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  1. Only thing he came back with better was his tan
  2. Watching jet play for us in league 1 was probably the last time I was really excited about watching us play.
  3. We need to do a derby and Sheffield Wednesday...... Sell our ground to are holding company for £££££
  4. I would certainly play him above naki wells the COVID denying shot shy striker.
  5. Clueless..... He wanted to go. Premier league football and a move home nearer family. Carry on blaming the club for that and you are deluded.
  6. Shame can't take their strongest attribute from each and create one player from all 4.
  7. The zac vyner in midfield shout is hilarious. He's only just broke Into the team for a consistent period, been a defender all the way through the a academy, now people think he's the answer to our midfield issues
  8. You wouldn't be saying this if we were in top 2 or in playoffs.
  9. He wasn't even average!
  10. FA CUP R3 and I can't even be arsed to watch it. I might, but a year nearly of no football, after 17 years every week, I think covid19 pandemic has shown me more to life than bcfc.
  11. I suggest both Alex Scott and Gabby logan know a lot more about football than you do.
  12. People who think Liam walsh is the answer are deluded. He's not the answer. Not a chance of him playing for us like he did at Coventry.
  13. OP now blaming us for Brighton having covid19 and game being called off.
  14. I suggest you read the article before posting the link.
  15. Looks like my seven year old designed them! Not much change out of £100 either I bet.
  16. There is only 1 wagner
  17. I bet Brentford are shitting themselves about playing us on Saturday......
  18. Wouldn't have to save it if he didn't give it away like that.
  19. ? How about bakinson for giving the ball away.
  20. I will praise him when he starts scoring goals.
  21. No chance. My guess is all 3 coaches are on combined what LJ was on.
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