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  1. I will let you in to a secret ... Your owner like me is asset rich and cash poor!!! Maybe a reason why the cheque book hasn't been out yet?
  2. Just went to tesco , swapped 50 raisins for 100 sultanas . Can't believe the currant exchange rate.
  3. A tweet from chris jnr saying he hasn't seen one copy of a contract in negotiations and fighting Brooke is a joke as he's to small. Eddie Hearn said Eubanks turned down say sky box office deal as froch, Joshua etc . It took Brooke 2 minutes to sign but Eubanks took 3 weeks trying to get more money, or did they even want the fight???
  4. Gary, lee and pete Johnson your 3 friends?
  5. How do you make a snooker table laugh??.... Tickle it's balls!
  6. Oh dear!! 93mph a hour that ball!
  7. Anything Nash can do gayle can do better??
  8. Just been reading that Amir khan wants to represent Pakistan at rio 2016? Seems strange considering he has won a silver medal with Great Britain at previous Olympics . Also strange as he seems the only professional boxer keen on the idea of allowing pro boxers to enter Olympics .
  9. Let's go chump is more fitting
  10. Won't take you long , 4 fights and about 4 rounds of boxing!
  11. The live stream delay was awful, dave might do comedy but they don't do boxing!! But it's free so I shouldn't complain!
  12. Quite simply the weirdest night of boxing ever!! Dave???
  13. very strong wba team. Expected us to give burns and Reid a run out? I can hear the exuses already for next week, small squad and 3 games in a week. Well if you had injury doubts today , surely should have mixed it up a bit?
  14. 600 max tonight, I rang to see what time open etc and he said 4pm doors open first come first first serve. Capacity is 600 and 250 already booked in. booked table as 10 of us coming from Nailsea so want to be guaranteed to get in. Booked table friday and he said only 10 tables left. Should be good long as beer flowing and city playing well. We always do well on sky under SC
  15. I just hope they pre pour a few pints tonight as don't fancy waiting half hour for a pint.
  16. Sports bar for me table booked! Was going to go to Cardiff had train tickets etc but not now j33 pick up. Looking forward to tonight atmosphere should better in sports bar than at ground.
  17. have to agree open at home, does make it exciting to watch though. After years of boring football I love going to games knowing we can score. I'm going 3-1 city, flint to score first
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