!
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