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  1. Don't tell the academy but he definitely played games for us at njfc older than 12..... Our secret though.
  2. Crazy that he was playing for Nailsea juniors less than 4 years ago!
  3. Spoons

    Liam Walsh

    The return of Liam walsh.... 7/10 for me. Very tidy with the ball but looked a bit lost out of possession. Very early days though.
  4. There is much more to sky than the sports channels.
  5. Spot on... I don't rate him but want to be proved wrong.
  6. Hail the saviour..... Aka Liam walsh from the bench. @Fordy62 promised me he's going to make the difference, I hope he's right
  7. Who needs shipping out in the summer? The medical department
  8. How very bizarre..... Why on earth would anyone want to watch a football match and log into zoom to talk about it with other like minded fruit cakes. The world has gone mad.
  9. Does warnock know you're cheating on him with McCarthy?
  10. Nope... Not yet. Great appointment but this set of players have lost my respect and they need to earn it back.
  11. Class tonight... However he has woefully underperformed since his arrival. This shows how he could be going forward, Pearson I'm sure will get the best out of him. But he's been rightfully critised for performance this season IMO.
  12. Biggest shock for me on that list is Tony Thorpe. Can't remember him scoring 60 odd goals.
  13. Pearson is the perfect fit for where we are as a club currently. Exactly what we need.
  14. Shame we haven't got a local Derby anytime soon. Pearson v Barton on the touchline would be intresting.
  15. Love to be a fly on the wall when Pearson meets our medical department ..... And the 15 current first team players out injured. My bet is there isn't 15 out Injured for Swansea on Saturday.
  16. Didn't see it coming at all. SL after watching Saturday and looking at upcoming fixtures obviously like many of us couldn't see our next point. This appointment is to avoid relegation. Give him the summer to build then go for it next year.
  17. It was only right the captain fronted up to the media in a week the manager was sacked and players yet again performed badly. What he said was what I wanted to hear. I just hope it got through, if not we are in a real relegation fight and there is always one team who falls down the league.
  18. I'm just glad the messiah is coming back to save us Liam walsh....
  19. Liam walsh would not improve this team. You're Liam walsh love in, is nearly as boring as you're obsession with LJ.
  20. I see it differently. Although he has an okay game, he didn't get the rest of the team going at all. He's no captain.
  21. Kallas has been missing as a captain. He's got to take some blame.
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